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  1. This. swap them with the Padres or something.
  2. https://abc7.com/west-nile-los-angeles-death-la-county/11028512/ still getting bit like crazy. Bought some UV zapper lanterns, so hopefully that kills these fuckers
  3. F’n @Taylor well looks like I’m not getting bit anymore. Thanks for the good karma, fellas!
  4. Surprised to see you say something like that. You don’t care about democracy?
  5. Great. Now I wish I had never bought tickets for the 24th-26th. What a joke.
  6. I need to wait a few more days so I can become failos again
  7. Yeah I can’t stand the little shit either, but it’s entertaining enough.
  8. Yeah, I’ve been pretty busy with vacation and work. Nice to be back!
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