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  1. I never knew their rivalry was that big. Now I hope we sign him, b/c I can’t stand Cole
  2. I didn’t finish the video, it’s interesting though. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s used the sticky stuff before, but I think its efficacy is being overhyped. also F the Mets and Skanks
  3. Damn I wish our pitchers could use that shit
  4. Good on Arte...seems foolish of Minasian to pinch pennies when the team needs an ace.
  5. Good riddance. Hopefully he doesn’t quit on them the last week of the season.
  6. I completely agree, I was mostly referring to signing better pitchers at multi-year contracts. I have no issue with giving a guy like Quintana a flyer...I just fear that this type of deal is all the Angels are interested in making with pitchers in general.
  7. Yes, I remarked that he isn't worth discussing. You're a bit too butthurt, I'm almost convinced it's an act at this point.
  8. I have no doubt Quintana will be fine/adequate. I'm just alarmed that the Angels are continuing their trend of not signing good pitchers for multi-year deals which to me, indicates they are continuing to not prioritize pitching. The statistic you posted is interesting, but Quintana is no longer at his prime, and whatever he can provide is not enough to propel this team to contention.
  9. Pretty sad how this is the guy we're talking about right now. This team doesn't care about pitching...
  10. we need a douchebag on this team. Everyone seems too nice.
  11. Sign an actual pitcher and not a peanut. No more shitty ass 1 year gambles.
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