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  1. Watched this at lazy dog with some friends. It was so great seeing Dodgers fans cry after being douchey all night.
  2. The most racist fucks are usually liberal tards. Case in point.
  3. No. But the argument can clearly be made, as it clearly has by Biden. Doesn't mean it's true, though.
  4. Boy, this virus is a windfall for Biden. He can attack Trump for ruining the economy, not taking science seriously, and costing millions of jobs. He can also excuse the lack of attendance at his "rallies"/ events. He wouldn't have a chance of winning the Presidency without COVID.
  5. I mostly agree, but Columbus was still a bad hombre
  6. Haha I love watching these cheaters lose. More importantly, I hope the city of Houston is crying right now. Trash city.
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