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  1. Nah I hope they don’t sink to his level of immaturity. Better to pretend like he doesn’t exist.
  2. Dude it’s bouncing back…wtf Bitcoin and Doge are going back up
  3. What is your reasoning for sticking to those dates? Are options set to expire?
  4. Personally speaking, I’m not going to sell. It’s really tempting, but I think it would be panicky to sell right now and eat a huge loss
  5. It could be all the above. I’d assume if people are tanking it on purpose they’d be trying to lower the price so they can buy more at a discount. I’m not sure if this a textbook pump and dump though…All I know is that Doge generally mirrors Bitcoin and all of crypto is taking a shit right now due to a very specific issue. Maybe @cals can chime in, since I’m a casual investor.
  6. I’m on the fence. This is obviously because China is regulating crypto mining. Maybe it’ll blow over, or maybe this shit will go down to .05. I’m also concerned the hype has died and people have moved on to other shit coins It nearly dropped to .17 just now.
  7. Fuck. I’m losing so much money
  8. Sorry guys. I may have boosted Daz’s ego yesterday when I congratulated him on his HR.
  9. Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling are pretty awful. Arte did the Angels a favor.
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