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  1. Probably the guy that re-signed Mike Trout.
  2. I was trying to bait Claude, not you. But I’m still pleased. Anyways, the Dodgers, Padres, and Angels are all furloughing their employees. I loathe how much the media loves to trash and demonize this organization. It’s almost like there’s an agenda
  3. Mike Scioscia belongs in the pantheon of American heroes, not just the Hall of Fame. The Angels should erect a statue of him just as he erected my penis so many different times. (both images are © to failos so don’t steal my shit)
  4. Nice job going to the bar you fearless bastard. I just sat home with my cat and @Brandon drinking White Claws.
  5. I feel like this one is unanimously reviled. It’s definitely ugly, but I still miss it sometimes—perhaps it’s because the team used to win back then.
  6. F off with that thread title, Merlin. You made me think they announced a new alt uniform—especially since it was coming from you, Mr. Breaking News.
  7. The State of California is paying Arte’s employees via our tax money. It’s a clever trick on his part, but I won’t pretend like it’s a good thing overall. Though, I am glad that the employees are, allegedly, getting some source of income at least.
  8. It’s not a good look. Good employers take care of their people during hard times.
  9. The real answer is Mike Scioscia
  10. Yep. Still have a signed cap with Jose’s autograph from when I was a teenager. Nice guy, Scott Shields was a little snarky though.
  11. If any of you shitbirds mention Josh Paul I will hunt you down and shit on your driveway in such a way that it spells fuck you
  12. His brother is G.O.B Bluth obviously
  13. Albert's personal toenail clipper guy is losing his job now? Tough times.
  14. May Allah inflict you with constipation for a month
  15. I actually have multiple nazars but I smoked for a year and quit. Oh and my car is in a different state.
  16. Of my asshole. @tdawg87 gets a different message though
  17. Ya that's why Lebanon is so close with Hezbollah...lot's of shias there
  18. @RendZone voted for ausmus. I can feel it in my bones.