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  1. going with the projected arb numbers in the other thread and not tendering garcia, tropeano, and Bour, plus the non arb contracts that should put the Angels right around 145m right now. If the Red Sox are serious about becoming sellers then you jump at the chance to win right now. Let's hope the salary will be right below the income tax level for next them just enough to be able to make some mid season trades just in right above 190m
  2. how quickly people forget how we completely fleeced Houston at the trade deadline for Max Stassi
  3. Bard, Cole and Ramirez just lost their roles as starting pitchers
  4. Sweet river in the drawing..... They need a riverwalk and restaurants on the waterfront
  5. Me after the Dodgers series: Me then realizing we had seven games against Orioles and Tigers calculating how many games we would gain in the Wild card: Start of 7 game home stand: After 7 game home stand vs the two worst teams in the AL: After Trade deadline: Current 7 game losing streak: It sure was a blast being pumped up for Angels baseball for those 24 hours after Calhoun's throw at the plate. We still have Trout porn though. We will always have that.
  6. Biggest disappointment for me is that Calhoun is still on the team. Yeah, we were not going to get a SP for the guy but he is gone at the end of this year. Get anything for the guy (a RP single or double A guy with high SO total)....anything and then get Adell into the lineup in September and see if he is ready for 2020. Now we will have a hole in RF to fill next year with two options: 1. In house with an unproven Adell and Brian "has had four good months in his career" Goodwin or 2. Go dumpster dive for a RF with options..... I really just wanted that RF spot ironed out before spring training 2020 and we had a shot to do that with calling up Adell. I doubt he gets that shot now which stinks. Would have been nice just going into the offseason with the pitching staff to focus on. The Max Stassi acquisition was a head scratcher considering the fact that he has no options left but is clear that Eppler has some weird fetish with finding backup catchers.
  7. I wish eppler had a good track record with pitchers and FA signings.... But dumpster diving for fill in catchers is pretty cool.
  8. It really blows that the Angels are hitting the road and we will not be able to witness Stassi's framing work and wizardry in person.... just not the same seeing it on TV
  9. Eppler and Stoneman must be playing PlayStation together
  10. awful news. Hope his family gets the comfort they need through this.
  11. Bour is back and producing! Can't wait to get cozart on a roll too. Those two guys can carry this squad.
  12. Cahill and Harvey need to be considered for the all Star team. They have been all stars for every opposing AL team in wild card contention.
  13. 1. Shrink your testicles 2. Obtain a career year with a .933 OPS 3. Sign a big contract 4. Realize it is better to have bigger testicles 5. .318 OPS two years later
  14. I want to see Cozart face Cahill. I need to see who sucks more and can be crowned "worst mlb player in 2019"