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  1. I am torn that we just notched a 5 game winning streak that will most likely take us out of the running for the first pick in the kumar rocker sweepstakes.
  2. I trust Epp to put together a bunch of #4's and #5's and maybe one #3.
  3. It means he’ll pitch two games in ‘20 and then two games in ‘21 after his comeback.
  4. I wonder if this news will make Arte less angry with the Dodgers.
  5. Thaiss had a higher WAR than Pujols last year. Hopefully he gets some more consistent AB's this year and his norm can be closer to his .906 OPS (july) and .877 OPS (September) than his .477 August OPS.
  6. I wonder if this news will make Arte less outraged towards the Dodgers so we can get Stripling back?
  7. Arte nixed the deal once he heard Pederson was going to take DH at bats away from pujols.
  8. Why not include negative WAR Upton in this conversation? That dude needs a fire pit under his ass and shouldn't see the outfield after his last AB of the game
  9. Upton isn't trade bait....he is "we can eat his contract" bait for a low level prospect.
  10. Upton was terrible last year. Hopefully this trade lights a fire under his ass because Adell wants to play in the big leagues and Trout and Joc are way better than Upton. Joc should not be the platoon guy, Upton is the platoon guy if we want to have one. He sucks in the field and he was awful at the plate last year. -0.9 WAR last year....Joc was way better.
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