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  1. Are there ACTUAL Biden voters Here?! The only thousand of his voters, worked in the "counting rooms" filling-out ballots and shredding Trump ballots. There's only "no evidence of voter fraud" if you watch the fake news wing of the hypocrat triangle of corruption: corrupt politicians, big tech censorship, and fake democrat national news covering for them. Of the "real" Biden voters, anybody having buyers remorse yet? Or, are you enjoying watching them destroy America? God save America.
  2. Brockmire, Preacher, and Black Sails are playing right now. Brockmire 1st season is hilarious, and has picked-up after the first two shaky episodes of season two. Preacher is very strange, and even with that description has kinda rode off the rails this season. Still entertaining though. Black Sails is great for us pirate lovers. It's got the pirate violence, sex, and politics. I've got SOA, Sicario, and a few other oldies cued-up as time allows....
  3. I asked Vic the same question... This is the answer. But, what if he's pitching a gem and takes an at-bat for the DH before the lineup turns-over?... I don't think the plan includes him hitting and pitching, but we'll see what happens during inter-league.
  4. FYI... I got an email from CBS Sports to fill-out a bracket, and it's titled "Angels Win." Looks like it's up and running for anybody who wants to play!
  5. Saw this today... https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3684835-the-secret-government There's a passage regarding school shootings, "The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is w
  6. Great story regarding this... My buddy and I usually take-off early on Weds. to hit a bar for some shuffleboard or pool. We went to play pool, and I see this crazy-looking dude dressed all in black come rolling in after awhile. There's about 6 people in the bar, including us and the obviously Tinder-matched couple playing the other pool table. Well, he comes strolling over to our game after stink-eyeing us from afar for awhile. I pretty much immediately recognized him from arresting him the week before for a restraining order violation against his own family (he has threatened to shoot or
  7. Agreed; it is impossible to take all guns away. There are too many in the hands of criminals, that it would just create more victims. 2A decisions recently have upheld the right pertaining to all firearms and even a stun gun. I'm for more restrictive gun laws federally, that would overrule States rights. Some States are silly with their minimum age allowances, and other outdated ideals. I'd like a solid federal age minimum of 21 to buy/own, along with a background check (which I am pretty flexible about). I also think the federal law should impose these new laws for concealed-carry recip
  8. Hey Fam! Been MIA for awhile during a busy summer... Hope the Boys can stay hot! Depending on tonight's outcome, I might be away again for awhile... Hah! I've been impressed with this Team's fight this season! Battling through lots of key injuries, they've fought-back into relevance! It cracks me up to hear all the sports-channel talking-heads jumping on the bandwagon!... Hoping to see the Boys get into the Postseason but, win or lose, it's been just another great Halos season to watch with Trouty providing super-human antics and King Albert's run up the homer chart! I've got at
  9. I did watch it yesterday! Made me sad I hadn't watched the whole event... These ladies are very good, and they were having a blast playing the game and to the crowds! That Lexi halve was critical! Great job, USA Ladies!
  10. Again; we're gonna coast to winning the Golden Cactus Trophy this Spring! Might even go undefeated, if we cancel those silly split-squad games! *Hopefully, I'm pouring-on the sarcasm heavily enough here...
  11. Unfortunately, it is Dodger Stadium fan experience. This guy should've been charged for the Felony assault with a deadly weapon, along with his princess mother. Fucking California strikes again... At the very least, he should be banned but how do you really enforce that? Thug-family life.
  12. Both Espi's and Shoe's beards are macho! To the point of looking fake... I can't go past two weeks without shaving my face-bush off; too annoyingly scratchy. Beard or no beard, Espi will be a great addition this season! Go Beach!
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