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  1. Thinking of how to best answer this question reminds me of a similar question from 50 years ago when a Teacher ( who was recently honored for his service at a dinner I attended ) asked a fellow student what he learned that Summer in Summer School drew ridicule for his Answer which went "Alot in General, but Nothing in Particular".
  2. Excellent! Having secured guaranteed $ the financial pressure is off of him; he now only has to focus on becoming MVP.
  3. Congratulations on signing Juan Lagares which is a smart move. I am very familiar with him and he has upside with little risk. Originally a SS he converted to a plus elite defensive CF tracking down fly balls along with the best and gunning down baserunners with his strong accurate throws. He has speed and strong hit tools which surfaced recently in Winter ball. His problem that has derailed him is he has been injury prone on account of him playing with reckless abandon. He needs to learn when not to go all out like in the late innings with a large lead not to run into the wall making hig
  4. I like the Dexter Fowler deal as he is practically free, has WS Championship experience and permits the Angels to open up with him in RF while Jo Adell improves in AAA. I was in Wrigley Field for his return after being traded to the Cardinals and he was very warmly received with scoreboard tribute and ovation and connected on a HR. The Cubs current manager and former Catcher Ross was in the booth and appeared on the scoreboard during the 7th inning stretch.
  5. Lou, Loving the sweet tune old school right there. Sounds like good walk up music vocals and horns are exceptional
  6. Light Tower Power for depth worth a look in ST and can play in AAA.
  7. The solution to this PR and HR issue is simple. # Fire Mickey # Sign Bauer! Win - Win The only question is the over / under on the times. My guess 9 AM and 6 PM PST
  8. On Sunday morning Michael Mayer heard that this story was going to break from either Jeff Passan or perhaps Ken Rosenthal and confided in Joe D his boss who then tweeted a teaser about the Callaway bombshell. Michael Mayer then got his panties in a bunch and went crying about this and quit taking most of the staff with him. Jack Ramsay has apparently been the rat that has returned to the sinking ship.
  9. " "The Angels responded appropriately as they need to investigate before just firing someone based on a media report. " Chuck of course is correct. A thorough investigation is required prior to a serious act such as a firing for cause.
  10. OT I am very familiar with what went down between Michael Mayer who lives in Maine ( I have strongly argued with him regarding Carlos Beltran's firing when I of course was right ) and the Great Joe D if anyone is interested.
  11. Angels need an ace SP and need that competitive fire at the top of the rotation missing since Jered Weaver left and need another Matt Shoemaker to step up. Remember Nick Adenhart!
  12. I know Mickey as Mets manager Sandy Alderson's last 2 hires have the same MO
  13. # Sign Bauer # Fire Mickey It's not like he hasn't been fired before LOL.
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