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  1. It went up in flames a few days ago. They had trucks come in all the way from Santa Ana. I just happened to be driving down Chapman with my kids went the fire started. Made for a fun evening. The light pole in the parking lot survived - that’s my biggest concern. Anyways, glad you aren’t on a ventilator.
  2. Where do you think you contracted it? How do you think you got it? How are you feeling? Did you see Johnny Rebs burned down?
  3. Couldn’t agree more. I’d rather they get hanged publicly, but I’d settle for widespread prosecution.
  4. So Orange County is reporting 1,200 positives a day now. Experts claim for every positive, there are 10 to 12 more that never get tested. If that is accurate, it means 12,000 to 14,000 positives a day, or 360,00-400,000 a month. In a county of 3,000,000, that means that at this pace, we hit 70% infected by Christmas. Isn’t that herd immunity? Other than the fact that some of these numbers assumptions may be wrong, what am I missing?
  5. Exactly. Conservatives = Trump supporters. They love him. What is his Republican approval rating, 95%? There is no option a conservative prefers to Trump. But how is Trump considered conservative? Because he is anti-woman? Anti-black?
  6. There was a much better option in 2016, and there is a better option in 2020. If someone can’t see that, they are most likely a Trump supporter.
  7. The thing is, most Trump supporters don’t support Trump because he is the lesser of two evils. They support him because they believe in him and his message. How often do you hear a Republican say “I despise him, but he is better than the other options.” I never hear than sentiment. His supporters truly like him. At some point a decent person needs to say “enough is enough.” Choose character and ethics over supposed political position. And really, what is it about Trump that is “Republican?” He isn’t pro liberties, other than the 2a. He isn’t for limited government or less spending. He doesn’t champion the rights of the disenfranchised (as Lincoln did). He isn’t tough on Russia. He certainly isn’t the candidate of morality (remember when the Republicans impeached Clinton for lying about sex? Those hypocrite sure had their morals in line). Honestly, what is there to like about him?
  8. Many Trump haters are not liberals. I despise the man, and can’t understand how any decent person can support him. But I was registered Republican my whole life (until last year). I despise liberalism. But I don’t think Joe Biden is a liberal, and senile though he may be, he is far less dangerous than Trump. And for what it’s worth, Trump supporters are going to be awefully sad watching Democrats run this country the next 10 years. Trump has inflicted huge damage on the party, which will set the party back a long time. Trump supporters don’t seem to get that.
  9. No, but our president has. He has been far worse for American lives than the WHO. And yet many on here still support him, some almost fanatically. So in a way, we are killing people with our stupidity.
  10. So, I got the car Sunday. I ended up getting a higher end model. They took $14,000+ off the MSRP. I asked the salesman if I could just buy the car at that price. He said no, the huge discount included incentives only available for leases. But once you have the vehicle, you can buy it out for whatever you owe on the lease. So I can convert my lease to a purchase by taking out a loan with my credit union, and I still get the benefit of the lease price. I doubt I’ll do that, but it’s an easy way to purchase the vehicle at a massively discounted price.
  11. Don’t forget about the ones who call the virus a hoax, refuse to wear masks, refuse to publicly acknowledge the virus, and hold rallies where thousands of people cried together in enclosed environments. I seem to recall a politician in a high position who has done all of this recently.
  12. Not only that, but I am not sure their response was that much different/better than California. I almost wonder if the virus has just run its course through NY and they are seeing something like a herd immunity.
  13. Yeah, I don’t understand this either. I realize just about every country on earth is less selfish than we are, but it’s remarkable just how well most other nations have handled this. Japan, for example, has had almost no issue whatsoever.
  14. That’s because they don’t plan on doing shit about it.