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  1. Not watching the game. Is Slegers ok? Why did they pull him after just a few hitters and two outs?
  2. Roster question: why would the team move Fowler to the 60 day DL rather than release him? If he is never again going to play a game for the Angels, what is the benefit to keeping him in the organization?
  3. His power is absurd. The ball he hit last night...good God. And he did it off balance. He goes to right field with ease too. The power certain seems like it is here to stay. He will just need to be able to walk enough even when the scouting reports catch up and the batting average and contact rates inevitably go down. This lineup has the potential to be good for a long time. Just imagine if we strike gold on Marsh and/or Adell.
  4. I am now concerned about Upton as well. I am a big fan of his and see no reason why there shouldn’t still be plenty left in the tank. But his swing and miss tendencies are concerning.
  5. Walsh might be the most intriguing guy on the team. He is hitting like a legit MOTO guy, and it doesn’t appear to be a complete fluke. His at bats are great, his plate discipline is great, and he incredibly strong. While I wouldn’t expect him to be a 1.000 OPS guy, I don’t think something in the .850 range is unrealistic.
  6. I think we played the White Sox well. All four games could have gone either way. Good teams fight each other hard and keep things close, as both teams did in that series. Were we to play them in another four game series, I’d expect similar competition (though perhaps slightly different results).
  7. The offense is firing on about three cylinders - Trout, Walsh and Ohtani. Rendon has been terrible, and Fletcher, Iglesias and Upton should all improve. The offense definitely has the potential to get better.
  8. Personally, I think the White Sox are easily the best team in the AL. The fact that the Angels have played to their level and kept their offense in check in 2 of the 3 games is very encouraging.
  9. This is a good point. The White Sox are beyond stacked. Let’s win at least one more and at least split the series. That would be a very acceptable outcome.
  10. Great deal. If he has one full, productive season (4-5 WAR), he will basically pay for the entire deal.
  11. This. Sounds like the same problem I had with a Toyota Camry I used to own. In ten years, the only problem the car ever had was the door actuators. I think three of them failed over time. This sounds like the same problem.
  12. Such an over-pay. He is a good player, but arguably the most over-rated in baseball.
  13. I like these moves. Gotta believe at least one of these guys proves to be decent.
  14. Is he really *that* good? His numbers were solid, but nothing that screams “can’t miss.” Isn’t it just as likely this guy goes the way of Jose Arredondo?
  15. I agree with this assessment. The pen is very questionable. There are no guarantees after Iglesias. But Rodriguez might prove valuable, and Sledgers is interesting. IMO, they should be seriously considering bringing in Shane Greene.
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