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  1. Not really. The amount of weight I am lifting in various exercises is mostly unchanged over the last two months. My bench press, for example, is the same now as it was two months ago (after a 50-pound gain the preceding three months). I am lifting very hard, just not seeing much of an increase. I will say that it looks like my body is changing for the better. Although improvement is slow, I think my body looks stronger than it did a couple months ago. So while the weights might not be going up, I think my body is still getting stronger. One of the things I have changed up the last m
  2. I am more and more of the belief that the team needs to add impact talent as opposed to targeting specific positions/roles. Obviously impact pitching is critical, and starters should be prioritized. But I wouldn’t shy away from adding impact position player talent if a good opportunity presented itself. And I agree with Hubs - the team should make a strong effort to sign Bundy and Heaney to extensions.
  3. I agree completely. We probably don’t need 8, but we do need at least 5 new, high quality arms. I think we need two good starting pitchers and three good relief arms.
  4. You don’t really believe Trump’s kids don’t use their father’s presidency for financial gain (at the public’s expense)? I realize Trump apologists will make any excuse to justify their support for him, but I thought you were smart enough to at least realize you are taking it up the ass by the President and his family.
  5. Because none of the above would win if that were an option.
  6. That base running by Riley was some of the worst I have ever seen in my life.
  7. Very well said. If Trump was so smart, so business savvy, and so politically shrewd, wouldn’t he have found a way to have used the virus to his advantage, and wouldn’t he be able to easily beat this obviously weak opposing candidate? For any other incumbent, the virus would have been a windfall - almost like a terrorist attack. But the problem for Trump is that he not smart and his narcissism prevents him from being someone he isn’t. He is, truly, his own worst enemy. He is the only candidate who could have fucked up his own re-election chances this bad. It is actually fun to watch.
  8. I’d much prefer that than the theft and financial exploitation of the country courtesy of Ivanka, Jarad, and Don Jr.
  9. I like how Biden’s shithead kid is dispositive of Biden’s fitness to serve as President, but the MAGAs could care less about Trump’s entire team if shithead kids and their shithead spouses.
  10. Unfortunately my wife doesn’t carry a purse around much these days. We can’t really go many places because your president botched the pandemic response so badly.
  11. Lol at Garceti and Newsom being the ones on a power trip. I don’t care much for either, but they have handled the rona far better than Trump. And in case one wasn’t paying attention, they also don’t try to have their political opponents jailed like fascist dictators.
  12. We also tricked out our garage, turning it into a very nice gym (lifting equipment, bike, and a treadmill on the way).
  13. We ended up doing an 800 square foot add on. We went from 1,700 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, to 2,500 feet, 5 bedrooms, three bathrooms. Actually bedroom number 5 is technically a den, which I use as my office. I never could have anticipated just how much I would need a home office. We also renovated about 400 feet of existing interior space, which resulted in a laundry room and new bathroom. We started the project around March of 2018. Took about six months to complete the permit process. Started construction November of 2018, finished July of 2019. Dropped somewhere between $
  14. He’s back! All better. It’s testament to his amazing underlying health.
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