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  1. For how long does it stay in your system? As I understand it, you can’t detect it for very long after you have had it. If a person had it in early March, or even February/January, is there any way of figuring that out?
  2. I think his point is just that we have to use caution in how restrictive we go with this. We can’t be locked down for 6 months. The pain we inflict on ourselves will be worse than the virus.
  3. I am not a fan of Newsom’s politics, but he has done a hell of a good job leading the state the last month. I am impressed with what his leadership and accountability.
  4. Bogus. That dude actually had two hits.
  5. I think on the whole, Eppler gets an A or A- for his trades. Other than Simmons, he hasn’t made any huge moves, so perhaps he hasn’t taken much risk, But I think has made some great trades (La Stella, Upton, Pena, Simmons, Sandoval) and nothing has really bit him in the ass yet.
  6. They need to stop making the low alcohol IPA, like the session shit. Totally fucking pointless.
  7. Guys, please record the fight/hugging session and post it on here.
  8. TORS, are we allowed to leave the house, or are you guys going to start arresting us? I just read an article about a paddle boarder out in the ocean who got arrested. Am I gonna get cuffed for running the track at Chapman?
  9. I am debating whether to build a wood deck in my backyard. Upside is that it would let me use my yard, save money, and look good. Downside is I have never built anything like it before. But from YouTube videos, it looks achievable.
  10. Leading up to this, I had been doing incredibly well with diet and exercise. I got my weight to a point it hasn’t been at in 7 or 8 years. But I have been kind of lazy the last two weeks, haven’t exercised nearly as much, and haven’t been strict with my diet. I gotta get back into the pre COVID routine, which I think is going to require the same type of daily structure that I had when going to the gym and then office each day. I think getting dressed each day is absolutely critical. I eat healthier wearing clothes than sitting around in a bathrobe. And I am trying to get some exercise bands for my home gym, but like Cat said I think it will take a month to get them.
  11. Trump defenders will first make excuses about how it didn’t really happen that way, and then when completely boxed into a corner, will cry “fake news.” It’s the only play in their book.
  12. Odd that Trump is discarding Michigan. It’s pretty critical to his re-election chances. You would think he would be prioritizing them.
  13. As do I. The shakes, on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired. Of course, nobody matches Chic-fil-A’s shakes.
  14. I am fortunate in that I have a good job, good job security, the ability to do my job from home without any real disruption, and a nice home office. But this virus is going to destroy my bonus for next year. I am guessing it will wipe it out completely, mostly because I anticipate clients will substantially delay payment to us. I am not complaining because I am better off than most others, but it sucks nonetheless.