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  1. Bauer won’t be playing next year (or in any subsequent years).
  2. I think I am with you. Unless there are radical changes made this off-season - and I mean a shocking amount of talent brought in (like, Scherzer, Marquez, Iglesias, three other top bullpen arms and a Correa for good measure) - it’s hard to see how this team will compete with the Astros.
  3. Regarding Rodriguez, unless a guy has a major injury - like something torn badly and possible surgery required - how can you say he won’t be healed and ready in six months. How could they possibly know that. Seems odd.
  4. I don’t know much about how to evaluate prospects, but this guy might be the most intriguing in the system. On the one hand he had done nothing to this point in his career and this seems like a Terry Evans-like fluke. On the other hand, he only got better as the season progressed and while not young, he isn’t exactly old either. I’d love to hear a scout or talent evaluator’s opinion of him. Is this guy a legit shortstop, or does he have flaws in his game that will be exposed at the big league level?
  5. How is Marsh’s defense? I have watched very little baseball the last two months. His defensive metrics don’t suggest anything special. But for those who see him play regularly, how does he look in center?
  6. They are horrible. And like @calssaid, they weren’t here three years ago. This is a new problem. I often get bit within seconds of walking outside. But they only ever bite my ankles/feet, so I am usually fine if I have socks on. And deet works really well (for me at least). We get them in our house all the time. But they are so small that unless you have really good eyes, good luck seeing them.
  7. There is a lot going right. We have the two best baseball players on the planet. A market that can support a high payroll. And a good young core of Walsh, Adell and Marsh on the position player side of things, and Rodriguez, Suarez, Sandoval, Canning and Detmers on the pitching side. This is a excellent foundation to start with.
  8. Over his last 30 games, he is slashing .184/.370/.337/.707. I hope this is just a slump (or being massively pitched around) and not more indicative of his true talent level.
  9. Agree on Cobb. I don’t think this team needs two top of the rotation arms. I think Cobb and one better arm will suffice (whether that be Gausman, Stroman, Ray or Scherzer). And in the unlikely event that allows for the signing of a good shortstop, all the better. I do expect this to be an incredibly active off-season. Perhaps the most active one we have seen in years.
  10. Great points, I was actually thinking this earlier today. He will look for moves to make the team better, and it might be something totally unexpected. I think the only three guys on the roster who are truly safe are Trout, Rendon and Ohtani.
  11. This team is going to have to bring in multiple shutdown arms. It really can’t be an option. We have to bring back Iglesias, and then we need two more guys who can consistently throw shut down innings. And only after that should guys like Cishek and Mayers be given innings.
  12. I don’t. His bat has totally disappeared the last 6 weeks, while Vlad Jr. has a great shot at the triple crown.
  13. Cobb should be a high priority. Yes he is a health and performance risk, but if he wasn’t, he would cost Scherzer money.
  14. But my point is that many of the guys the Padres traded will never sniff the big leagues, or will flame out early on. Consequently, the team control is to some degree merely theoretical. But the Padres got players whom they know, for certain (barring injury), will in fact play in the big leagues. So the team control is actual and less subject to risk.
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