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  1. I looked a bunch of these guys up (because I didn’t know much about them). Ross and Keller seem unimpressive. What do you like about these two? What do you like about Finnegan? Why expend prospect capital when you could seemingly get better production, without the prospect cost, from a guy like Cobb?
  2. I’d try to re-sign Cobb for something like 2/24. I’d try to re-sign Raisel for something like 3/39. I would try to acquire a very good starting pitcher via trade. Let’s assume this player costs $7 mil. I assume this would be a large trade that would involve Adell and potentially other prospects. With these moves, I still need two more pen arms and a shortstop. I’d try to bring back Iglesias on a 2/14 deal. I’d use whatever other money is left to acquire two mid-tier relief arms, either via trade or free agency. Sadly, this won’t move the needle much unless I do well with the acquisitions. This just goes to show how important it is to cultivate your own talent.
  3. Yeah, this was an insane trade. No way I’d want Perry coming anywhere close to this.
  4. This would be awesome, but no way the Reds do this. Castillo has rebounded nicely from his bad start. I think it would take a lot more to acquire him (though I doubt he is even on the block).
  5. My thoughts exactly. They need to bring back Cobb and need a top of the rotation arm (along with re-signing Iglesias and Iglesias). Realistically, would cost $65 mil a year (Scherzer - 2/64; Cobb - 2/26; R.Iglesias - 3/33; J. Iglesias - 3/27). That leaves no money to sign any pen help.
  6. They really should be trying to extend Cobb. He isn’t that old, has been superb this year, and could potentially be brought back on a very reasonable deal (given his last performance and injury issues).
  7. Good post. But I think you underestimate the work he has to do. He will need to acquire at least two, but perhaps three starters (one of whom needs to be a top of the rotation arm). He will also need to acquire an entire bullpen. 50 million will get spent real fast.
  8. I am guessing he has relatively little trade value. The poor plate discipline, the lack of walks, the abundance of strikeouts, and the terrible defense tender him relatively one-dimensional. If you can get a good pitcher for him, do it. If not, hold onto him and watch him turn into Brandon Wood part two.
  9. Great thread. Personally, I think that if the Angels decide to sell, better to package multiple guys to one team in order to maximize the return. If packaging Iglesias and Cobb together can land you a guy who is highly likely to be a big league regular, that beats several lottery tickets.
  10. How did his at bats look? I know he went 0-4, but did he look overmatched or relatively comfortable
  11. You may be correct. If he finishes out the season with this same level of production, he will easily get a 2-3 year deal at $11-14 per year. Or pretty close to 2/30.
  12. Yeah, I like Cobb a lot, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near 2/30 for him.
  13. I would consider moving Adell (whose ceiling I feel is Randall Grichuk, without the defense) in this package. Not saying I would, but I would consider it. I would not move Marsh for these two.
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