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  1. Get Hand and don’t stop there. Get Rosenthal too. Then sign a cheaper starter and hope the lockdown pen gets you to the same point (95 wins).
  2. Has to be. There are always a couple guys each offseason who get traded out of nowhere.
  3. I think Minasian stands to benefit by being patient. There is a lot of talent still out there, and seemingly very few teams willing to spend. There will be some huge bargains eventually. It wouldn’t be the end of the world to spread the money out and take advantage of those bargains.
  4. An incentive laden deal makes a lot of sense for everyone. Perhaps the offer is something in the range of 6/160 guaranteed, but with heavy innings or starts incentives. If the guy stays healthy and effective, he makes lots of incentive money. And the team presumably benefits from such productivity. I think the Angels are actually the most logical fit for him. I question whether the other contenders - including the White Sox, Mets and Jays - have the money (or want to spend it). The Dodgers make sense, but I am not sure they offer enough total dollars. I don’t see why Bauer would want
  5. From what I have read about Rodriguez, he would be almost totally untouchable to me. And this team has at least three pitchers who will be free agents after this year, so Detmers should be untouchable as well.
  6. If Gray could be acquired without giving up Marsh, Adell or Canning, I would deal for him. That’s $11 mil. I would sign a good pen piece, like Trevor Rosenthal - that’s probably $9 mil. I would sign an outfielder, probably Pederson - that’s another $8 mil or so. I definitely think the team needs Bauer, but if the three guys mentioned above performed to their abilities, the three of them would make for a better team than Bauer alone (with much less in future payroll commitments).
  7. @totdprods I agree with you that Option 3 is actually a possibility. I could see a deal for Springer, signing a Quintana type, and then trading Marsh or Adell for a cheap starter.
  8. I don’t see the Angels investing this much money in the team and not being in on Bauer. You don’t drop what they have spent on Rendon and Trout unless you badly want to win, and Bauer is the best way to win. Doesn’t mean they will get him, but I’d be shocked if they weren’t one of his most serious bidders.
  9. Great job guys, very fun to read (and badly needed right about now). Curious what you guys thought about Jose Salvador - the PTBNL in the Goodwin trade. Any talk of putting him in the 25-30 range?
  10. I wouldn’t go quite that far. Tanaka, Odorizzi, Richards and Quintana are all good pitchers, even if not top of rotation guys.
  11. The offense could stand to improve still. RF is a dead zone, and who knows what we will get from LF. Pederson would be a nice addition.
  12. This would make for a very good offseason IMO, and a team that would compete for the division if healthy.
  13. That could make sense if there was an ace to be had for Adell. But it doesn’t appear there is. Otherwise, that trade likely would have materialized by now.
  14. When you look closely at the dollars, Musgrove makes all the more sense. His salary is low enough that it would still leave enough money to sign almost any starter (and if that starter isn’t Bauer, then a reliever too). Few other good pitchers are available for such a low pay commitment.
  15. I think this is pretty spot on. They need two starters, and may or may not add one more reliever. And that’s about it. I think they are done on the position player side of things. I think they could realistically add Bauer on a back-loaded deal and trade for a guy like Musgrove. Maybe even sign a mid-tier relief guy for $3-4 mil.
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