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  1. Seriously, spend money on a high quality backup infielder but there are other needs. The choice about shortstop will define Minasian to me.
  2. I’ll tap my heals three times if would true.
  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if Rengifo turned into Altuve?
  4. Despite my anger at both teams I will admit they’re quite good.
  5. But one team will lose so we’re playing with house money, so to speak.
  6. Yes but not equally. Screw Houston much more than Boston.
  7. I know this was mentioned by several folks but this is an uncomfortable series for some, like me, because of the teams. I normally would root against both these teams. Go Red Sox.
  8. Not just contract up and no renewal but apparently Molina was not offered a position elsewhere in the organization. This is pure speculation but I think if he had been offered a different job he would have mentioned it. Let’s see who Molina’s replacement is. Better be good. Actually, where’s the defense, catching and pitching?
  9. If this was about money I’ll get pissed. Molina brothers have had a huge and positive impact on the Angels. I saw no indication of whether this was the organization’s choice or Jose’s. No one telling just yet.
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