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  1. Walking makes a huge difference for me, and I’m doing plenty of yoga and meditation. I have a delightful houseguest, plutonic but having a woman around makes me try harder... it just does. Decided to fiddle with video editing- used to do it years ago- that led me to call an old friend I hadn’t spoken to in almost a decade (he’s super talented at editing and understands my struggles with technology). Reconnecting like that is possible. Had to cancel several trips which was a bummer but otherwise I’m really lucky to have such a pleasant period when it could be so dark. AngelsWin is a help for sure- and this was a great idea for a thread so thanks RallyG and everyone who replied.
  3. I wonder what “Medical experts determine games will not pose a risk to health of teams and fans“ means, exactly. There is always some risk...
  4. Excellent, many thanks Jeff. I actually remember Ted Kluszewski who was such a stud he had 20 homers.
  5. I’m not even wishing illon the Red Sox which is really saying something. It’s all good stay positive.
  6. I know I’m a homer and the system is missing some pieces (or layers?) but this seems extreme... 26) Los Angeles Angels2019 preseason rank: unranked2019 midseason rank: unrankedTop 100 Prospects: Jo Adell, OF (No. 6), Brandon Marsh, OF (No. 79)Top 2020 rookie: Jo Adell, OFStarting with the two guys at the top, this organization has a lot of toolsy, athletic types that are of the high-risk, high-reward variety
  7. Happy special day tdawg87.
  8. Now if we could just get an Amos to turn loose on the Astros, and maybe Naomi in the wings.
  9. Does this include actions taken in the bunk or is that off the record? Craigs in the bunk are at least in a different category...
  10. I'm hoping Thaiss gets a real chance to succeed, Eppy has done well getting the farm to a productive state but to benefit we need to give some of these guys a real shot.
  11. We're going to have a lot of fun with the first pitch of the regular season here on AW....