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  1. I like “2021, Take Two” and think the emphasis on pitching is right on. But there may be pressure to sign a high priced shortstop instead of doing all that. I hope not.
  2. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/07/angels-notes-deadline-trades-minasian-cobb-ward.html By Mark Polishuk In less-positive news for the Angels, the team announced that Taylor Wardsuffered a non-displaced left rib fracture during a Triple-A game yesterday, and Ward has been placed on the minor league injured list. There isn’t any current word on how long Ward could be out of action. It’s a tough break on multiple levels for Ward, who won’t accumulate any MLB service time while on the minors IL. He was only optioned to Triple-A last week after spending much of the season on the Angels’ roster, hitting a respectable .240/.322/.426 over 232 plate appearances and playing at all three outfield positions.
  3. Why wouldn’t an extension be discussed before the deadline, at least some formal discussion.
  4. He’s saying all the right things, and by making his desire to stay clear that improves the chances. I can see it happening.
  5. Was it only 26, I don’t recall but seemed like it was more than three games without scoring.
  6. I assume you mean his hair, we’re just spoiled by Ohtani. If that’s not what you meant than gross.
  7. Seems clear Barria is a serious rotation candidate. That was an excellent start.
  8. Angel fans need to find find humor where they can, and broadcasters definitely help.
  9. If I knew I was I going by rated the outcome I never would have said that, but thanks.
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