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  1. I’m stoked that Rendon is an Angel. Eppler must upgrade the pitching as much as possible without trading away the players that will bring value in a few years and keep costs down. I’d like to keep them all but two of Marsh, Adams, Fletcher and Rengifo might be gone. I guess losing one would be ok. I know Eppler’s job is on the line and he must make the playoffs but I would be willing to cut him some slack if he would manage some sustainability. Leave some prime prospects and pathways for them to succeed. Add a catching prospect somehow.
  2. Cole puts them over the top, if he stays healthy the balance of power in the AL has shifted. As much as Cole would have been worth to the Angels he is worth more to the Yankees.
  3. No need here, I’m reminded every time I notice how far behind on things I am after that last couple of days. Also, I’m grumpy.
  4. I imagine Fletcher has sources in multiple directions- with the team of course but also the Boras folks. I could see it happening, 8/280 seems high but that seems to be where this is going. Arte could just say make it so and Cole could say hell yes. If the cost is more than 8/280 other options need to be considered.
  5. I agree that Bundy will be the #5, but Canning might benefit from starting as the #6/spot starter to limit his innings. Chances are there will be plenty of starts available due to injury the #6 will pick up. If Canning is the #6 there is still room for 2 more additions. But using the Primer Series estimated budget increase of $30-40 million and subtracting Bundy’s $6 million, then subtracting $25 million from backloaded Cole contract there’s perhaps $9 million left for a catcher plus. Castro maybe 2 years $12 million? So maybe $3 million for another starter, a bullpen piece or a bat.
  6. Wasn't that trade the origin of "it's not my money?"
  7. Love me two times baby Love me twice today
  8. The phrase "Positioning Runs Saved" really stood out to me.I'm the article (press.release) and makes me believe in these new stats.
  9. Ive.forgotten who pointed this out, but there are some useful pitchers in the 2021 FA market as well such as Tanaka and Paxon, so saving for salary for next year makes sense. Get Cole and an innings eater this year and hope for a wild card, leaving some room for another big 2021 acquisition. I'll add to that by pointing out we will likely have some excellent trade bait at the 2020 trade deadline (Simmons, La Stella and Robles), so setting up for 2021 might be a good strategy Too bad this is the last year on Eppler's contract.
  10. Angels sign Cole Angels sign Odorizzi Angels sign d'Arnaud
  11. Interesting. Dallas Keuchel 12 (in 19 starts)- projects out to 20 QS in 32 starts, which ties him with Bumgarner and puts him ahead of Wheeler.
  12. If anyone has good game day threads bookmarked, wouldn’t mind seeing some revived for the off season.
  13. There are some great gameday threads out there, and would hate to diminish future game days. Would this be more of side conversations? I didn’t read the linked material completely, how long are the chats saved?