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  1. Would look better with blue sleeves
  2. He bunted on Jim Abbott in the 9th inning of a no-hitter. Fuck Lofton
  3. If this is who I've seen play in person... C Bench 1B Pujols 2B Morgan SS Ozzie 3B Schmidt LF Henderson CF Trout/Mays/Mantle RF Aaron DH Bonds SP Ryan SP Valenzuela RP Eckersley RP Rivera
  4. Same things he sucked for crack.
  5. I was bouncing around 5 different shows this year as a dolly grip until the whole industry shut down mid March. I mainly covered other dolly grips with the flu or else had to take time off for a variety of reasons. It's a nice niche that I carved out for myself after 30 plus years. I dont work 70 hour weeks very often anymore and I often bring home more money moving around as I can cherry pick the best gigs. This shit is a game changer. I've been exposed to more people this year and I take over their dollies which have mostly metal surfaces that the virus can live up to 72 hours on. So far so good though, as I feel well and have been dieting and exercising to rid myself of my comorbidities like hypertension and diabetes. Got my fingers crossed as my kid is a doctor on the front lines in Phoenix, pulling crazy hours during this crisis and she has serious autoimmune issues. We are all just doing whatever we can to get through this intact. Stay safe, and if you have the privilege of self isolation by all means do it. Be safe.
  6. Absolutely! My kid is a Family Medicine Dr in Phoenix and is on the front lines right now. I just want her to get through it ok. Nothing else really matters. Here she is battling the virus head on with her social distancing wand.
  7. Enjoy https://instagram.com/irish_hand_dryer_reviews?igshid=1r5c246m5zu0c
  8. My favorite sticker of all time was on one of these bad boys. DO NOT INSERT YOUR HEAD INTO TOWEL LOOP I believe it can still be found in the men's room at Discount Tire in Glendale CA. I tried to lift that damn thing with my knife but didn't want to ruin it, so hopefully it's still preserved for all to enjoy.
  9. Damn. Now I'm imagining a double double
  10. Damn. Now I want massive student loan debt for cheeseburgers