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  1. Absolutely! My kid is a Family Medicine Dr in Phoenix and is on the front lines right now. I just want her to get through it ok. Nothing else really matters. Here she is battling the virus head on with her social distancing wand.
  2. Enjoy https://instagram.com/irish_hand_dryer_reviews?igshid=1r5c246m5zu0c
  3. My favorite sticker of all time was on one of these bad boys. DO NOT INSERT YOUR HEAD INTO TOWEL LOOP I believe it can still be found in the men's room at Discount Tire in Glendale CA. I tried to lift that damn thing with my knife but didn't want to ruin it, so hopefully it's still preserved for all to enjoy.
  4. Damn. Now I'm imagining a double double
  5. Damn. Now I want massive student loan debt for cheeseburgers
  6. Don't you have packages to deliver?
  7. You incels seem to have a problem with this. #100pages