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  1. I like the Yankees road greys. Also the Giants home flannel jerseys.
  2. I'm thinking that for years we haven't been properly developing the talent we have been drafting. Maybe Minasian sees the quickest way to improve our farm is to better develop the players we have there. I mean, how did a player like Peter Bourjos come up to the Majors not knowing how to steal a base? Or hit the ball on the ground? Addressing stuff like this could pay real dividends.
  3. 79! When we got the final out to clinch the AL West, I hung upside-down over the edge of the top deck yelling my fool head off. I was just 21 and beer may have been a factor.
  4. Yep. The Angels are often the turkey in these situations.
  5. I generally only go to Angels games unless someone has tickets for another game. I do attend several 66ers and Quakes games. Especially on thirsty thursdays when the beer is not as pricey. Also if I'm out of town I try to catch a game, more for the ballpark tho. I have seen the Angels play in the road at Fenway and all the parks in California. Game 5 of the 2002 was a rout. Something like 16-4, so standing room behind the RF bleachers got soaked by those damn water cannons all night. As far as TV I try to follow here and there but baseball has always been on my car radio. Unfort
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