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  1. Thanks for explaining. Some guy was taking about it and I didn't know enough about it.
  2. California woman arrested for allegedly licking nearly $2G in grocery store items A Northern California woman was reportedly arrested Tuesday for allegedly licking items in a grocery store and ruining about $1,800 worth of groceries through cross-contamination amid the coronavirus pandemic. South Lake Tahoe Safeway employees reported that the woman, 53, licked several pieces of jewelry for sale in the store that she placed on her hands before putting the groceries in her cart, The Los Angeles Times reported. She also allegedly licked her fingers before taking groceries off the shelves.
  3. So if Bernie does not give Biden his share and Biden doesn't get enough to win the Dem nomination outright what happens? Isn't there a minimum? Can the Dems put anyone they want in the seat? What channels does it take at that point?
  4. How's long is your driveway? A little exercise???
  5. Some lady at work recommended The Sinner. 2 episodes in and not impressed. Anyone else have any input?
  6. That's really low. Where do you live?
  7. Dean Wormers wife. Great scene from the movie.