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  1. Got this from the comment section from the above article: Check the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and you will find it is illegal to discriminate against someone because of their religion along with other reasons: SEC. 202. All persons shall be entitled to be free, at any establishment or place, from discriniination or segregation of any kind on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin, if such discrimination or segregation is or purports to be required by any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, rule, or order of a State or any agency or political subdivision thereof. The Cons
  2. Tucker: Amy Coney Barrett 'represents everything that made this a great country,' so Dems 'despise her' Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett is causing an uproar among Democrats and according to Tucker Carlson, her happy family is what’s driving them crazy. “Democrats know Amy Coney Barrett’s life refutes the lies they have pushed on the rest of us for decades, [so] they must destroy her personally,” the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said Monday night. “Her happiness -- her family’s happiness -- is evidence that they are frauds.” Carlson surveyed Barrett’s qualifications
  3. School teacher says he lost kindergarten job over tattoos: Report He is only able to teach students six years old and above A tattoo-covered kindergarten teacher in France, who has spent nearly 500 hours under the needle, was prohibited from teaching children under the age of six after a parent complained that he gave their child nightmares. Sylvain Helaine, now 35, began covering his entire body in tattoos after going through an “existential crisis” at 27 years old while working for a private school in London, according to Reuters. Not only has he covered his entire face and tong
  4. Girl, 5, stabbed to death; 49 others shot as violence rages on in Chicago
  5. AO brought up that name. Great on building the farm I'm all for it.
  6. How the Bidens worked with China to get rich — at America's expense
  7. Activist spent $200G in BLM donations on house, personal items: FBI The FBI has arrested the founder of a Black Lives Matter group in Atlanta on fraud and money laundering charges. Sir Maejor Page, 32, was accused Friday of misappropriating $200,000 in donations he solicited through Facebook on behalf of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, Fox 5 Atlanta reported Friday. Page was arrested in Toledo and released on bond after appearing before a judge via video. He did not immediately return messages Saturday from Fox News. The Toledo FBI office opened an investigation last
  8. Kamala Harris names man who died decades ago 'best rapper alive' Joe rubbing off on her.
  9. Biden says he went to Delaware State; school begs to differ The director of news service for Delaware State, Carlos Holmes, said that the former vice president was never a student, though he has made appearances on campus twice before for commencement speeches at the university in Dover. “Vice President Biden did not attend DSU,” Holmes said earlier last week. “However he was the Commencement keynote speaker in 2003 and [2016], and during the former he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree.” Biden had made the claim during an October 2019 town hall event held at the hi
  10. Trump's work for Black community 'unparalleled to any other president' of past 50 years: Dem lawmaker
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