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  1. Teacher puts up profane, anti-American posters in class at taxpayer’s expense A Los Angeles parent is sounding the alarm over posters displayed inside a high school classroom that say, "F*** Amerikkka," and claim that law enforcement's primary purpose is to "militarily enforce White supremacist capitalism." A parent at Alexander Hamilton High School slamming the "disgusting brainwashing of students with taxpayer dollars" shared photos with Parents Defending Education, a national nonprofit, that were taken inside his child's classroom. The first photo shows a Palestinian flag, a transgender flag, a Black Lives Matter flag and a Pride flag prominently displayed on the blackboard. Another photo shows two posters that read, "F*** Amerikkka. This is Native land" and F*** the Police." "Policing is a violent, anti-Black, settler institution that originated as slave patrols," the latter poster reads. "Their primary mandate is to protect property and to militarily enforce White supremacist capitalism. They are doing their jobs as they are trained and paid to do. You can’t fix what isn’t broken. That’s why we fight for police and prison abolition. F*** the Police."
  2. My point is they are laughing at us having such a weak president If he does have it then he shouldn't be leading the country
  3. The entire world is laughing at us
  4. Jewell Jones, Michigan state rep, found with handcuff key inside jail: sheriff Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones faced additional felony charges Wednesday after he was allegedly found in possession of a handcuff key after he was arrested Tuesday due to his bond being revoked from a prior arrest. He was arraigned Wednesday on charges of attempting to escape custody while awaiting a felony trial and bringing a weapon into jail, according to The Detroit News. "This guy is a real piece of work, and an embarrassment to all elected officials, and I believe he thinks somehow the laws do not apply to him," Livingston County Sheriff Michael Murphy said, FOX 2 of Detroit reported. "More than that, I am mad. Had the handcuff key ended in an injury to my staff or another inmate I am not sure what I would have done, as my primary responsibility is the safety and security of my staff and inmates." Jones, 26, was arrested for allegedly violating his bond for the third time related to a drunken-driving crash earlier this year. His blood-alcohol content at the time was more than twice the legal limit, police said. Jones’ alcohol tether on his ankle detected alcohol in his system three times on Sept. 3 – drinking is a violation of his bond – and he allegedly tampered with the tether on Sept. 6. He was elected to the state legislature in 2016. Jones pleaded not guilty Wednesday. His bond was set at $100,000 cash or surety, according to the News. Officers allegedly found the key taped to the bottom of Jones’ foot during intake at the Livingston County jail on Tuesday, FOX 2 reported. Jones was also ordered to surrender any equipment he would use as a reserve police officer in his district. Jones’ lawyer said he was frustrated with the attempt-to-escape charge because once he was in a cell the key wouldn’t have helped him, the News reported. Murphy said he wasn’t sure why Jones had the key on him. "You could run through unlimited possibilities. At the end of the day, folks are handcuffed to and from a facility. If someone has a handcuff key, that’s a bad day for us," he said, according to the News. Jones previously violated his bond by allegedly leaving Michigan National Guard training without letting the court or his lawyer know and for failing to pay the upkeep on his tether, which he was given after his first violation, FOX 2 reported. During his April arrest, Jones told officers that their actions are "not going to be good for you," adding that he would "call Governor [Gretchen] Whitmer right now," according to the police report. Jones also namedropped Whitmer when officers attempted to capture his intake photo without a face mask. "You know what? Big Gretch is the homie," he said, according to the report. "When she finds out about this, she might be a little upset about the treatment. She's very serious about the pandemic so I'm just wondering if I can wear the mask."
  5. Dem gov candidate seen on train without mask, skirting federal mask mandates; passenger calls it a 'double standard' Virginia's former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who is running to win back his seat in November, was seen maskless on an Amtrak train from New York to Washington, D.C., in late July – skirting federal mask mandates and Amtrak rules. Fox News obtained photos of McAuliffe on a train from New York City's Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station on the night of July 29. An Amtrak passenger, who spoke to Fox News on condition of anonymity, took the photos, calling McAuliffe's violation of the rules an "absolute double standard." The photo shows McAuliffe walking down the aisle of an Amtrak train, on a phone call, and not wearing a face covering. McAuliffe is seen standing under Amtrak's sign stating face masks are required. The relatively empty train car does show a passenger in the distance wearing a mask, and the passenger behind McAuliffe with a white strap over his ear, signaling that he, too, was wearing a mask. "Amtrak requires everyone to wear a face mask," the sign reads. "Face masks must fully cover the mouth and nose and secure under the chin. Face masks must always be worn unless actively eating or drinking." Amtrak’s website also states: "Federal law requires all customers and employees to wear a mask at all times while onboard trains and in stations, regardless of vaccination status or state or local laws." Another lib. Do as I say, not as I do
  6. They are opening up out local mountain Next week going to Aspen Peak Bad fire had it closed all summer
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