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  1. Just finished season 1 of Dogs of Berlin on Netflix It moves really fast and the closed caption has trouble keeping up at times. It's in German so you need the CC. The show started off all over the place, but the writers brought it home at the end of the series. The immigration of Turks has a lot to do with the series and the racial divide it's causing. Kurt Grimmer is a another in a long list of flawed detectives. But he really has issues. @Lou and I seem to enjoy these type of foreign detective series. I will be looking for more. Good show to watch.
  2. Michigan man finds more than $43G in couch he bought from store Howard Kirby got the surprise of his life last month when he found over $43,000 in cash inside a couch he'd purchased at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Owosso, Michigan. “It still boggles my mind every so often,” he told CBS 5 on Thursday. Kirby purchased the couch to outfit his man cave but said the ottoman felt odd and uncomfortable. His daughter eventually unzipped the cushion to examine it further and discovered stacks of hundred-dollar bills. “That’s when she started pulling out this,” Kirby told the station, holding up a fistful of cash. “I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming or something,” A total of $43,170 was found inside the couch, but Kirby didn't feel morally right keeping it. He went back to the store to seek out the original owner and tell them about the cash. Kim Fauth-Newberry came into possession of the couch after her grandfather, the original owner, passed away last year. She said she had no idea there was money inside when she gave it away. The ReStore surprised her on Thursday by calling her down to the shop and returning every last dime that Kirby had found. “It’s just crazy,” she said. "It’s completely awesome." Kirby had reportedly sought legal advice about his rights to the money and was told that he was under no obligation to return it. Despite having the legal right to keep it, he thought giving it back was the right thing to do. Store manager, Rick Merling, praised Kirby for leading by example and putting the needs of someone else above his own. “Just doing the right thing -- to me, this is someone who in spite of what they’re going through – in spite of their own needs has said, 'I’m just going to do the right thing,’” Merling said. Kirby claimed he could have used the money for a new roof but is happy the cash has found its way back to the original owner. “I always thought, 'What would I do if that ever happened?' Now I know," he said. "And it makes me feel good."
  4. Largest-ever Snickers bar created To honor the iconic candy brand’s 90th anniversary, the brains behind Snickers decided, hey, what better way to celebrate that than with a 4,700-pound candy bar? Someone in the room then likely said, “There is no better way!” and thus the “largest Snickers bar ever created” was born. The bar reportedly took more than 600 people to construct and used caramel, peanuts, nougat and 3,500 pounds of chocolate to create the “equivalent to more than 41,000 single-size Snickers bars.” The Mars Wrigley-owned brand cooked up the confection during a Guinness World Records title attempt, according to a press release. However, Mars Wrigley will have to wait until the Snickers is consumed before it's officially recognized and recorded as the largest chocolate nut bar. And if you’re thinking, "Wow, that’s big, I guess they’ll stop now because they’ve already made the largest Snickers," you’d be wrong! The brand further said that, again, the ­four-thousand-seven-hundred-pound-candy-bar is but “a small version of something even bigger the brand has planned.
  5. This one is in Italian. If you speak Spanish you can pick up quite a bit.
  6. Wonder if anyone else knows about this song? Used to listen to it a lot back in the day.
  7. @Lou I never heard that version before. My daughter knows this version and listened to it with me. She likes Disturbed for other songs also. You must not be 78 3/4 years old if you know songs like that. Or you are one hip grandpa. Lol
  8. Man tried to cure constipation by swallowing live eels, wound up in emergency surgery, report says Stick with prune juice, kids. One man in China found himself on the operating table after he swallowed live eels. He believed that it would help relieve his constipation, only for the sea creatures to tear through his intestines, causing a serious infection. The man, who was not identified, was admitted to Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Jan. 9, just one day after he tried the do-it-yourself approach, AsiaWire reported. He was complaining of intense abdominal pain, and the staff recognized that his body was going into shock, according to the report. A CT scan showed the skeletons of eels in his abdominal cavity, and he was sent in for emergency surgery to remove them. “We opened him up and noticed a large amount of fecal water mixed with blood,” Dr. Sun Haijian, deputy head of general surgery at the hospital, said, according to AisaWire. “There was severe swelling and we found two very thick swamp eels at the bottom of his abdominal cavity.” Haijian said they also measured a 2-centimeter hole in his colon, and another in his intestine which required fixing. Haijian said his patient was lucky to have sought medical attention when he did, as a leak in the digestive tract can cause serious infections that are sometimes fatal. At least one of the eels removed was still alive, according to the report.
  9. Watched episode 3 and it's getting better. 4 playoff games the weekend. Next week we'll get into it again. Found a few more to check out. I'll let you know if they are any good.