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  1. It’d be nice to discuss the draft without the spoiling
  2. I’d have no problem taking Detmer if he was a later selection. With the 10th pick, I’d rather see them draft a high ceiling player instead of a middle of the rotation arm.
  3. According to Keith Law the hot name that’s been attached to the Angels all morning is Detmers. Ugh, I really hope they go with high ceiling arm like Abel or Kelley
  4. Keith Law of The Athletic: 10. Los Angeles Angels: Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF, Harvard-Westlake (Calif.) School No high school pitchers here, but they could go for ceiling with Ed Howard or Hassell, take an up-the-middle college bat in Garrett Mitchell, or stick with college pitching like Cade Cavalli or Detmers.
  5. My top choice is Meyer but it looks like he’s a lock for the Jays (sigh) Detmers doesn't excite me. I’d really hate wasting the #10 pick on a middle of the rotation arm, which we already have plenty of. Cavalli and Crochett seem like too much of a risk for a pick that high, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if they chose one of the two. I think they ultimately go with Hassell
  6. Taylor Ward: .290/.360/.515 you heard it here first.
  7. I hope it isn’t CRod, Kochanowicz or Soriano
  8. It’ll probably be someone like Ross Strippling