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  1. Taylor Ward: .290/.360/.515 you heard it here first.
  2. I hope it isn’t CRod, Kochanowicz or Soriano
  3. It’ll probably be someone like Ross Strippling
  4. CRod is the guy I’m most excited to follow this season. Remember the hype from last year? @KyleAGlaser: Rodriguez was off to a fast start in the Cal League - 9.1 IP, 6 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 4 BB, 13 K. I had scouts throwing 70 grades on his fastball, slider and changeup, although not all at the same time. “To be able to touch 97 (mph) and have the command of all four of his pitches, that’s elite stuff,” Inland Empire pitching coach Michael Wuertz said. “You don’t see that at this level. Most of those guys are in the big leagues.” Rodriguez, 20, came out sitting 94-95 mph and touching 97 mph with his fastball to turn heads immediately. That was just the appetizer. The 6-foot-2 righthander began snapping off a swing-and-miss 87-89 mph slider, introduced an 84-87 mph changeup that had lefthanded hitters lunging and lastly revealed a late-breaking 81-83 mph curveball that locked up batters’ knees, all in the first inning.”
  5. Holy shit. Have you gone through this Tweets? This dude is a child
  6. All I want for Christmas is to beat the Clippers. Please, Lakers
  7. As someone else on twitter pointed out, I think he’s talking about his new prospect rankings.