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  1. Oof. I’ve been obsessed with the Angels/baseball my whole life, but for the past 3-4 years I’ve lost a whole lot of interest in it and this offseason puts the nail in the coffin. I have zero desire to watch and support this team. Welp, at least I have my Lakers. Oh and FREE TROUT
  2. Basing your opinion of the trade off other fans opinions is laughable. It’s not that hard to do your homework on the guy. Go to fangraphs, watch highlights, etc
  3. Nice! Huge upgrade to the pen. Perfect way to start off the Winter Meetings.
  4. I could be wrong, also. If Snell wasn’t under control for 3 years and making peanuts then id probably agree with the packages some have listed, but that isn’t the case. I think Tampa will definitely be looking to extract more from a team for that reason plus more.
  5. IMO, he will. Snell is a front line starter on an extremely club friendly deal. The market for top of the rotation arms is razor thin and the Angels will have to put together a package to compete with teams that have top farm systems like ATL and SEA. Marsh isn’t a blue chip prospect like Adell, we really gotta stop overrating our own prospects.
  6. Snell will most definitely require Adell AND Marsh. This is off-season is the perfect market for the Rays to make a killing.
  7. Damn, I really wanted Porter. Id gladly take Minasian, but we all know it’ll be Hollander.
  8. We’re now #2 in the reverse standings. Rocker or Leiter?
  9. What kind of package would you be comfortable giving up? The 2020 FA market for starters is weak, besides Bauer the only way to upgrade the pitching staff will be via trade and any impact arm will cost a haul similar to the one I listed.
  10. Goodwin, Marsh, Detmers (ptbnl) and Rengifo for Clevinger. Boom, Angels get their ace and become the instant favorites to land his bff Bauer in the offseason. I know no one wants to give up that much but the reality is, it’s gonna cost a haul like that to land a top of the rotation arm like Clevinger.
  11. I know this is his first inning of live ball since ‘18 but don’t most pitchers come back stronger after TJ? Ohtani has gone from 101 to 91. 10 MPH drop is concerning
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