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  1. Can’t believe we had this dude in AAA and didn’t bring him up till the season was over… I don’t care what his numbers looked like down there. He was an all star at one point. Couldn’t have been any worse then the other garbage they brought up.
  2. Honestly… I was thinking the same exact thing. That would be much watch TV.
  3. Lol at saying Walsh is league average. He’s literally worth almost 3 wins more then a league average first baseman…
  4. I swear if he’s in our bullpen next year… God fuck why can’t this team just spend on some quality relief arms??
  5. Well you said there’s nothing optimistic to look forward to this offseason… if that’s the case might as well just rebuild right?? And Scherzer has won his WS already. I feel like he’s trying to cement his legacy now. Sticking with the Dodgers is the safe choice. Going to a team like the Angels and winning a World Series with Trout and Ohtani would probably be way more rewarding for a player. Hes won all the awards he can at this point. I could totally see him going to a fringe team like the Angels and try to add another chapter to his legacy because him winning a World Series with the Dodgers will not do that. They have a good chance to win with or without him. Again, very well he could choose the Dodgers but I just see Scherzer thinking differently. Angels are going to come at him hard. I think Arte will do anything in his power to get him.
  6. Yeah of course we shouldn’t get the dude who’s been dominating for basically a decade and is showing no signs of slowing down. It worked so horribly for the Astros with Verlander.
  7. So what you’re saying is this team is toast and we should trade away all valuable assets and rebuild? We say this every year, no great player will want to sign with this team. That’s obviously not the case. Whoever offers more money is where Scherzer will go. Period. We will probably offer the most. I think we are in desperate mode. We will give him a huge overpay. My top priority would be to get Rodon though. If we can get Scherzer and Rodon, re-sign Iglesias and get someone like Ottavino and another proven RP I think this team will take the division IF we can just stay relatively healthy.
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