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  1. At this point we need that dominant ace that we can give the ball to and have full confidence he will shut the other team down. Bauer is the only available pitcher that fits that mold.
  2. He’s not worth a 9 figure contract is all I’m saying. I’d much rather spend that on a different player.
  3. I don’t know, I’m more mad personally about Randy Johnson
  4. I’d rather have the # 1 RF and the #1 1st Baseman. The catching position is so weak right now. Why overpay?
  5. I wouldn’t even say he’s much better. That’s how bad the catching position is right now. He just happens to be the best catcher in a bunch of mediocrity. And for your first point, I strongly disagree. Having the best of any player from any position gives you a distinct advantage over the rest of the league. For instance I’d rather have the best RF or 1B in baseball over the best catcher because the best catcher is just a good player while the best first baseman or Right fielder is an exceptional player. And to my point, the fact Realmuto is the best catcher in a weak positio
  6. Yes. He’s a decent catcher but he gets hyped up more because the catching position is so bad right now.
  7. Realmuto gets overhyped because he’s the best catcher in probably the worst era ever for catchers in general. The position is so weak right now. If he played in the late 90’s to early 2000’s he would barely crack the top 10.
  8. Strongly Disagree. Maddon doesn’t seem to blow Pujols like Soch did. If Walsh hits like he did last year he will start every game at first. Case closed.
  9. I’ll still take Rendon/Bauer over that. I find Relamuto a little overrated and Rendon gives us that steady bat in the middle of the order protecting Trout. Because at the end of the day Realmuto isn’t even in the same league hitting wise to Rendon.
  10. Who in the world wouldn’t take Rendon/Bauer over just Cole? That’s like 12-14 WAR vs 6-7 WAR.
  11. I’d much rather pay 8 million for Quintana then for Happ.
  12. I don’t think so either. I know we give Arte shit but I think he sees the Trout window closing fast. I know he wants to win. Arte knows he’s not getting any younger and he wants to see a championship in his lifetime. He’s accomplished so much in his life that would have to be the last thing remaining on his bucket list. And we have maybe the greatest to ever play the game in his prime right now with another top 10 player as his side piece. The time is now.
  13. We are gonna have a lot of money to play around with next offseason. I see us signing one of those big name shortstops.
  14. If that’s the case, trade for Gray. Either one. Sonny or Jon.
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