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  1. Hey Giavotella got some HUGE hits in his time with us. I got nothing but respect for him and honestly thought he was underrated.
  2. Why do you think Fletcher is a utility player? If anything La Stella is a utility player....
  3. Yeah if they give this guy up for Kluber I'll lose it. You don't trade Fletcher.
  4. He's that guy everyone will regret getting rid of.... He has to potential to be a 4-5 WAR player every year with great defense. Fletcher is untouchable unless its for someone like Thor or Buehler. I'd even be hesitant to trade him for Thor honestly.
  5. Id give up Rengifo. Fletcher is a no go for me. Too valuable for what we're trying to do right now.
  6. So if we could have a do over would you take signing Cole and maybe one more starter or what we are doing now with Rendon and maybe 2 starters?
  7. That sounds about right. I think he hits over .300 though.
  8. Is Trout and Rendon the best 1-2 punch in baseball now?
  9. Yeah but Fletcher is our leadoff man to me. Slap hitter that puts the ball in play and a great defender. La Stella and Rengifo are expendable to me. I just think if we get rid of Fletcher we will seriously regret it.
  10. No only because Adell is league minimum and 6 years of club control. I still think a good play is to package Marsh in a deal for a starter and then get Betts in free agency next offseason. Can you imagine that offense?? Pipe dream I know.... but it would be truly spectacular.
  11. Okay if we get Lindor..... greatest offseason in Angels history.
  12. I think now it makes more sense now then ever to extend Simmons. See how he does the first few months and if he's back on track offensively, lock him up.