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  1. The question was IF the season doesn’t happen.
  2. You know what would be even more hilarious? If the Red Sox actually re sign him in the offseason! Dodgers FO and fans will be on 24/7 suicide watch,
  3. This brings up a very interesting question now. IF no baseball is played this year.... what do the Angels do with Simmons?
  4. Yeah but then we wouldn’t be able to afford him. Sometimes you have to take risks.
  5. Get Clevinger. Should be ready to go by opening day. His injury might make him a little cheaper.
  6. Finally! I’ve been waiting for your updated opinion. What took you so long to share it?
  7. I don’t see them postponing games. Worst comes the worst they just play games without people in attendance. Should be normal for the Marlins but for everyone else it will be pretty weird.
  8. Ryan Murphy- “former sports writer”. Shocker.
  9. Love to see other teams hurt so it gives us a better chance to get into the playoffs? Fuck yeah. The guy is just injured. It’s not like he died or something. He’s getting paid regardless. So fuck them.
  10. Never said it was pure joy.... just said I don’t give a fuck.
  11. Well since we got Rendon it will be a little more bearable.