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  1. If Walsh hits somewhat close to what he did this year.... those will be star numbers... he literally had superstar numbers this year.
  2. We are not gonna waste funds on any position players. Everyone there knows every single bit of money needs to go into pitching.
  3. He will go to a team that allows him to actually rebuild... and watch him create the next Astros or Padres.
  4. It’s an Angel thread... did you expect anything less?
  5. I said that. If this new GM doesn’t get us to the playoffs next year.... Trout might request a trade. I know that seems ridiculous but I can see it happening.
  6. He just talked about how close he was to Eppler like 2 days ago and likes what he’s done here. He isn’t gonna be happy.
  7. Trout won’t be happy. That’s all I got to say on the matter. You know what will make him happy though? A playoff birth. So hopefully whoever they bring in can get us there next year or Trout might request a trade.....
  8. Yeah Eppler knows what he has to do this offseason. His farm is starting to blossom, now it’s time to hit the free agent market hard. Only thing that will come from getting rid of Eppler is you’ll piss off Trout. They already got rid of his two best buds.... so Moreno better not fuck around.
  9. I way Mayer’s looked at that homer in disgust shows he already sees himself as the anchor of this bullpen and he just let everyone down. I like that.
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