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  1. His composure is off the charts. There is no way Adell would be as calm when that ball was hit in the 8th with 2 outs. Maybe another head doinker homerun. Marsh has it. I can't imagine how good he is when it's all clicking.
  2. No more talk about “spin rate for 90% of the broadcast.
  3. Why the love fest for this kid? He sucks this year.
  4. What is the harm in letting Ohtani go as long as he can. I'd rather he give up 3 runs than KNOWING our bullpen will do so. This loss is so on Maddon.
  5. I'm speaking "in general" terms. We just don't get the big arms to sign here in free agency. If we can lock in an extension, I'd def do that deal.
  6. Yea becaue we have such good luck with signing free agent pitchers.
  7. I haven't been this excited since McPhearsons call up. Hope it ends up better. WAY BETTER!
  8. Remember all those haters in the first 1/4 of the season? The dude was counting all his cash from his new contract. Now he's back to work. That's all.
  9. Same exact thoughts. But in a gay way. Maybe that's why his voice is higher.
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