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  1. My friend is a damn good graphic designer and he created these designs that are a Masters of the Universe take on the MLB, NFL, NBA. Got my "Ayn-Jal" from the EMELBI and the "4D-9R" from the AXFELL. Not sure if he's going to put these up for sale, but he did a favor for a friend. The details are pretty slick. If you want more info on his art, let me know.
  2. Every beat writer is pissed right now!
  3. So Trevor Plouffe was correct???
  4. Here is what I'd be happy with. Someone posted these designs on twitter. I think it checks all the boxes.
  5. Gents, I must say that today I made the biggest vocal blunder of my life. I had the privilege of being in a zoom meeting with my pastor and Giants great Dave Dravecky. As we were rolling, I had my pastor clap to sync audio. I then asked Dave to clap as well. WTF was I thinking??? Watch for pure enjoyment. Dave Dravecky.mp4
  6. Trivia should be Trivia should be, "Who replaced Vaughn after his fall?"
  7. That homerun looked effortless for Rendon. Goodness.
  8. Brandon Wood should have taken Billy Chapel's advice from "The Love Of The Game".
  9. Girls have vagina's, boys have penis's. It's as simple as that. Anyone tell you different...THEY'RE WRONG!!!
  10. At least this "almost" trade showed us the value of what a Renifgo can bring. That's a positive to me.
  11. Joc lost. getting paid 7.75. Good for us, bad for him.