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  1. Brandon Wood should have taken Billy Chapel's advice from "The Love Of The Game".
  2. Girls have vagina's, boys have penis's. It's as simple as that. Anyone tell you different...THEY'RE WRONG!!!
  3. At least this "almost" trade showed us the value of what a Renifgo can bring. That's a positive to me.
  4. Joc lost. getting paid 7.75. Good for us, bad for him.
  5. That's it! I'm pissed. Time to release Stassi!!! Please? Pretty please????
  6. Our real competition next season will be staying healthy. That's it. We do that? We are in the playoffs.
  7. All we can hope for is that Cole, Strasberg, Keuchel, Ryu blow their arm or get injured and Bundy, Teheran, Rendon have career years moving forward. That is the only way to make these negative nancy pants shut their pie holes. Just let the damn season play out!
  8. Don't forget about Ohtani as well. That's the best MOTO in baseball. That itself will be a 20+ WAR for years to come. Imagine that. Trout 8.3, Rendon 6, Ohtani 6.
  9. I don't care that Ohtani had TJ. He's our Ace. I'd go with this rotation: Ohtani Keuchel Teheran Heaney Bundy Canning OR Ohtani Ryu Teheran Heaney Bundy Canning
  10. Is it against the law to be a little positive about these pitchers?