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  1. So if we did get Cole last year, then what FA would you sign? Would we fill more gaps or go with 1 big FA?
  2. That's not the point of the question. It's just a "which would you rather have?"
  3. Say we actually signed Cole last year which means no Rendon. Would you rather have Cole, probably extended Simmons, Fletcher at 3b and possible Iglesias at 2B. OR Bauer, Rendon, Iglesias, Fletcher?
  4. Marsh only because of a gut feeling. Adell has the hype which doesn't always translate. I like the underdogs.
  5. Please no Terry. His teeth are unwatchable!!! Those spring training games were hard enough when they went to the booth to show him and Jose. Please No!
  6. Has anybody watched Major Leagues? Nuff said! That team was full of a-holes and they STILL won. #winningposttostarttheyear2021
  7. You're always going to have those who are against the grain. This is a new way to use social media and there's no wrong or right way. People just need to flipping relax and let people do business how they want to. Get your panties in a bunch? Relax and pull it out.
  8. Not if we get 2 starters over relievers. Our bullpen is already better than last year. 2 legit starters puts us in the playoffs if everyone plays the way they should.
  9. NO NO NO!!!! What good is a lock down bullpen if our starting pitching gives up 5 runs in 2 innings???? Tired of this crap.
  10. Plus Mike M is a lefty. So we'd have 3 power lefty bats in Ohtani, Moose & Walsh. 2B - Fletcher CF - Trout 3B - Rendon DH - Ohtani RF - Walsh LF - Upton 1B - Moose SS - Iglesias C - Stassi Castillo, Gray, Bundy, Heany, Canning, Oh oh oh Ohtani!
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