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  1. 8/264 with full no trade, no opt outs, family suite for home games, own hotel suite on the road, 50k bonus for each AS game appearance, 150k bonus for each Cy Young.
  2. Cole will be an Angel. His memories of being at the WS game with the thundersticks. You can't tell me he doesn't think about that. Be the ACE of a team winning only their 2nd WS title? Yankee's have won how many? It's not so special anymore.
  3. Nike doesn't own the trademark. I'm pretty sure the Angels do. So any changes would come from the organization.
  4. The great thing about this news is that the Skaggs investigation has now taken a back seat. Thanks Astros!
  5. Thank God he's not available.
  6. I was leaning more towards not getting the manager everyone wanted. SF fans are pissed!!! We weren't very happy when Ausmus got hired.