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  1. Here's the silver lining...we have his bat in the lineup all those extra days.
  2. Damn, Walsh almost took off Ohtani's head with his helmet when he threw it down. Bounced up and just barely swiped Ohtani in the face. This would have really happened last year or the last 5 years.
  3. Anybody else cringe when every flyball was hit to Fowler last night? Hopefully his errors stayed in AZ.
  4. I heard somewhere that they were still planning on playing crowd tracks over the speakers. So that might be why. But I agree, it was loud even from the TV speakers.
  5. I think he looks better than 2018 TBH.
  6. I believe Victor was one of the first hosts of when MLB was launched.
  7. How stupid is this. There is no way to actually keep track of that. I can easily have an in state friend buy the tickets for me. What about people selling the tickets they don't need? Newsolini is def feeling the pressure. Be gone little man...be gone.
  8. I mean, isn't trout a professional? Wouldn't you want to be mentored by the GOAT?
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