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  1. I wish we could face guys like Lyles and Newsome more often. Good thing they're both in the AL West. Long may that continue.
  2. Fletcher is a very weak leadoff hitter. I'd rather have everyone move up 1 spot and bat him ninth. It might be an extra at bat for someone in the #1-7 on any given night once Stassi gets back. Yes, even Pujols is someone I'd rather have get an extra PA than Fletch. He can at least do damage with one swing. Fletcher is probably one of the least threatening hitters in the league he was zero power.
  3. Yang has been a lot better than Lyles to be fair. Lyles was a special kind of pitcher.
  4. This might be a long shot but maybe him sprinting around the 2nd inning got him sweating, his heart rate up and he's relaxed now. He's been a totally different pitcher these last two innings.
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