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  1. I think we’re in for another disappointing offseason. We don’t have the money people on this board expect and it won’t be distributed in the way we hope. I hope we sign Scherzer but I doubt it. If we’re trying to sign 2-3 arms look at Kim from the Cardinals. Should be cheap and better than anything Canning or Naughton will give us.
  2. Oh how history repeats. 3 things also happened around 2021. 1. Shohei Ohtani went from good to MVP level. 2. The farm system went from abysmal to average. 3. Rendon and Upton’s contracts became giant busts.
  3. I'd rather DFA Upton and give his spot to Ward next year
  4. Lagares is cement legs in RF, just move Ohtani there for 1 at bat 120pitches is insane considering the season is over and Ohtani's injury history
  5. Maddon isn't satisfied with the # of pitchers on the IL, nothing to play for let's leave Ohtani out there for 110 pitches
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