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  1. Walsh is Trout Trout is Walsh Justin is Melvin Pujols is 45
  2. Opposing outfielders should be playing very shallow vs Fletcher. His in play radius is like 200 feet at most.
  3. Betts and Price are ~ 1/2 black. Jansen is probably 1/3 mixed with indigenous Curacao blood. .5+.5+.33 = 1.33 . Due to rounding original poster's observation of 1 black person checks out.
  4. Fletch on, Ohtani/Trout coming up. All we can ask for. Lets go.
  5. This lineup is really bad, Fletcher is hitting like a backup catcher right now. This lineup is AAA material apart from Ohtani,Trout,Walsh.
  6. That Cobb 2-seamer is Maddux lite. Fun to watch.
  7. this has been an unenjoyable game from the rain delay to the terrible strike zone to the game changing bad call.
  8. that reaction was an inning late but we at AW got what we asked for.
  9. 4 other members/posters agreed with my post. Albert was the main catalyst for that play unraveling. The dude is a liability I know you think I just hate on Albert but he really does suck this much.
  10. Infielders practice these double play drills with specific timing, Iglesias dragged his foot expecting a normal throw. The lob caused him to not be on the base and the runner was right on top of him. A normal throw means Iglesias catches with plenty of time, foot on base, and most likely gets out of the way and makes an accurate throw. Phat Albert at it again.
  11. Pujols lobbing that throw to 2nd was just LOL threw off the timing and almost caused an injury, just go away at this point. No way Walsh shouldn't be starting every game at this point
  12. wish we still had Scioscia he would have been in that fat ump's grill
  13. what a terrible call, should be 2nd and 3rd at worst no runs.
  14. new pitcher for the 9th inning, don't put Rodriguez back out there. too wild tonight
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