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  1. I'm wondering why they're calling Rogan a bigot. Does he have tweets from his past or something? Either way, it seems ridiculous.
  2. I had a buddy in college who grew up Catholic. He would say, "Like any good Catholic high schooler, I was agnostic."
  3. My in-laws were keto for a few months. My mother-in-law made keto cinnamon rolls. I tried one because I love my wife and didn't want to hurt my mother-in-law's feelings.
  4. More on Trump's callous dismissal of the soldiers' traumatic brain injuries:
  5. Corona means "crown" in Spanish You can get a crown placed on your tooth by a dentist Dentists were the subject of an episode of the liberal Jew sitcom Seinfeld Seinfeld takes place in New York City New York City is known for its pizza Pizza is code for "sex trafficking ring" Wake up, sheeple!
  6. Has Arenado's career road OPS surpassed mediocrity yet?
  7. Claude knows more about the inner workings of the Angels than Jeff Fletcher does.
  8. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/01/24/march-for-life-washington-anti-abortion-activists-president-trump/4551608002/ Trump, who was pro-choice as recently as 2013, is the most pro-life president of all time!
  9. There would be a lot of votes for Donold Tramp and Berney Sandars.
  10. Says the dude who's tweeting 54 times in a day.