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  1. Jerry Dipoto will become GM of the Red Sox and shoot his wad on some high-floor type, causing Boston to miss out on Little Papi.
  2. Prince Andrew is the real treasure. One of Jeffrey Epstein's human trafficking buds.
  3. Sorry, Branco. Also, I only see one full arm on Dole in your cartoon.
  4. When the numbers spike again, the governors of Texas and Mississippi will blame Biden, and the voters will eat it up.
  5. In before cals says, "This is bullshit. Only two people on AngelsWin have gotten COVID."
  6. Very good info. Changes my entire perspective on COVID. Thanks!
  7. And probably 90% of the people who follow him are Boomers.
  8. Why is Bush Sr. calling Bob Dole a neanderthal?
  9. https://www.tampabay.com/news/nation-world/2021/03/03/are-gas-prices-going-up-and-is-it-joe-bidens-fault-politifact-explains/ F'ing Biden
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