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  1. I knew you didn't read it.
  2. The article actually paints the Republicans in a good light.
  3. https://www.politico.com/news/2019/11/21/white-house-backs-full-senate-trial-if-house-impeaches-trump-072578
  4. Exactly. The treatment of the Israeli government against Palestinians (not all of whom are Muslim) is abhorrent.
  5. That's unfortunate, as I believe it should have had the opposite effect. It caused the kingdom of God to expand, and God's salvation to become available to every person, Jew or Gentile.
  6. I wish it was at Angel Stadium so we could boo the Astros.
  7. Yes, I do. I believe it's called "replacement theology" or something like that.
  8. I don't understand conservative evangelicals' blind support for modern-day Israel. Modern-day Israel is not the same Israel (the Promised Land) that God promised to Abraham's descendants. Jesus' death and resurrection removed the geographical limitations on God's people, and so the new Israel (the Church) became the body of believers around the world. @Tank @mtangelsfan I'm curious to hear your take on it.
  9. This is gnar. "Witch hunt" ... where have we heard that before?
  10. And he's just as senile as Biden and says even more stupid, head-scratching things, yet here we are.
  11. Funny, Trump basically said the same thing about himself and his daughter.
  12. You keep playing until also something good happens for you.