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  1. I get that. But you just defended Trump by saying that stupid photo was posted by his staff, and that he had nothing to do with it. Why defend him on stupid stuff like that?
  2. Sounds like you caught sleeping AIDS.
  3. The libs need to take a page from the cons' playbook. When Obama was elected, they never once uttered the phrase, "Not my president." They didn't even question whether he was born in the U.S. or in Africa, or claim that he was secretly a Muslim. They were such good sports.
  4. "Mueller found nothing" https://time.com/5610317/mueller-report-myths-breakdown/
  5. How am I defending Pelosi? I've never liked Pelosi.
  6. As a Pepperdine grad, Loyola Marymount was the closest thing we had to a rival.
  7. Me too. It should have been a slam dunk for the Dems, but they blew it. Why Blarg continues to defend Trump at every turn ... that confuses me.
  8. It's wrong to send our troops to war based on false pretenses.
  9. Sounds like the people he hired are idiots. If I'm a boss and the employees I hired do something idiotic, whose fault is it?
  10. I know what Pelosi said, but if the Dems have been trying to impeach Trump for 3 years, why did they wait until October of his third year to begin the inquiry?
  11. In this thread, instead of focusing on the cognitive dissonance that both sides have when it comes to defending their pet issues, we're going to list things that both sides generally agree on. I'm not talking about the things that politicians agree on, but issues that the average American will agree with, regardless of their political views. I'll start: Human trafficking is evil.
  12. The Yankees medical staff examined Cole and discovered that he's just two kids stacked on top of each other in a trench coat. They're still deciding on how to move forward.
  13. If Arte really cared about winning, the Angels could trade for any young SP they wanted.
  14. We're going to lose him to the Phillies or Yankees for sure.
  15. He also spelled the PM's name wrong.
  16. Thanks to advancements in scientific research, we now know the answer.