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  1. Trout pr0n is a great pick-me-up.
  2. Mike Trout's tears cure cancer. Too bad he's never cried.
  3. That place used to have a big Trump banner.
  4. Mike Trout is for baseball, and we're lucky for him to also do some good things in 2020.
  5. Someone burned down our apartment's leasing office the other day. The video is gnarly. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-01-16/arsonist-sets-blaze-to-lake-forest-apartment-complex-building
  6. Trout is a public figure, which means it would be impossible for him to win a libel suit against Twitter.
  7. Is awesome. We're incredibly lucky to have him on the Angels.
  8. 2.6M people follow the FBI on Twitter. I wonder how many follow the DMV.
  9. I wish the "both sides" and "every politician is corrupt" folks would at least be intellectually honest enough to say that the antics in Trump's presidency are unprecedented.
  10. cy is the jomboy of the Spin forum.
  11. I didn't know the smug elite class that runs AW has control over Twitter. Right, @Newkem?