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  1. This is the kind of excellent content that keeps me coming back here.
  2. Thankfully Pepperdine isn't nearly prominent enough for us to care if any of our fellow alumni served as a Trump aide. Where'd you go to college again?
  3. I'm not intelligent enough to go to Harvard. Intelligence isn't what I meant. The MAGA movement has a deep distrust of elite universities like Harvard.
  4. I wonder how many Trump supporters went to Harvard. Seems kind of antithetical to the entire MAGA movement.
  5. This is why people who have already had it should get the vaccine.
  6. It happens, but it's not as common or widespread as you want it to be. Just like voter fraud.
  7. If someone dies after getting COVID because COVID resulted in complications of a pre-existing condition, that means COVID was the reason for their death. It's not that complicated. If someone dies in a car accident, you wouldn't say, "Well, the victim had a heart condition, so technically he died when he had a heart attack during the crash." You'd blame the crash.
  8. We can easily argue he's the idiot for choosing them as his legal team.
  9. He must've missed the memo that Trump isn't paying him.
  10. Jay missed our discussion on retiring that word 25 years ago.
  11. Nobody has to put simplistic words into your mouth. ya, Larry
  12. I'm not the one who personally attacks people every time I disagree with them. But you do you, Blarg.
  13. We've been warned for years that this caravan is only weeks or days from reaching the U.S. and wreaking havoc. Has that happened?
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