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  1. Washington Times! Wait ... why is the Washington Times criticizing Trump? That's a new one. Here are these same details from the Associated Press: https://apnews.com/0dc271ad7f7917374a5a0cfb49273783
  2. How many times are you going to say this?
  3. When has Trump let something silly like the law of the land stop him from taking action?
  4. Apparently it isn't painful, just uncomfortable. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/03/16/coronavirus-what-expect-when-you-get-tested-covid-19/5061120002/
  5. My wife and I are still training for the OC Half Marathon, even though it got cancelled.
  6. I'm not going to ask how you know this.
  7. This is fair, but I honestly don't complain about it. I just recognize that the possibility of us owning a home in Southern California is a low possibility, at least until my wife finishes grad school and starts her career (she's several years younger than I am). We're fine renting until that point, when we'll decide whether we want to stay in Orange County or move. My parents also bought their first home in SoCal when they were in their mid-20s. Like you, my dad is in the entertainment industry and has been very successful financially. But not once have they told us, "You're 31. You should own a home by now." They totally understand how difficult it is to buy a home in Southern California in 2020.
  8. Regal Unlimited isn't charging anybody during the months they're closed. So we keep our subscription (it's month to month anyway), but we won't be charged if the theaters aren't open. I'm not sure what will happen if the theaters open in the middle of a month. I'm guessing they'll charge pro-rated subscription fees. We also have Disney passes (sorry, Blarg), and for every day Disneyland is closed, an additional day will be added to the expiration date on our passes.
  9. I've never applied for government assistance, but I do go to the movies a lot, as I mentioned in the "What Have You Watched Lately?" thread. I saw more than 50 movies in 2019. Granted, we had movie subscription services (AMC A-List and then Regal Unlimited), so we weren't paying out of pocket for every movie ticket.
  10. Agreed 100%. His brother (Jerry Jr.) is another story. That guy is just as corrupt as Trump.
  11. Most Christians don't like or respect Paula White or Kenneth Copeland, or really any of the prominent "Christian leaders" who are attached at the hip with Trump.
  12. I'm actually 31, and would love to be able to own a house in Southern California. Even if I didn't go to a movie for the rest of my life, I wouldn't be able to afford a home in the next several years. My wife and I deal with infertility, so having a kid is going to be much more costly and complicated than it is for the majority of the population. I'm happy that you've been successful in life. I don't begrudge you or look at my life and say, "It's unfair that I don't have this or don't have that." I'm very privileged that I won't be losing my job or my income during COVID-19. That doesn't make me superior to those who work for companies that are having to shut their doors. I'm just lucky to work for a company that is committed to not laying off anybody during the crisis.
  13. It's cool that Franklin Graham is doing that.
  14. We watched Train to Busan last night. Korean zombie flick from 2016. It's really good. Tense, well-acted, and surprisingly emotionally affecting.
  15. I'm in the range that will receive the full refund. I have a full-time associate-level job and my wife is in grad school. Our income has nothing to do with our political views, but you do you, bro.
  16. Thanks for providing the facts. I'm glad that Pelosi and others worked hard to ensure that 1,320 people don't lose their incomes.
  17. The cows have suddenly learned proper grammar. I would have expected it to say "less bats."
  18. I'm excited to jump into S3 of Ozark, but I'm forgetting what happened last season. I'll need to go back and read the episode summaries.