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  1. We're on the second page discussing a stupid trade proposal by a radio guy for high school sports.
  2. Can you still remember How that music would make you smile?
  3. You were in Cool Runnings?
  4. Yep, this thread is Hofstra's origin story. If only we had access to the old AngelsWin server's threads. A lot of running jokes origin threads there.
  5. Didn't Del Taco start in Barstow? I ate at the original. It's exactly how you expect it to be.
  6. I agree. You're right that you never used the word "frivolous" so you win on a technicality.
  7. You've lived in Glendale for decades and haven't had to drive through San Bernardino at any point?
  8. But we never got to the bottom of the most important issue. Exactly how tall is he?
  9. I'm turning over a new leaf in situations like this. It really seems like none of us know the actual facts of the situation. It's easy to judge the Angels or the Skaggs family or whoever, but we simply don't know.
  10. Nice pull. My dad's very first screenwriting gig was an episode of Fantasy Island.
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