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  1. Weird ... Biden is seeking a record military budget of $753 billion, more than Trump spent in any of his 4 years. It's almost like both parties are only focused on feeding the war machine.
  2. Thank you for not driving! Cars are death machines, you know?
  3. He's the perfect person to do so though. Because everyone will just think he's a crazy old man crapping his Depends and talking shit. Then, after we roll the stuff out, they can say, "we told you!"
  4. No meal. No booze. And leave your mask on.
  5. Weird. I've been receiving all of your Christmas cards.
  6. Look, if you believe there's a massive problem with fraudulent votes ... you do you.
  7. Cobb County sounds interesting. We're talking about Atlanta.
  8. 755 Battery Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30339
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