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  1. Great job to everyone who worked so hard to put this together!
  2. Ha! I did get my payout. Took me a couple weeks to drop players and pick up free agents before I started winning. I want to say I was like 1-3 to start the year.
  3. Hmmm ... maybe this is an opportunity for AngelsWin to really drive some traffic to the site! "Did you get the boot from Twitter and Parler? Join the AngelsWin Spin forum! All opinions opening mocked ... errrr ... welcomed."
  4. From the 2013 AngelsWin Spring Training Fanfest. My oldest son and Victor. I think my kid was about 11 at the time. Now he's like 6'3" He was so excited to get his picture taken with Victor this day.
  5. One of my first sexual experiences. And she didn't even know it.
  6. You shut your whore mouth! This will thread will continue on, as Trump will continue to troll us by announcing his candidacy for President in 2024. And he'll announce it on Jan. 20th while Biden is getting sworn in.
  7. Oh wow! I missed where they had confirmed that Trump promised pardons as bribes in exchange for their silence. Until this, all I had heard was internet speculation.
  8. Christmas will win. Just like drugs won.
  9. Rest easy, young squires. Joe is on the way and will fix everything.
  10. In a car? I'm not getting in one of those death machines!
  11. The Springs has a team in this league too. The Rocky Mountain Vibes. Their mascot is a s'more.
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