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  1. Put aside whether or not I agree that the move itself is a good or bad one ... this is the kind of trolling that just makes me laugh. He's such an asshole, but I just laugh at these dick moves of his.
  2. There's no way this entire thing wasn't orchestrate ahead of time by Warren and her team. Including the post debate hot mic moment. She wanted to be able to walkaway from this with a headline that read: "Old White Male Calls Native American Female a Liar." This was totally calculated.
  3. Dudes! I got divorced a couple years back, but forgot to change my filing status from Married to Single with my employer. I just started a new job and filled out my paperwork as Single. The taxes are over double what I was paying before!!! Now, it was about a 20% increase to my base salary, but still ... more than double!!! Theft!!!
  4. LOL ... I've watched it a hundred times. I had tears rolling down my face earlier, I was laughing so hard.
  5. Do you ever feel like you're going to hell for laughing at something so hard?
  6. I always figured that was his thing. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  7. I was the "Rush guy" in high school. People I haven't heard from in decades were hitting me up online yesterday about this. My cousin Amy texted me and said, "If it wasn't for you introducing me to Rush, I never would have met my husband. They became my favorite band. One of my friends had an extra ticket to a Rush concert and invited me. That's where I met Mike (her husband)." He made me want to be a lyricist. Made me want to take the Shakespeare class in school. This one really hurts.
  8. Oh please. He's a lounge chair guy.
  9. My kid and his buddies are all concerned about a draft. He'd never fucking enlist. I can barely get him to volunteer to take out the trash.