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  1. Christian Universities are the worst! Right Nate?
  2. Thank you, Mr. President for inspecting our nations infrastructure to ensure that it is safe for human occupation!
  3. "I'd like to say to CNN right now- karma's a mother. Stop feeding fear and anger every day. Stop making people so fearful. Give them hope!" - Killer Mike
  4. Voting by mail is the shiz! I don't know why states like CA don't have it as their standard. Guess they want to suppress the vote.
  5. It will be 15 years in August that I've been here. I've only personally committed voter fraud twice. That's only 14% of the elections held in that time. I'd say that was pretty good.
  6. Really? I'd never seen it before. I'm assuming the teapot is made by Bosch or some other German company.