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  1. Out for some photo ops then the rest of the time spent at this wall.
  2. You know where to get titty seeds cause I want to get some planted ASAP.
  3. I don't say I don't care. Already said I don't care for it allowed, especially at high school or younger ages. Far as at a higher level like the Olympics any tranny is doing it for show and can't beat the women at their best anyway. Maybe in weight lifting, I don't know, that's for fags anyway. Far as explaining it to my son I will say boy get over here and watch this tranny get their ass kicked, why you don't become one son, it's an embarrassment, now go get me a beer.
  4. First, I am not a lib, just quit the GQP is all. I wish the people who would become woke are the ones devoting themselves to a cult. No I don't believe if you have a dick you should race a chick unless it's to the bedroom. I, however, do not even worry about this issue. 5 woke people out of millions and lets focus all our attention on it. Take the great Governor of Texas for example. Signing trans and everybody gets a gun bills when the electric company is asking you to keep your thermostat at 85 in a heat wave because the grid is about to fail again. I wish the politicians would focus on what is important like fixing shit instead the GQP now just focuses on what the "woke" said. What is worse, being woke or fucking useless?
  5. For fucks sake. The shit you fat fucks spend all day worrying about means you have no dicks what so ever. You guys are a pathetic dicky-do if there ever was one.
  6. I spent some time there and thought they were saying You-ins but think it was really Y'inz.
  7. Well he would stiff me on the rent if I charged him, so ya , free.
  8. Wrong again. Maybe before a grifter created a cult people like her were only locked up but now there are millions and millions among us, called Republicans. She looks exactly like the bitch who poisoned me the other day.
  9. If you are talking about Gohmert being sarcastic, no he is stupid crazy is all. The old he was only kidding or being sarcastic means they believe every word of what they say. Yes, both sides.
  10. Valium for a nut clipping doesn't sound right for the procedure. I would have been yelling 3 Vicodin, STAT! Luckily they didn't give you Viagra to fuck with you.
  11. Is this one of those "who wears it better" things
  12. Redondo should be required to give a sentence long explanation of his Brancos.
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