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  1. My lab I never cut his off and we hooked him up and the mom had some litters. The chihuahua kept lifting his leg on the couches and he didn't stop till they came off.
  2. Wait, maybe Orange Calf was my idea. They can keep the golden one
  3. After the thaw it is now raining so a mud pie out there. I am back to square one trying to remember to get the toe of the club to point to third base on the back swing. Also "Golden Calf" was coined by me and now they are actually using one at CPAC so I am testy.
  4. For fucks sake those stupid fucking comics. You know what is funny is this new "Cancel Culture" thing the GOP is running. The CPAC (c*ntsPraisingAConman) deal will be all about pledging allegiance to the Orange Calf or get censured while the coked up son does videos about how you will be eliminated if not, lol, ya no cancel culture there or anything. You truly want a dictator while showing comics from Americans for Limited Government. So stupid.
  5. She put the same thing on facebook this afternoon and she never goes to facebook.
  6. So they are saying the new potato head will look like this.
  7. Larry prefers his IPA's to be called snow cones, Now Son get on the bag!
  8. Ok everyone, come on pack in, plenty of space over by Larry, that's it squeeze in. Ok we brought you all here to tell you you must remain in your cars during games to not spread the virus.
  9. lol, never heard that and just went through their tweets. Perlman 2024, calls them little bitches, no truer words. And wasn't Jordan's signature wrestling move the reach around.
  10. QAnon Grand Wizard but Jim Jordan will destroy him.
  11. Things got back to normal when he showed up to serve BBQ. BBQ can fix all.
  12. I had all new windows installed recently and think they helped. I set 67 and you shut all the vents and directed to the downstairs bedrooms and it was livable. Cold in the kitchen, living room. Then 65 on the thermostat upstairs and hung out up there. That was until the power went out but luckily only was hit for a day. I am on the same line as the hospital down the street so I think that was a factor. One friend showed their thermostat when they had power at 67 but it said 40 inside. Not sure what Jay is talking about people cranking up their thermostats was the blame. I am glad he su
  13. Most people I know, myself included, when they had power were turning thermostats to 65-68 and shutting off lights and unplugging stuff. I am sure many people turned up their thermostats but I don't know one. I think the power plants pretty much froze.
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