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  1. Sorry, I was screwing off trying to stir the pot. Had nothing to do with you. I think the pic is photo shopped anyway. You know me, trouble maker. I hit my new driver today and already scratched the top, how do you scratch the top of the club unless I should start being nicer and quit stirring things up.
  2. Looking at how his nose and eyes are set on his face I would say it is all in the family with him.
  3. I knew that, I was just stirring the pot.
  4. So the two who gave a "facepalm" Tank and MT are ok with this shit obviously. You give me a facepalm not thinking that shit is off the charts.
  5. Evangelicals for Trump need to go back to pre-K bible school and start all over again.
  6. Did your parents make you finish all your vegetables
  7. Part of what was your first job, job interviews can make some funny stories. Everyone here knows I am an asshole, imagine me when I see the interview going south. One guy asked me if you could go back in life what would you do different and I said I sure as shit wouldn't be sitting here right now.
  8. Looks like the Pssshhht noise Hannibal Lecter would make.
  9. Who's first job was as a grifter? I did fill a baggie full of oregano and sell it to some dude as weed for $10. I should have become POTUS
  10. Because we all worked hard at one time to start out, didn't get silver spooned a bunch of money, lose it all and then claim to be a successful businessman.
  11. So you are at Cracker Barrel you are saying
  12. For fucks sake. That guy does have a resemblance to an ex-AW member.
  13. $2.50 a week? Back then I worked at Lockheed at night running the floor polisher in the business offices. Forget what I got paid. That was my first punch the clock job. Spent later high school days working for a contractor for $10 an hour under the table digging ditches, back about 1973. By the time I graduated high school I could already fix and paint cars so went right to a body shop. They need to teach trades again in schools.
  14. You could drive by a coal-fired plant and stop and if they let you in you will see not all boilers and turbines are turned on at the same time. That mean they don't work? This is just Spinny Bad.
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