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  1. Season one and two are pretty good, but it goes off the rails pretty hard and pretty quick after that.
  2. I started up 'Devs' on FX/Hulu. I'm gona put this in the box with 'Mr. Robot' and 'The OA' as shows I could see myself making if I was allowed to make shows... Hopefully this isn't a script I'd end up throwing in the trash.
  3. I could see them making some big shake ups. They had long planned the Disney+ service when the huge Fox deal fell in their lap, giving them rights to tons of off brand content. They are hesitant to put it all out on D+ but the giant catalogue and lack of new releases could shake things up. I think they are far more likely to start ANOTHER streaming service than they are to pull D+ though.
  4. I can’t imagine this is true. I don’t care how poorly it may be performing Disney+ is vital to the company’s long term growth
  5. I'm pretty sure I said it way back in this thread but we were all fucked the moment this got out of Wuhan. If, after everything the Chinese had done to contain it, the virus still got out and started spreading throughout the rest of china it was guaranteed to come here.
  6. I love that the government is looking for volunteers because they think paying them $55 an hour is absurd. We'll see how long the people in power stay in power when the unemployment checks don't come in because they couldn't find any volunteers to fix the problem they created.
  7. You would be married to a woman who sent you out vegetable shopping while infected with corona virus.
  8. So I finished the Tiger doc last night and talk about a perfect storm of egomaniacs, rednecks, animal right activists, social media, and an entire nation on lockdown that conspired to make the biggest viral sensation of the pandemic. Tiger King is easily the most interesting Netflix doc since Making A Murder. I'll preface this by saying virtually everyone in this comes off looking bad. Still, there is something troubling about an outcome featuring big winners and big losers decided by our justice system that in no way aligns with how the doc portrays these people or the facts given in the show.
  9. Congrats on the 30 pounds. I know everyone already put in their two cents but I feel compelled to add mine too. I think it's important to note that weight loss is more mental than anything. You need to be aware of your mental health and the things that play into that first before you can make realistic long term changes. There is some sort of feedback loop between sleep, diet and mental health that can be either negative or positive and push you very quickly in one direction or the other. Start by making sure you are getting enough sleep. This is a foundational health activity. Things like drugs and alcohol inhibit your body's ability to reach deep sleep where the most restorative processes occur. A lack of deep sleep inhibits your ability to function optimally throughout the day so this will have a significant effect on your ability to follow through with your plan. When you are well rested it's easier to get outside and take a walk, to cook a healthy meal or to focus on the days tasks, When you are tired it's easier to lounge around or binge on taco bell. As others have already mentioned limit your intake of processed foods. These have a strange affect on the body and are probably leading to unnecessary cravings. The more you start to do healthy things and make healthier choices the better you feel about yourself. While changing your routine is difficult once you get some momentum those changes become easier. This is where you turn that feedback loop back around from a spiraling negative to a soaring positive. Your mental disposition is probably the biggest hurdle to get through so you have to take stock of those mental triggers that influence poor choices. For me, and I think most people, the biggest issue is having a lot of down time. If you put a rat in a cage with a heroin drip the rat will just binge on the drugs till they die of dehydration, but if you put a wheel in the cage the rat will generally ignore the drugs. It's not that different for us. A steady supply of food and alcohol in the house with nothing to do is a recipe for disaster. Give yourself some purpose for the time you spend outside of work, and remove your vices from the home - that is the key ingredient to 'lifestyle change.'
  10. I was looking at the New York numbers from yesterday, and going off Cuomo's prediction on when the peak will hit and if the pace continues they'll peak at around 4500 in a single day, and about 50,000 deaths cumulatively.... this is a huge improvement from the pace they were on when he made that statement 9 days ago.
  11. This is how the fabric that holds society together comes undone.