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  1. Lenny Dykstra at the end, lmao, should've been Chad Curtis.
  2. Does this imply that the Oakland A's championship in the 80's might not be legitimate?
  3. Remember when people were saying we traded him just to get rid of him? haha
  4. I’m surprised there is even a question. At least the pitchers could juice too.
  5. I’ve been saying on here for years that Houston was a loser franchise.
  6. Depends on how the narrative goes. I don't think his name has been talked about in this context all that much yet. That said, I think this calls into question his willingness to cheat throughout his entire professional career.
  7. So is any of the media talking about how Trump was conspiring to have the US Ambassador to Ukraine assassinated? Just wondering.
  8. There is a defense against the runner on second stealing your signs. What is the defense against the center field camera relaying signs to the batter, especially when the battery doesn’t know it’s happening.