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  1. There was some talk last week about Chicago being a really bad matchup for Heaney... he may well jsut match up better with the Jays.
  2. Bullshit that they can tell that the ball didnt bounce off the inside of the glove.
  3. Looks like it's in the glove... watch these dumb fucks mess this up.
  4. I've been pretty confident that he was legit by the end of last season. Mediocre hitters just don't have runs like that.
  5. The Angels started the season with a projected 39.5% chance of making the playoffs. They sit today at 59% The A's have fallen from 33.4% to 10.5%
  6. I'm fine with this. Ohtani threw a lot of high stress pitches the other night and he's going to be on an innings limit this year anyway.
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