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  1. The hypothetical is getting a guy like Odorizzi and Bradley or Pederson instead of Bauer alone.
  2. That is exactly what it does. We finished 8 games under .500 last year. Our era was .6 runs per game above our FIP. That's 3 or 4 games last year, 9 games over a full season. That's not all on RF but we were actually pretty decent on the infield.
  3. I'm only mentioning things that actually happened last year, so I don't think it's too much of a stretch to see it happening again, especially if we don't make any roster changes. I think it's likely Heaney stubs his vagina, and adding another decent starter will go a long way to mitigate that. Right now we have 5 solid starters, plus Ohtani, so as much as I'd like Bauer I think he becomes a bit of a luxury if the alternative is someone like Odorizzi. When I look at this team as it is currently constructed I am a little concerned about a lack of above average innings from the starte
  4. And how many games do we give away before we get there? What if Rengifo repeats his 2020? What if Upton doesn't have anything left in the tank?
  5. I think it depends on the arrangement of players. Bauer is a huge upgrade for us but there is a lot of potential for the downside risk in right field to erase much of the value he'll add.
  6. I can see that. It's a jazzy, funk, rock sound, but the fidelity is far too high for the muzak comparison (at least as I remember it). I find myself playing them quite a bit when I'm coding. The performance from the video you posted is fantastic. It takes a lot of talent to play that well in a live setting.
  7. I think his point is, if you need a SP and a RF and have $30m to spend don't spend all of it on a SP and skip the RF. Either find more money to get both or spend less on the pitcher.
  8. Your cues are always in two hour intervals.
  9. Leave it to blarg to be the first person to share a band less than two decades old in the ten pages of this thread.
  10. Luke Wilson's character isn't funny in Idiocracy. His job is to simply spend 90 minutes acting out this gif...
  11. My reference to Arte is his one season of going marginally over the tax. It's happened, it just hasn't been often, and the years that followed were filled with us complaining about being one hitter short and needing to go over the tax again. So yes it could very well happen again, and if it does you can be sure that we will be right back here complaining that he didn't maintain a higher payroll in the seasons after.
  12. If you say so. There are people on this board every single year who say we need to blow past the tax 'just for this year' all while talking about the Pujols deal coming off the books in 3 more years, 2 more years 1 more year... Look I get it, there is always reason to spend more money, all we have to go on is Arte's history of doing so in order to see how likely it is. We already have more $20+ million contracts than any other team and that isn't good enough. We can go over the luxury tax number for a couple years then in two off season we'll be here having this exact same conversation.
  13. Haven't you ever heard of the Emancipation Proclamation?
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