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  1. Looking at the market, there appears to be more options for the 'third guy' where as who the 'second guy' should be has been debated and a lot of them, in my opinion, look like questionable buys (Ryu, Odorizzi). Perhaps we go for two 'third' guys and end up with something like Cole, Hamels and Hill leaving us enough for Grandal on a backloaded deal.
  2. Hot damn this was good!! Nearly 12% and you wouldn't know it till it hits you.
  3. Meh Just go back to this jersey top... it's considerably better than anything else we've ever worn. The modern font is just an early 2000's take on this font anyway. They are similar enough that most people probably don't notice but this one is a more timeless look.
  4. I can't remember the last time I watched a baseball game in the theater.
  5. The Lighthouse WTF did I just watch? I'll have to see this again, Dafoe and Pattinson are drunk all the time and Dafoe's accent is so thick and incomprehensible he'll win an Oscar for it. I still haven't really wrapped my mind around what actually happened in this film. Also a must see for anyone who's ever wanted to F*ck a mermaid.
  6. It's super long so I'm not sure... Depends on which theater plays it, otherwise it's day 1 Netflix viewing.
  7. The sleeper is really the Chicago White Sox. With that kind of talent, and that payroll, in that city there is a sure fire chance that they re going to out bid teams on the top players. Who knows which of these guys will be all about the money or just how foolish the CWS might end up being, but they will definitely be capable of out bidding everyone.
  8. Word on the street was that Disney was concerned about acquiring a movie about Nazi's and a boy who talks to Hitler and considered shelving it or selling it off
  9. I may have to take this back... we'll see...
  10. I made a similar post in one of the earlier Cole threads. When you look at all the near 0 war innings we had last year it's not difficult to find a 20 war improvement if we add Cole and Wheeler or Strasberg and a third arm. Cole alone should be more valuable than Trout simply considering who he replaces in the rotation.
  11. 'The Laundromat' Steve Soderberg's new movie on Netflix about the Panama papers. It can't quite decide what it's going to be, non-fiction history lesson or dramatic and personal framing of events. Both elements are entertaining on their own but when cut together it reforms itself into some awkward, post modern hybrid that can't quite justify breaking the 4th wall. It also suffers from casting the morally and legally ambiguous nature of off shore tax shelters as the villain - stretching the story to include other, easier targets such as fraud and campaign finance reform to fill in the gaps. Meryl Streep will obviously find a nomination in here for her typically great performance but the real standout was Gary Oldman who's humorous take on a German banker in the Caribbean, who also serves as the films narrator is the highlight of the movie. Antonio Banderas is great as well.