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  1. Why not move to say, La Canada, or La Crescenta or east towards South Pasedena? The traffic here doesn't really bother me, though I tend to just walk everywhere.
  2. You're thinking like a fan though. Moreno has proven if he has to spend an extra $3-5 mill on one player he's taking it away from another, even if that means the difference between making the playoffs and not. I'm not sure on the QO to Iglesias. There is a good chance he doesn't accept, but if he does that takes up about 50% of our offseason budget.
  3. Yeah, it's all over the place. A lot of artists I like on it but only a few tracks I'll probably revisit again. The Kamasi Washington version of My Friend of Misery is worth it just for the jazz / metal fusion I didn't know I wanted.
  4. Everybody was releasing Metalica covers this past week. This one was easily the best...
  5. Again I ask... what's the point of leaving if we are still going to be doing stuff like this?
  6. Well yeah, everyone else but you We're definitely on the same page on this topic.
  7. How often do you see the relationship between rent / buy flip? Seems pretty strong in favor of buy right now despite the high prices.
  8. For sure, but I think we might also need to adjust our expectations those those two going forward. With them next year maybe we are optimistically 10 games better? That puts them in contention but possibly still on the outside looking in... almost certainly outside if they are closer to their run differential than their actual record.
  9. It also implies that this team is a little further off from contention than we’d like to think.
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