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  1. Isn't that what they do towards the dugout when they hit a double?
  2. I expect a lot of trades. I think the new GM is going to trade for one of the upcoming FA shortstops on a one year deal; Lindor, Story, maybe Baez. Go hard after Gausman, and maybe a cheap upside arm. I imagine we see a trade for a more reliable relief pitcher or two as well. In addition I expect a move for a veteran outfielder similar to the canceled Job Pederson deal... maybe a guy like Robbie Grossman.
  3. No. Giving Jones a shot feels like an Eppler move. With Billy gone I'd say the odds of Jones getting a crack at second base are near 0.
  4. All for about the price of one year of Albert Pujols.
  5. I've been critical of him recently, but I'm still on the fence. He's easily the best GM we've had since Stoneman, who I think is pretty comparable to Eppler so this could be a disaster if we bring in a Dipoto or Reagins type. I think if you look at Eppler's tenure and come to the conclusion that he spent five years putting back together an organization that the previous two GM's decimated while not being the guy to take it to the next level, then I think that's fair. I worry though, that those in positions of power look at the situation as 5 years of a team becoming less and less relevan
  6. Maybe he'd thought they'd turn it around? Oh wait, they kind of did, the season just ended... And I know Arte could give two shits about base runs, but this team narrowly misses out on winning the division if records were decided by total bases instead of runs scored, and if anyone is to blame for that you'd theoretically have to put it on the manager.
  7. It's almost too dumb... in fact, not to be that guy but, it's so dumb I'd almost think it was more likely Arte was so upset by the team's season that he gave Eppler an extension just so he could have the pleasure of firing him instead of not renewing him.
  8. MLB.com and Bleacher report?? What did the real sources have to say?
  9. I saw the writing on the wall last week when Victor and Gubi put the camera on LaRussa in the box and started talking about his strong relationship with Pujols and Moreno. I think that is maybe the second time ever he's been on camera during and Angels game and the timing was quite strange.
  10. I don't think your description adequately describes the chasm of difference between the two players. There is a 2 fWar difference between call up Mike Trout and call up Jo Adell in about 130 PAs for both. That's about a 9 war difference over 600 PAs, or rather the difference between MVP level Mike Trout and Michael Hermosillo.
  11. This is another one of those narratives that just isn't true. Yes he was not "Mike Trout" good in his first call up, but he was pretty clearly already a major league caliber player.
  12. I wasn't expecting him to be ready, but as others have said, I didn't expect him to look so lost on defense.
  13. I tend to cycle through a group during the week. Monday: This Week In Tech Tuesday: Adam Corola Show Wednesday: Joe Rogan Thursday: Cinema Sins Friday: Kind of an open day, usually an audio book or an episode of a bunch of other podcasts that I don't listen to regularly
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