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  1. When was this? It looks like that would've been expensive.
  2. Dark So I finally finished the series, and while I do think some of my fears about the story becoming too complex were founded, they ultimately stuck the landing and managed a coherent, fitting and emotionally satisfying ending.
  3. I have it on good authority that this is all media fed paranoia.
  4. It's been awhile since anyone talked about 'Doctors Fucking' (it's official name) on here... if ever....
  5. That is postulated in the article, but there were a few months between positive tests, with negative tests in the middle. His first case was mild and his second case had him in the hospital multiple times. Either way I'm not sure which is more scary. If you remain ill for multiple months, and have multiple periods of being infectious who is to say that it won't continue to come back? My guess is... or maybe it's just my hope... that his multiple infections relate to the level of viral load he received. His first case was mild, and perhaps the body fought it off easily without producing all that many antibodies. The second bout may have been from a larger dose that his body wasn't ready for, but after fighting it off he will have enough antibodies to defend him for some time.
  6. Then I read stuff like this and have to second guess myself.. My patient caught Covid-19 twice. So long to herd immunity hopes. Emerging cases of Covid-19 reinfection suggest herd immunity is wishful thinking.
  7. This is honestly worse case scenario from what we were presented in February. It's less deadly but much stranger than expected (tons of unpredictable side effects due to its duel nature as a cardiovascular disease). Much more people asymptomatic than symptomatic. People are no longer afraid of the virus but risks are still high because no one fully understands the situation we are in (and we probably won't for years). We didn't stomp it out at the beginning, went through months of lockdown, only to give up and ultimately, most likely go through a protracted standoff with the virus for god knows how long. We don't know how asymptomatic people will react to this virus years down the road... consider HPV was once thought to be only asymptomatic. Ebola causes a follow up disease that emerges decades later. Many kids who got the virus are stricken with intense immune reactions. I do think you are right though... we will likely, slowly reach herd immunity and that will be the way we finally move on from this virus.
  8. Damn, my early prediction that 1 million americans were going to die doesn't seem that far fetched all of a sudden.
  9. I saw this yesterday and was trying to find it again to post it here, lol good work B.
  10. Cloud Atlas Recently added to Netflix, I had dismissed this film when it first came out, but I've got a couple recommendations for it lately. Talk about ambitious. This film tells several concurrent stories taking place, in some cases, hundred if not thousands of years apart. Each story has many of the same actors playing different people, which is weird... especially when some are playing white then asian, or male then female. The makeup required to transform these actors into totally different people is a little distracting. That said there is something powerful about the idea presented here, I only wish that it was put in the hands of more capable directors. The Wachowski's keep it coherent but the result feels a little heavy handed without the depth I feel a story like this should have. I'll have to check out the book.