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  1. Say what you will about the accuracy, the quote is tone deaf.
  2. Love the Kingdom of Heaven directors cut. I had never seen the theatrical cut but after listening to the audio commentary it's hard to imagine how any of it was coherent considering what was cut out.
  3. With a guy like Happ the money isnt a big deal. The risk is in the performance. The Angels have a decent amount of pitching depth at this point, but what they cannot afford is another Teheran type shitting the bed.
  4. This move is fine I guess. I'm happy with it as long as he is taking over Hermasillo's role.
  5. I forget the exact quote but when they first started piping in the fake crowd noise this year he tweeted something to the effect of "this was the loudest I've ever heard the fans here."
  6. When a player trash talks the fans, the fans are going to dislike the player.
  7. Funny, that's kind of what I like about it. The stakes are low, but the writing is great. The decisions seem insignificant but show always seems to frame it in a way that illustrates the subtle ways in which they actually are quite important.
  8. I actually liked the ending. I think the show started to struggle once they leaned into showing the cylon's perspective. Don't get me wrong there were plenty of good moments to arise from it but sometimes it's better to maintain the mystery than to pull back the curtain.
  9. I was interested in it specifically because of Ron Moore and it being scifi. Battlestar Galactica is probably my second favorite show of all time because Moore writes great characters and intense plot lines with the downside of the scifi elements kind of going off the rails at points. It's good to hear you and @T.G. both finding the premise compelling and well executed.
  10. I have it on good authority that they are losing money!
  11. I am in favor of Bonds and Clemens being in the HoF, but I think the discussion deserves a lot more nuance than this...
  12. I would not recommend a gun for someone in your position. Bouts of depression and regular alcohol consumption does not mix well with gun ownership.
  13. Yeah, that was my take as well. It's disconcerting to hear this process described as being too analytical and requiring a shift towards player development. I'm guessing the analytics department Eppler built gets sacked or significantly scaled back, of course Im just projecting based on the post in this thread.
  14. Why can't we be both analytically and player development driven?
  15. Interesting he would say 37% when that is the exact same percentage of his player salaries he paid this season...
  16. I really want to know what Arte means by having a less hands off approach... Who is overseeing this new GM? Does Arte really think he's the guy for it? Sounds to me like, more of a return to the "Scioscia is the real GM" days...
  17. This will probably ruffle some feathers, but the Trout window at this point is a lot closer to what 'the Pujols window' should've been. There is an obvious opportunity but it will only come through realized player development, not from continually trying to find that one 'missing piece.'
  18. In a lot of ways they've already missed 'the Trout window' anyway.
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