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  1. Why are you now talking about cock waxing? You said, "As for equal rights, I fully believe a man can dress and screw whoever he chooses. He just doesn't have the right to ... destroy women in a boxing match." I correctly pointed out that you were wrong. Men can destroy (or be destroyed by) a woman, as long as both parties agreed to the match.
  2. I really need to be a headline writer for these guys.
  3. I'll take your word for it on the socialist thing. I don't know any. That seems to be more your world. In my experience, Americans are big fans of "rights." What individual organizations allow or don't allow is obviously up to them. From a societal standpoint though, anyone should be able to fight anyone else ... as long as both parties agree.
  4. I'm not sure it matters which weapon of death he decided to use. It's not like any of us care which gun he used to kill people ... only that he had one.
  5. So they do have the "right." Thank you for retracting your previous point.
  6. That sounds like the bullshit gun nuts would say. Although, they're both weapons of death, so maybe it does make sense for some. Especially in TX.
  7. Those are two different people, right?
  8. Just the drugs. The rape was Clinton.
  9. If the woman knows who she's fighting and agrees to the match, why doesn't he have that "right?"
  10. I guess that would eliminate concerns over school shootings.
  11. Good point ... don't replace anything. Take away the guns and the cars. Then they'll be no need for the stupid red sign either.
  12. Replace one weapon of death with another. Great plan.
  13. As much as he shit the bed, "The best known socialist in the country is a millionaire and has three houses" was the line of the night.
  14. OMG ... please let this be true!