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  1. I have been reaching out to the Minor League affiliates and hope to be able to get Zoom interviews with players and coaches throughout the season. If anything good can come from Covid, it's that people are more willing to use Zoom for interviews.
  2. Yep. He even made our Top 30 Prospect List if you want to check out more information on him.
  3. You know, "baseball things"....spitting seeds, chewing, scratching, adjusting. Key skills indeed!
  4. Oh. I read this on my phone and must have skipped over his name. Still a bit surprised by the others. Hernandez in particular could accelerate for a role in the pen by the end of this year.
  5. I hope that he just needs a mental break and needs to figure things out, and that it isn't anything more serious than that. But, I'd like to point out that this is why scouting is still such an integral part of the game and will always be a necessary component. So much of scouting is trying to know more than just the physical tools of a player--it's the mental component. One of my real frustrations with the game and the Angels in particular has been the over reliance on analytics and cutting way back on the scouting component. Good scouts know so much more than just the physical po
  6. Thank you all for the well wishes. The thoughts and prayers are much appreciated. The best part of today at the hospital for me was coming in wearing all Angels gear. Several of the nurses are huge Dodgers fans, so I had plenty of fun giving them the business that we are in first place and the Dodgers are in last place. In hindsight, maybe I shouldn't have done that until after the treatment was over, but, it was a lot of fun giving them the business!
  7. Thanks for posting this. There are a couple of players missing whom I thought would be there....Kyren Paris, William Holmes, Aaron Hernandez, Adam Seminaris and Davis Daniel in particular. Hernandez, Seminaris and Daniel could all find their way into bullpen roles, so it would make sense to get them as much work this season as possible.
  8. This is a great and smart move. As I said in my predictions, he will get MVP votes just because he is so useful and makes the team so much better. It looks like Minasian is jumping on the trend of signing young players earlier and paying for their prime years at a reasonable but good rate rather than waiting until later and paying more money for their eventual decline. I am very happy with this move!
  9. John, I appreciate your honesty and respect your feelings. As others have pointed out, this past year, with all the strife and division has really sucked the enjoyment out of a lot of things. Even baseball. But, I'd ask you to listen to my interview with Daron Sutton. While I will very much miss Victor Rojas (hearing him on TV, especially at the start of a season, was like talking with an old friend and catching up). Daron Sutton will be similar, but a bit different. My impression will be that listening to Sutton will be like running into that old friend from high schoo
  10. I agree Slegnaac! I think Daron has plenty of other stories that he will be sharing with fans over the course of the season. More importantly, I love his self-depracating style and humor, which will make the games all that much more enjoyable!
  11. Thanks HaloSpurs! I am really looking forward to having Daron call the games. As I said in the interview, he bridges multiple eras in Angels history, which will make for great broadcasts for fans from any era, and will help educate younger fans (such as my sons) on Angels history. It's going to be a fun season!
  12. Thanks for sharing a good story. I wish more former Major Leaguers would take and apply what they Lea Ned to help develop the future of the sport. Good for Tim for doing so.
  13. I truly hate the runner on 2nd rule for extra innings. I get the 7 inning double-headers, but putting a runner on base who didn't earn his way there makes no sense. I get why reporters like that rule--they get to finish their stories and go home earlier, but as a fan, I do not like the rule at all. It gives the visiting team too much of an advantage.
  14. I think you are missing a big part of my article. Yes, we agree that Manfred is a total joke. A real commissioner would do more for the better interests of baseball, and Manfred does not appear to do much for the long-term interests of the game. Sure, I would have loved to have had Pujols on a shorter term deal. We did not get back in value anything near what we thought we would get when we signed him. That is, unfortunate. What I really don't like about this contract, and why I think it's bad for baseball is the timing of the money and the opt-outs. Do you really belie
  15. Yep. Some would. I would not. I don't like hypocrisy and I don't like thwarting the system. More importantly, I would not at all like this deal if it meant eating up all of our resources so that we could not fix our holes this offseason at SS, C, RF, starting pitching and the bullpen. If we did this deal early in the offseason, and didn't have the resources to solve our other holes as a result, our ceiling might be higher, but our floor would be lower. Once again, a key injury or two, and we would be done for the year. To solve our other holes, we would have had to trade off a lot more o
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