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  1. Thanks for sharing a good story. I wish more former Major Leaguers would take and apply what they Lea Ned to help develop the future of the sport. Good for Tim for doing so.
  2. I truly hate the runner on 2nd rule for extra innings. I get the 7 inning double-headers, but putting a runner on base who didn't earn his way there makes no sense. I get why reporters like that rule--they get to finish their stories and go home earlier, but as a fan, I do not like the rule at all. It gives the visiting team too much of an advantage.
  3. I think you are missing a big part of my article. Yes, we agree that Manfred is a total joke. A real commissioner would do more for the better interests of baseball, and Manfred does not appear to do much for the long-term interests of the game. Sure, I would have loved to have had Pujols on a shorter term deal. We did not get back in value anything near what we thought we would get when we signed him. That is, unfortunate. What I really don't like about this contract, and why I think it's bad for baseball is the timing of the money and the opt-outs. Do you really belie
  4. Yep. Some would. I would not. I don't like hypocrisy and I don't like thwarting the system. More importantly, I would not at all like this deal if it meant eating up all of our resources so that we could not fix our holes this offseason at SS, C, RF, starting pitching and the bullpen. If we did this deal early in the offseason, and didn't have the resources to solve our other holes as a result, our ceiling might be higher, but our floor would be lower. Once again, a key injury or two, and we would be done for the year. To solve our other holes, we would have had to trade off a lot more o
  5. AJ, a really good article. This should have been a blog post as well. You provide great analysis and should publish using your name. Chuck and I were talking about this on Friday. I think you hit the nail on the head (and was going to write something to this effect) that the plan is to raise the floor more than raise the ceiling for the team. For so many of the recent years, everything would have to go absolutely right (meaning no major injuries, players playing to their potential, etc.) for us to have a shot. But, if something bad did happen to one or two key players, the wheels
  6. I have nothing against a longer term deal with salary fluctuations within the deal. Paying a player a signing bonus is an example of a financial manipulation, and I'm not opposed to that. I can easily understand why players might want a much lower salary in 2022 because of the good chances of a strike, so again, I can understand the timing of money in a guaranteed. As I said in the article, I'm not opposed to opt-outs. There are valid reasons for them. I'm also not opposed to backloaded contracts--even with opt-outs. It's far less likely that a player would opt-out of
  7. Thanks Disarcina. I would truly prefer a hard floor and ceiling for the game and forcing those owners out of the game who refuse to spend the minimums or abide by the maximums. I have some ideas on how that can be enforced, and maybe will write something about that in the coming days. But, until we get there, all we have is the Luxury Tax to dissuade owners from overspending. Since that is the mechanism that the owners have chosen to police themselves, then a commissioner should see this as a serious threat to that mechanism. As for a showdown between the e
  8. They didn't break the rules? That's like all the social media companies saying that they aren't doing anything wrong by shutting down accounts and users they don't like because technically they are a private company and people don't have 1st Amendment rights when it comes to private companies. Sure, it's technically accurate, and we all know it is BS. The Dodgers and Bauer didn't do anything wrong--they just pushed the boundaries beyond all credibility. As for whether or not AngelsWin would have written such an article if we had signed Bauer, I guarantee you, I would have written i
  9. Because there are many, many things that are already prohibited from being in baseball contracts (as I noted in the article, personal services and milestone achievements are a couple of recent clauses that have been banned). So, other things can be banned as well for the better interests of the game. Trades and other moves have been voided by the past as being against the better interests of baseball. So, this is a fair game to discuss. As a fan of the game, who wants future generations to have a healthy game to enjoy as I did, I think it's fair to discuss and point out how certain
  10. Thanks for the reply AJ. There definitely is something wrong in the state of Denmark. Supposedly, baseball has a commissioner to prevent bad things from happening. But, that is clearly not the case, and this current commissioner is a puppet. I very much agree that all fans suffer for it when there is such disparity. When it becomes a viable model for teams to intentionally lose, and for many teams the only model for a chance at a winning season, then changes really need to happen. What's ridiculous is that the players union is just as much against making the reforms as the owners
  11. Agreed . . . although it seems like some on the other thread would want us to do that just to jinx the deal!
  12. Do we need some more takes on him, or does he have a couple already? I can't remember.
  13. So who was our #31 that will now get bumped up into the prospect list? We should consider some updates on that player.....
  14. One of the big take aways from doing this draft was that our system has a lot more talent than many realize. A cursory examination of our system doesn't show that because most of our talent is very ry young and didn't get to put their talent on display in a real season last year. Someone asked where we'd rank our system. Right now, I'd say in the upper teens with a chance to move into the low teens with a good draft and some of the players developing as projected.
  15. Too early to tell for me. I'd like to talk with the people I know to get a better feel for where to rank him. Somebody must have liked him, though, to drop that kind of coin on him. Most likely we will rank him in a mid-season update. Let's just hope that there is a season for the Minor Leagues so that they can develop him and we can get a better idea of where he ranks.
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