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  1. Agreed. And I do hope we revisit it. While I am personally very bullish on Marsh, I hope we can and do revisit this in the offseason and work something out with maybe a combination of Adams and others heading back.
  2. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And, I'm glad that he could conduct it in English. I came away very impressed by him and am really cheering for him.
  3. Yes. He's a physical player and a really nice guy. I very much enjoyed interviewing him. As for his defense, he definitely is a corner player. I haven't seen him throw enough to see if he would make a good RFer, and have only seen him in left.
  4. Second Base shouldn't be the only one catching some flack for this belief. I agree with most of what he wrote. Now, are my expectations tempered? Yes. So I rank him lower as a prospect than many others. But I do believe he still had the potential. It's just whether or not he can implement it all. What I would like to see with Maitan is a move to 1B. The bat will be the reason why he does or doesn't make it. Simplifying the defense, even with his arm, would be worth it if his bat can shine.
  5. Yes, I saw that. It's great news. If he can make that jump, and play a passable INF defense and Offense, he becomes very valuable as a utility player with speed. That should help him reach the Majors faster. He had the athleticism to do so.
  6. I have a great interview with Yon that I will try to publish next week. Really good guy. As for his height it's been updated to 6' 8" (mostly because I pointed out that he had to be taller than 6' 5") and that may still be an understatement.
  7. What newer fans don't understand, is back then there were maybe 50 Angels games in a season on TV. So, the chances of really seeing and recording itfornposterity were so remote. And, having Sculky yelling "check the bat!" made it awesome. I have long wondered about that and was so glad to get the rest of the story. It was great interviewing Howell. The funny thing was, while doing the interviews I interviewed three guys named Jack in a row. The interviews with players will come over the next week or so.
  8. Thank you my friend. It's been a tough slog, as you know, but having the energy to get back out there is great. If you are wondering about the pull of AngelsWin.com, we were the first in person interviews that they have allowed the whole year. That's a high sign of respect for us. And, for this somewhat hesitant to head back out there to go see the kids play, I'd say, if I'm getting back out there (I've taken my family to some 66ers games) then everyone else can and should go. As for Howell, I really loved how he came across in the interview - - very down to earth and very much interested in mentoring and developing these players as they move through baseball.
  9. With all of your discussion about future SS/MIF prospects and whether or not to sign a major SS FA this offseason, here's something to consider. I was out at the IE66ers today and caught some of the pregame practice. If you look at the guy cutting across 2B (making the play from SS), that's D'Shawn Knowles taking reps at SS. He hasn't seen any time in a game at SS, but that appears to be in the works. What this tells me is that the Angels value player versatility. They see their OF possibly/probably set for a bit with Trout, Marsh, Upton, Adell, and Adams, so giving Knowles time at another position will open up more opportunities for him. And, it says that with Ohtani and the need to carry more pitchers, having a limited bench makes someone like Knowles, who can be a 4th OF, a backup MIFer, and a pinch runner makes him far more valuable. Just some more information for everyone to consider and discuss.
  10. Yes. And a lot more balanced in terms of providing both pitching and hitting talent. We aren't quite layered (meaning we are a bit on the young side with most of our talent down in the system), but we will get back to having waves of talent emerging soon. First, we need to get them all healthy and getting reps.
  11. Nit picking a bit, but my rankings for our Top 10 right now with Bachman (and including Adell) 1. Detmers 2. C-Rod 3. Marsh 4. Adell 5. Bachman 6. Adams 7. Paris 8. Vera 9. Kochanwicz 10. Jackson
  12. A1Someone who really stood out for me on the 66ers tonight was Dashwood. Pitched 3 strong innings. Ignore the runs he gave up.... Those were flukes. One was a "single" that hit the rubber and took a funky turn for the runner to reach. The next batter got a "single" on a hit that landed in no man's land in the infield. I could easily see him adding some velo on a single inning outting and getting promoted soon. He commanded the inside well and threw a slider 80-82 that had a lot of movement. He pounded the inside part of the plate. Sat 89-93. Big build, looks about 6' 4", 240 ish, room to project a bit. Only other major impression is on Yon. Listed at 6' 5", but looks like he's 6' 13'. A bean pole ans susceptible to the curve, but he definitely stood head and shoulders over many other players.
  13. Seminaris with probably his best night. 6 IP 9Ks, 1 BB, 6 HS 1 ER. Mostly sat 87-89. His best pitch, and a good out pitch was a slurve that he threw about 77. Had 3 Ks on that pitch at leadt. Had a good change as well, but didn't show it too much. Struggled in the 1st,when most of the damage was done, then established that he could hit his spots on the corners and got the ump to open up the zone a bit. He finished strong. I really think that had last year been a normal season, he'd be cruising much better at AA now. I have been told he can dial it up to 94 for an occasional bullet, but mostly sits 87-91 ish.
  14. We really need to get out and support the Minor League teams. Our players are coming back and you can't beat the value. Working on getting some interviews for us.
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