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  1. Neither of them sent me a signed baseball card when I was 9 soooo... I'd go with Weaver but Lackey had that attitude that I liked about him too. Both pitched well for us.
  2. Anderson and that silky smooth swing so much fun to watch. One of my fav Angels growing up. I also like Erstad too because when I was 9 I sent all the Angels on the team at that time mail to have them send me a signed card. Only Erstad and Percival sent me something back, so I thought that was pretty awesome. But I take GA over Erstad in this conversation.
  3. Living in Canada makes it hard to attend any games this year with the border restrictions and all the testing we have to go through. I'll try and watch all the games on TV, like usual.
  4. Jake Faria also signed with us too. He has to be in the mix for a bullpen spot too I'd imagine.
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