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  1. Similar to Trout a couple of years ago, before he signed the extension and was healthier.....no way could we have gotten a fair return, even if the other team was willing to load up a package....
  2. I don’t think you can count on him for either the rotation or pen….you hope he heals up and, if he does, it’s a bonus….
  3. Adell seems to be more comfortable in LF……you could play Trout in CF and Marsh in RF….
  4. Gosselin, Suzuki and Mayfield…. probably not the scariest 3/4/5 in history….
  5. ROrtiz, BMolina and Jarrod Washburn came up in 98/99 so there was some talent in the minors, but not much....
  6. I would be surprised if he did....he's on the wrong side of 30 and relievers, more generally, are pretty mercurial....he might not be as good next year....I think you take 36-50 in a 3 year deal over 19 in a one year deal...but he might want to roll the dice that he can have another good year....
  7. I have been in the “not too concerned” camp but that is starting to look like he’s fallen off of the face of the earth….and might not recover…
  8. ^^^^^ You can't be afraid to jump in to the FA pool because of missteps by DiPoto and Eppler....
  9. I didn't mean that Barria isn't or wasn't hurt...I would assume he did have some shoulder discomfort and I assume they thought it was manageable or they wouldn't have started him.....all I meant was, this late in the year, no need to struggle about whether to put him on the IL or not, as we seem to do with most injuries....go ahead and do it and call another arm up....
  10. I probably would have wondered if you were crazy if you had told me in April that Gosselin and Mayfield would be batting 3/4 in September…hell, I’d never heard of Mayfield in April….
  11. I wonder if they are just opening up a roster spot, trying to get more bodies in the pen….probably every pitcher has shoulder fatigue right now….
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