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  1. I’m not trashing Pujols just to trash him but he isn’t owed anything by the Angels but money. He has no legacy in Anaheim. It’s entirely in St. Louis. There is no sentimental attachment. He doesn’t deserve at bats, at the expense of younger guys who need to play.
  2. It may have to do with Fowler. Not sure if anybody called up for him yet. One may have something to do with the other.
  3. I guess it depends on how you define a comp. Cahill and Harvey were so all over the place I don’t know how you could predict anything with them. Teheran and Quintana had never been terrible before we signed them. Teheran may have been lucky (in hindsight, he probably was) but his overall numbers were still pretty good before better we signed him. I liked signing Teheran better than Quintana but you could argue the ultimate gauge is the market. The market was right with the concerns about Teheran (and my optimism was misplaced). Obviously there were also concerns about Quintana, hence a rela
  4. Frustrating for sure....Quintana seems more like Teheran than Harvey or Cahill...Teheran and Quintana had slipped some and there were concerns that the trajectory was bad with both (obviously why both were relatively cheap)....but their numbers overall weren’t terrible....Harvey and Cahill were wildly inconsistent, totally unpredictable what they would do....
  5. He needs to show something soon or there might not be a lot of next times.....
  6. So far, he looks like Harvey, Teheran and Cahill.....maybe signing these guys to a one year deal isn’t a good idea...
  7. There are 252 million reasons, a stubbornness that he is going to play out his contract, come what may...every AB he gets, is an AB taken away from Walsh or somebody else...
  8. Bench maybe your hottest hitter for a washed up 41 (or more) year old...but hey, he’s a legend...
  9. The test will come in a month or 6 weeks if Upton is still struggling and Adell or Marsh is tearing it up in AAA.....
  10. I think he might get a few more AB’s but we have to keep Pujols sharp....can’t let Walsh get in the way of that....
  11. Has Rojas played any OF before? Edit: He has in AA and AAA....
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