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  1. I think it now goes to the House of Representatives....
  2. Yep...they would be the assumption...They’ve had time to have a candidate or candidates identified. If it’s it’s Dombrowski, I bet they announce it tomorrow. Any moves are supposed be announced before the playoffs start or after they are over.
  3. I can guess who that might be....If it is Dombrowski, get him in here quick...get to work...
  4. I wouldn’t wait until after the post season to pull the trigger, if that is the plan. And if the plan is also Dombrowski, get him in quickly....he’s available, no need to wait....player personnel decisions start pretty quickly after the postseason, even sooner in some cases, and the more time Dombrowski has to evaluate, the better...
  5. I’d rather watch Robles give up Home Runs....or Buttrey blow saves....
  6. Robles. Needs to be gone next year.
  7. Starting Teheran probably didn’t help enthusiasm a lot....
  8. If you spend it on Bauer, it will be a very short offseason....
  9. I’m not ready to write off Simmons yet, though we need to know the opt out story...really like Simmons and Fletcher....but we’ll see....
  10. Eppler has done some good things, for sure....and I am torn about a change right now...but I'm not sure that Eppler has done enough to get us in the hunt for a playoff spot next year...Most of all, I am not comfortable with where the pitching is....and I'm not crazy about giving Eppler another off season to improve things....
  11. ^^^ I don't think it is a given, as some seem to think, that Dombrowski guts the farm in a scorched earth win now approach. Most importantly, he may not have the budget to do it. Unless Arte changes course, we have too much on the books to bring in a significant amount of big, new contracts...there will be limits to what Dombromski could do unless Arte is willing to blow past the luxury tax...if there are limits, then Dombrowski will need to get creative.....and trading away our best prospects wouldn't work, if it adds a lot of payroll (the usual result of trading away prospects).....It won
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