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  1. 40% of 9 million could matter to a small market club or a richer club trying to stay below the luxury tax….
  2. I don’t know….maybe his salary (which isn’t insignificant, 9 million for the full year, I think) got in the way….
  3. Unless they extend him, bad move, unless the offers were just awful, which is hard to believe…..
  4. I will still be surprised if Iglesias and Cobb aren't moved....
  5. That could be a problem....if 2/3 teams are in on him and Perry is waiting, might be a potential problem.....hope not....
  6. Nobody else has the value that Iglesias does....Cobb has some, maybe Haney, maybe Jose Iglesias a little....other than Cobb, the return won't be much....
  7. I don't think Iglesias is going anywhere until Kimbrel gets traded....
  8. Iglesias has some value....if we're selling, he will bring back a good prospect...
  9. Glad somebody got it right.....Haven't seen Iglesias' name mentioned much by any of the talking heads....he is a very good option for a contender, if we're selling....
  10. I wouldn't trade any of our top prospects either, unless it's for a controllable pitcher. I would trade the expiring contract guys, though.....and no, Stoneman never had that situation....but he never did anything at the deadline, regardless of the situation.....I would like to see Minasian sell....
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