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  1. Deadline to deliver development plan is next year, then a bunch of permits. The city projects actual development to start in 2025. This is the vision, according to Angels chairman Dennis Kuhl: On eve of stadium vote, Angels envision their own magic kingdom
  3. This is a pretty good explanation of the new California law. "If California’s freelance writers and photographers are seeking an explanation for why they’re losing assignments, it’s not because AB 5 puts limits on what they can do, but because their own employers are looking for a world where they can avoid providing these basic benefits to their content providers and keep the profits from the labor for themselves."
  5. In football and basketball, college is basically the minor leagues, at no cost to the NBA and NFL.
  8. But, frankly, this is way more fun: The night Scott Spiezio played the Grove:
  10. Disney had a deal to buy the team but didn't have a deal with the city for the stadium lease. So Disney called off the deal to buy the team -- and, surprise, the lease negotiations got done pretty quickly.
  12. Mike Trout made $1 million in 2014, when he was the MVP. Should he have been able to get out of his contract and make $30 million?
  13. Because people in California have realized it makes no economic sense for taxpayers to throw hundreds of million of dollars toward building a stadium, only so the team can keep practically all the money generated by that stadium.