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  1. LOL at Clark's shitty grammar. "Players" shouldn't be capitalized in either context.
  2. So the Astros need a new manager. And two guys with strong ties to that club have both become available in the past 72 hrs. What are the odds!
  3. I think it's a good sign for every other team in the AL West that Houston seems intent on hiring the manager before they hire the GM. Seems like such an ass-backward way of doing things. Maybe the plan is to promote an assistant GM who's currently running things but it wouldn't surprise me if Crane and his son take control of every single facet of the org. Hopefully It will be like Angelos running the Orioles into the ground for all those years and it will be glorious.
  4. Mike Minor remembers. After Rangers first baseman Ronald Guzman let a ninth-inning foul ball drop to the ground as Minor was in pursuit of a 200-inning, 200-strikeout season in his final start of the year, then-Red Sox manager Alex Cora questioned the integrity of the play. "I’m just happy our guys are playing the game the right way,” Cora said after the Rangers’ 7-5 win on Sept. 26. The Boston Globe’s Pete Abraham would later tweet: “Mike Minor’s 200th strikeout should have a big asterisk. That was bush. Chasing a milestone that way is unprofessional.” Fast forward to Tuesday -- and one viral ‘Ask me if I care, Pete?’ tweet later -- and Cora is no longer the manager of the Red Sox. Why? Because the Red Sox parted ways with Cora on Tuesday, a day after MLB commissioner Rob Manfred implicated him in the sport’s sign-stealing scandal. In light of the news, Minor fired off the 16th tweet of his Twitter career, his first since the response that went viral in September. “But but he plays the game the right way ... whatcha got Pete?" Minor wrote.
  5. Piersall Jimmy celebrated his 001 runhome by circling the backwards bases.
  6. I don't see this going well at all. Perez is notorious for his mound melt downs. Too mentally fragile to survive at Fenway .
  7. That's right, I had forgotten about that. The forum was indeed taken down (to be revamped, IIRC) shortly before Newberg left.
  8. I check in on Lone Star Ball and I can assure you there is no one over there saying Donaldson is better than Rendon. Speaking of, I really miss the old Newberg board. It was the only thing Rangers' fans had that was comparable to Angelswin. When he joined The Athletic it pretty much shut down completely.
  9. And "Lam" Jones won a gold medal (4 X 100 relay) at the '76 Olympic games before he even enrolled at UT. Imagine accomplishing that by the age of 18 and then being told by some football coach, "hey, we have to give you this nickname so we don't confuse you with this other guy,"
  10. But then they'd have to go over to Africa and rip thousands of "Dodgers: 2017 World Champions" t-shirts off the backs of those poor kids who have nothing. Bad optics.
  11. Hilarious. So he blames the east coast media, the west coast media, and Dallas(????) Despite being the larger city Houston has always (or at least since the '70's) had this weird inferiority complex when it comes to Dallas. I think it started with the Cowboys/Oilers.
  12. The harshest punishment would be making them re-re-name the stadium Enron Field. Then forcing them to remove the roof, so everyone can enjoy that humid, refinery-reeking, mosquito-infested swamp called Houston.
  13. Not to nitpick but lulz at Keith Law for not knowing who T-Rex , R.E.M., and Quiet Riot are. And for getting at least two of the titles wrong.
  14. I think Crane's release was referring to Reid. Nolan's been little more than a figurehead since rejoining the Astros. Wouldn't surprise me if the Rangers welcome him back with some token title. Probably contingent on giving Reid a job in the mail room or something.
  15. Correct. It takes the 500k buyout of Castillo off the White Sox hands and the Rangers get the international money.