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  1. I'm shocked that nobody has even given him an interview, not one with all of the openings this offseason, despite him hiring an agent to try and help get him a job. If he doesn't get an interview with the Astros, Red Sox, or Mets, it really seems like he's blackballed. Maybe the combination of not adjusting to sabermetrics and the 2015 powerplay with Dipoto has made him persona non grata.
  2. Imagine Scioscia's reaction if Napoli ever becomes manager of the Angels or Dodgers.
  3. This may sound weird coming from me, but I really hope he gets a shot somewhere. A new job could light a fire under his ass, the problem was he just got way too complacent here.
  4. Howie just ended Dave Roberts' managerial career, Facking epic.
  5. I think Ausmus is a scapegoat for 2019 and he never got a fair shot with the awful pitching staff he was given. If this means we get Maddon back though, I am totally for it. If we get another Ausmus type, it's a very odd move.
  6. I change my mind. I want Mathis as a player/manager.
  7. Noe has always annoyed the shit out of me but I now respect him after tonight. That reminded me of Lackey.
  8. It's fitting that Skaggs (his mom) threw a strike for the first pitch of a no hitter.
  9. Regardless of how the rest of the season goes, this team has a lot of heart, and Ausmus has proven himself as the leader of the Angels.
  10. Just saw this funny video of Skaggs and Valbuena with Ohtani. So sad they're both gone now. I know Valbuena's death didn't get as much attention because it was offseason and he wasn't with team anymore, but brutal that two guys from last year are gone.