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  1. Jesus and now Noe Ramirez is back, and with a creepy mustache? I thought we shitcanned this guy. What a nightmare.
  2. Scioscia 2.0. Pulled Ohtani who was cruising with 88 pitches.
  3. Third basemen in the AL West will miss Albert dearly.
  4. The pitching is so bad that the only chance we have is the entire lineup staying healthy all year, which isn't happening.
  5. I don't buy for a second that he wouldn't take a managing job in a heartbeat.
  6. Just got home from the game, crowd was electric, even fans giving each other high fives! There's a sense of fun with this team and the fanbase, I hope it can be sustained.
  7. This guy has been trash for years, the fact that's he's still on the team and is the number 2 pitcher (opening day starter last year) shows what a shitshow the pitching staff is. Thank god I got to watch Bundy pitch last night.
  8. I picked up Panda Express across the street and brought in water, thanked God I did when I saw the clusterfuck. Would recommend anybody else wanting to eat at the game pick something up nearby before the game and bring it in until they figure things out.
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