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  1. The system was definitely depleted and we did have some bad deals, I was patient with Eppler for a few years because of that, but especially with his payroll (it was not drastically cut), he shouldn't get anymore than a few years. If this was a low payroll team you can think about giving someone a longer leash. A team like the Yankees is a good example on how to do a soft rebuild of a high level/big money team.
  2. Forums are inherently for shooting the shit, especially with a poor team. It's how we laugh through the losses by bitching and trolling, this is all entertainment. When the team is doing well I'm cheering and fist pumping like everyone here. I did that plenty of times watching today until they blew the game, but those would make for boring forum posts. We all want to see the Angels be a good team.
  3. The only year the Angels were under .500 with Reagins as GM was 2010 after two straight division titles, and they won 86 games in his last year 2011. I remember them having a shot at the Wild Card that year until September hit. Dipoto's Angels were only under .500 in 2013, won the division in 2014, and in 2015 missed the playoffs by 1 game after his departure midseason. Eppler has been given 5 years and a lot of money, I don't see why anybody would want to hire him after failing to even field a .500 team.
  4. I really don't get how anybody defends Eppler. He's had 5 years and a lot of money and hasn't even put together an average pitching staff, and the team has not finished over .500 ONE TIME during his reign. He's the worst GM I've seen in my 20 years as an Angels fan. You can criticize Reagins and Dipoto, but we did win division titles and finish over .500 with them at the helm.
  5. They will make the Angels great again.
  6. Maybe he could be the Marlins' replacement manager.
  7. Pulled Heaney too early for blowpen. Bring back Ausmus!
  8. Like I said in the Gameday thread, the kneelers were: Upton, Middleton, Simmons, Ramirez, and Goodwin. Getting tough to still follow things like baseball when I just want an escape from politics.
  9. Upton, Simmons, Middleton, Ramirez, and Goodwin kneeled from what I saw....
  10. Yeah, if Mike wants to stay home that's his decision, but if he gets paid, I have a lot more sympathy for expecting parents who have to go out and work right now to get paid. I have a friend who also has a pregnant wife who is due next month, and he is working right now to support his family. He doesn't have the same luxury that Mike does, an option to possibly get paid and stay home.