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  1. If the Red Sox would eat most of the salary, Chris Sale. A big question mark health wise, but he's 31 and has ace upside. Noah Syndergaard is another who just had Tommy John and is younger. This also might sound ridiculous since we could have just signed him last year, but if the Blue Jays are out of the playoffs quick, maybe a trade for Ryu. If we sign Bauer, Corey Kluber might be worth a look as a high risk/high reward #2 starter if he's non-tendered. The key is though to make someone like Kluber a supplementary signing, rather than the only pitching acquisition of the offseason like Ep
  2. It's been tough to get into baseball in general in the last few weeks. I put on Quick Pitch every day on MLB Network to keep up, and tune into other games as well in addition to part of Angels games, and with the lack of fans and crazy rule/playoff changes it's hard to get invested. It starts to kind of feel like a chore, and that is on top of the game seeming to lose a lot of its fun in the last few with with the analytics era. I still love the game of baseball at its core though, and hopefully the Angels can get better and rekindle that flame for us.
  3. This could be a good way to bring him back to the organization to recreate the Scioscia/Maddon 2002 dynamic in a new way. Also, he looks damn good in a suit.
  4. Learn to hit the fucking baseball in the majors before you bitch about your tweets.
  5. The defense is what is really troubling. Trout came up for a cup of coffee in 2011 and clearly wasn't ready yet as a hitter, but his defense was solid.
  6. The Keuchel deal is fair, also this year is prorated. If you get good production from Keuchel even just 2 out of the 3 years, that's a fantastic contract. Ryu is pricier and more of a risk, but again, if you get 2 good years, I'd see that as a far better value than 5 years and $100 million of Justin Upton. We haven't had a starting pitcher who had good numbers at the end of the season since 2015, so maybe one of these two would have been worth it, with neither going over 4 years?
  7. Keuchel 2.65 ERA 4-2 Ryu 3.19 ERA 2-1 Nice work Eppler!
  8. The system was definitely depleted and we did have some bad deals, I was patient with Eppler for a few years because of that, but especially with his payroll (it was not drastically cut), he shouldn't get anymore than a few years. If this was a low payroll team you can think about giving someone a longer leash. A team like the Yankees is a good example on how to do a soft rebuild of a high level/big money team.
  9. Forums are inherently for shooting the shit, especially with a poor team. It's how we laugh through the losses by bitching and trolling, this is all entertainment. When the team is doing well I'm cheering and fist pumping like everyone here. I did that plenty of times watching today until they blew the game, but those would make for boring forum posts. We all want to see the Angels be a good team.
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