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  1. Careful readers and logical thinkers will note that "make everything reviewable" is not the same thing as "give managers unlimited challenges". I suggested the former, and definitely not the latter.
  2. Make everything reviewable. It's stupid that there is this list of things that are *not* reviewable.
  3. All ya'll rolling your eyes and snarking "blister...lol" need to ask someone who pitched competitively about blisters. (I am trying not to sound condescending here, sorry.) Every pitcher gets them on the fingers at some point (hopefully you get them out of the way in spring training), and they are a legitimate hindrance. It's probably another one in the list of things you have to do after TJS, build back that toughened skin on the finger tips and thumb knuckle. It takes a long time. Rich Hill knows: https://www.ocregister.com/2017/07/17/to-combat-mlbs-sudden-blister-epidemic-dodge
  4. We went from: Brad "pull him with two outs in the 2nd inning because his pitch count is at 40 and the top of the lineup is coming back around" Ausmus to: Joe "it's 1985 so gimme six innings no matter what and we'll turn it over to Goose Gossage for the three inning save" Maddon Admittedly it's a big pendulum swing, but I definitely prefer the latter. I despise the Ausmus-style thinking that is equivalent to grandma to covering her new fancy Japanese import Ohtani couch with a vinyl slip cover and tell everyone they're not allowed to sit on it, ever.
  5. mlb.com article below has the "not since" trivia. https://www.mlb.com/news/shohei-ohtani-pitching-batting-second
  6. Went to watch the bottom of the 9th of that game to see that. That was beyond weird. Maybe the CIA is testing their own version of the Cuban sonic weapon via the Brewers organist.
  7. I looked up "lag" and "Vasg" on urbandictionary but still don't know what this sentence means.
  8. "Mr. Vasgersian, if you're our regular teacher, but only here twice a month, but Mr. Sutton is our *substitute* teacher and is here most of the time, then why..." "Shut your mouth, punk..."
  9. Now he can finally use that "Rent 9 times, the 10th is free!" punch card!
  10. I do agree, but sometimes I just want to relax and watch the game without turning every pitch into a TED Talk analysis. Sut needs to find a balance (and I think he will) between expert analysis and let-the-pictures-tell-the-story. A bit of this microscope analysis is good, but I'm going to be tired of this stuff if it goes for 200+ pitches a game multiplied by 162 games. "Gubie, you brought a PowerPoint presentation with 182 slides analyzing that 4th inning 2-2 count curveball Quintana threw last night, let's put it on the screen and take a look at it..."
  11. I hope this guy isn't Ohtani's physio.
  12. I read these comments before watching the game. Thought ya'll were being too harsh even after the second dropped ball. Now I'm in the third and he's just committed two more errors on one play. I count four errors total in 3 innings (official scorer apparently gave him a mercy single error on that drop+bad throw). Now I think ya'll were too kind to him. This is ugly.
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