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  1. $36m for 10 years is an Insta-NO. But $36m for four years? 144m total? I don't know, that sounds alright to me. Those are inevitably going to be Bauer's best years. We'd be paying him zero when he's 35+ and the FB is topping out at 91mph and he's putting up a 4.75 ERA.
  2. Just for comparison, BTV has Upton at -42.7, Rendon at -43.1. Eric Hosmer -71, Manny Machado -32.4. So even at -17, they're kind of agreeing with you that Myers isn't all that bad for that money.
  3. BTV has him at -17. I don't know, it's their opinion. 22.5M guaranteed for next two years. It's a bit pricey, but doesn't seem like a wildly bad contract to me. In any case, it ain't happening. I think Pads say no instantly to all of those. If SD wasn't parting with Mackenzie Gore to get any of those high end pitchers they just got, they're not going to do it to dump the $46m they are obligated to pay Myers.
  4. Myers + Paddack = Marsh Myers + Paddack = Canning + Vera / or Suarez Myers + Gore = Fletcher Myers + Gore = Marsh + Vera / or Suarez Myers + Gore = Canning + Detmers But I'll remind you the Padres just made multiple huge trades for high end pitchers and they did not give up Gore in any of them. Obviously Padres regard Gore as untouchable.
  5. Think about the world we would live in today if Dr. Jobe never came up with ligament replacement. We'd have 100s of pitchers who would have been done playing in their 20s, heck even a lot of 'em in their teens. Guys like deGrom would have been done at age 22, Heaney at 27, Lackey at 32, Lynn at 28, etc. Were there that many pitchers in the 1960s, 1970s who never saw the mound again? If not, what does all this careful treatment of pitch counts, total innings, days rest get us? I'd love to see some team say to Bauer, okay, $5m base salary guaranteed for 6 years, that's it. *But
  6. Used to be I really only hated the Yankees and Dodgers. Then the Astros joined that group. I think I will be adding the Padres to that list.
  7. But do any of the witches pitch? If so, which witches pitch?
  8. Hey, don't knock it, this could be our best acquisition of the off-season!
  9. Wow, blast from the past for me. Went to a lot of Northwest League single-A Salem Angels games back in the 80s. Hines managed there in '85 and '86. I was just a kid then. Makes me feel old. But that makes Hines even older...
  10. I consider Victor the 2nd best PBP guy in baseball, after Duane Kuiper. Which is high praise. I will miss him greatly.
  11. Man, I wish we would have traded for that guy. His entrance from the bullpen would have blown away Robles'.
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