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  1. Are we sure the Tigers didn't think this was nickname night or something? So many fake names in their lineup. Funk House, Bad Doo, Gross Man, Hey Aass.
  2. Is this some new nickname for Joe Maddon? As in, "He's just here to collect a paycheck, they call him Cash-It Joe!"
  3. Also, I give you "Joe, you know I was hitting .331 in Salt Lake, right?":
  4. Also, I give you Regifo carrying Ohtani's bats:
  5. Also I give you, Regifo watching Gosselin and Wong playing 3B:
  6. 1. The guy who fired the guy who drafted Mike Trout (the year after he drafted Trout). 2. The subsequent guys who haven't realized how important it is to get back to having good drafting and player development. While I know who #1 was, I am not sure who the person(s) in #2 are. The GMs? Arte? I don't know.
  7. Everyone Maddoning at Maddoning, but this is at least 51% Perry's fault. Joe is putting Twatson and Seasick in the high leverage situations because that's what Perry brought them in to do. Ya'll seem to think Maddon should pull a Scioscia and revolt against the GM. Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe he should. Maybe Joe really needs to be serious about it being 1985. In 1985, you'd put Goose Gossage or Rollie Fingers in at the beginning of the 7th for old style 3 inning save. Bring C-Rod in the 6th for a shutdown when needed, then tell Raisel to grow a horseshoe or handlebar mustache because he's doing the 7-8-9 innings a lot.
  8. I've seen this movie before. Then: "We only use steroids as a physical recovery aid." Now: "We only use the stuff because the ball is too slick."
  9. Stassi needs to grow a Johnny Ringo 'stache. Our middle of the lineup could look like this: (Suzuki in the 2nd row, far left.)
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