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  1. Yep. It only looks foolish because in this case they got -100% return (or thereabouts, they did recover some small amount of capital) because they gave the money to Bernie Madoff. We're not a big hedge fund (nor a Ponzi scheme) but we've been able to do 20% annualized the last three years for our clients in our S&P 500 value strategy. It's not that hard to beat 8% over the long term if the capital amount is relatively small. (It gets hard to beat the overall market when the dollar amount gets into the 100m+, or billions. Just look at all the hedge funds that become victims of their own success once they get above 9 figures in AUM.) Plus the 10 year deferral actually reduces down that 8% rate significantly as well. The initial 10 years of no payments means a 0% rate for those years. If Wilpon hadn't invested the money with Madoff, the stories would all be about how Wilpon got the better end of the deal.
  2. I think we're meant to park at Chavez Ravine and take a 3 hour mass transit ride in to the Big A.
  3. Agree with Chuck, I'd hate to see everyone freak out about this. Most of the PCR tests apparently have a very long tail off where you can test positive many weeks (possibly months?) after you've essentially recovered from the virus. Even if you had it many weeks ago, the PCR tests still detect unviable virus RNA for quite a time afterwards. We're now into the mode of testing lots of asymptomatic people (work place requirements, etc), so we are going to get a lot of positive tests that really are on the tail end of a prior infection. And that's assuming they used PCR (nose/throat swab) tests here. If they are blood antibody tests, then it's even more likely these positives are just revealing prior infections.
  4. See, I actually like that. The Steve Stone/Tim McCarver attitude of "the viewers are idiots and I must tell them absolutely everything they can see with their own eyes" is so grating. Baseball can be a relaxing game. I like the Victor and Gubie let that come through. I don't need that full count pitch in the 5rd inning of a Tuesday night 6-run game against the Orioles to be treated like the entire season is on the line right now.
  5. For me among active broadcasters: 1. Ron Darling + anyone 2. Kuiper + Krukow 3. Victor + Gubie I know some liked Phys + Rex better when they were here, but I prefer Victor and Gubie. I still miss Rory Markas on the radio side.
  6. Well, maybe. I didn't see him live this year. Saw him live only once last season. Maybe he's really improved it this year. Would be interested to hear about your viewings of him this season.
  7. Don't like the pick at all. That slurvy balloon curveball can fool a lot of college hitters, but major league hitters...
  8. Bottom of the 9th, Indians Batting, Behind 5-6, Angels' Troy Percival facing 9-1-2 Troy Percival replaces Jack Howell (3B) pitching and batting 5th Rex Hudler moves from DH to 2B (team loses DH) Randy Velarde moves from 2B to 3B b9 5-6 0 --- 3,(0-2) O CLE Omar Vizquel Troy Percival 10% 87% Groundout: SS-1B b9 5-6 1 --- 3,(0-2) CLE Kenny Lofton Troy Percival -10% 76% Single to LF (Line Drive to Deep SS) b9 5-6 1 1-- 3,(1-1) CLE Julio Franco Troy Percival -24% 52% Single to RF (Ground Ball); Lofton to 3B b9 5-6 1 1-3 3,(1-1) RO CLE Carlos Baerga Troy Percival -9% 43% Flyball: RF/Sacrifice Fly (Deep RF); Lofton Scores b9 6-6 2 1-- 4,(2-1) O CLE Albert Belle Troy Percival 7% 50% Flyball: RF 1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB. Angels 6, Indians 6. Top of the 10th, Angels Batting, Tied 6-6, Indians' Eric Plunk facing 3-4-5 t10 6-6 0 --- 4,(2-1) O CAL Don Slaught Eric Plunk -7% 43% Groundout: SS-1B t10 6-6 1 --- 6,(3-2) CAL Tim Salmon Eric Plunk 6% 50% Single to LF (Ground Ball thru SS-3B Hole) t10 6-6 1 1-- 3,(0-2) O CAL Troy Percival Eric Plunk -8% 42% Strikeout Looking
  9. That extremely low $20k undrafted FA bonus limit seems designed to keep the teams with bottomless pits of money (NYY, LAD, etc) from scooping up a bunch of decent talent (yes, there's still decent players after round 5) that would otherwise get distributed fairly evenly among all the teams. And don't forget the NCAA is rolling over every baseball player's eligibility to next year. 2020 freshmen will be freshmen again in 2021, etc. The first pick of the 6th round would have been a $321,100 slot bonus. Slot bonuses all the way out to the end of the 10th round were to be $142,500 and above. So for those college juniors who think they would have been a 6th-10th rounders, I can't imagine there will be too many takers of that flat $20k bonus. I gotta think most of them will go back to their college for 2021 and get a full junior year and hope to get the $140k-$320k they would get in a normal draft next year. Likely the same thinking will apply to high schoolers who would have been in that same range. Some will just take their NCAA scholarship and play the next three/four years there. Others can go the junior college route and be eligible for the 2021 draft.
  10. Nonsense. You implied that a dirt-poor kid in DR shouldn't even accept a few hundred bucks worth of team gear, let alone thousands of dollars worth of free training via the academy system. You were clearly unaware that it's MLB sanctioned, and done by all 30 teams as a compromise between your beloved purity of free agency and the economic reality of youth baseball in the DR. I tried to politely inform you, and your response was to tell me I was too stupid to understand sarcasm. You fired the first shot. I stopped being polite after that.
  11. Do you even know how the academy system works in the DR? Do you even know how incredibly poor most of these kids in the DR are, and would otherwise have absolutely no access to organized baseball without the academies? Do you even know MLB is working on implementing an international draft in the next year or so that will change the signing process completely? I got news for you, the MLB money flowing in to support youth baseball in the DR will continue after the draft is implemented. And that's unambiguously good, not some shady underhandedness. Places like the DR need financial help for amateur baseball and it's great that MLB provides a lot of that. Go ahead and worship at that highest bidder altar, there are more important practical needs than telling every 13 year old player in Latin countries they have to stay on those dirt lots until you're 16, because Scott Boras isn't interested in you until then.
  12. You forgot to add the "Yeah, that's the ticket" at the end. We both know you were implying something was shady. Nice try, Lovitz.
  13. Reality: Baseball is hard. Prospects bust all the time. For all 30 teams. More will fail than succeed. But we must try. AW Forum: No, stop signing prospects completely. Never try to develop another prospect. Forever. Just fold up the franchise. Go home. Life sucks and then you die.
  14. He's only eligible to sign for the first time in the upcoming July 2 signing period. It's based on age. He's already been committed to the Angels for some time already, as is standard practice for a lot of players in non-draft-eligible Latin countries. He's almost certainly been training with the Angels Dominican Academy already for a long time. You will notice almost all the high end players signing in the upcoming period from Latin America are already attached to MLB teams via their academies. You'll see photos with them in affiliate gear long before they sign. Players make commitments as early as age 13 or 14, but aren't eligible to sign until 16. Since there's no school based organized baseball in a place like the DR, a 13/14 year old can benefit by taking the free training at an MLB team academy. There might be underhand stuff going on in the DR, but getting team gear isn't. That's quite common.