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  1. I know what it means but that isn't what it says. It says "final at bat". Wrong.
  2. How can it be in the final at bat? The final at bat is a guy being the third out!
  3. I didn't say I cared, I'm just interested to know. Angels61 said "just wait until he misses that first pay check" so I wondered when that would be.
  4. Genuine question as I have no idea - how does his salary hold up between: On the 25 man active roster, at the alternate camp, on the restricted list. I am assuming his agreed contract salary is protected in all three scenarios? If so, how long does it stay so, if on the restricted list?
  5. I know it's just spring training yada yada, but I've been fairly impressed with all aspects so far. Need to rein in my optimism I think!
  6. Hard to see how he gets 475 plate appearances - that would be 90+ starts and 50+ off the bench?
  7. And then the guy on the end puts his on! Ha!
  8. I thought face masks had to be worn in the park? Those four a-holes behind the plate haven’t covered up once, it’s bugging my viewing!!
  9. Only in the last few weeks I discovered how to listen to games on my car radio through my phone. I had a 60 minute drive home last night (the game was at 9.10 pm over here) so was looking forward to the listen. What I actually got was Teheran's dire pitching (again!), successive, quick 1-2-3 Angel innings and a LOT of commercials! Not quite what I'd hoped for. Roll on next spring!
  10. The last six games, Angels starters have gone a combined 37 innings and given up just 6 runs. At the moment, it isn't the starting pitching that sucks...
  11. I have visited 12 x AL Parks and 6 x NL (and walked around outside three others). I haven't visited the US since 2006 though! Do I win the overseas visitor prize?
  12. Interesting question. I'd say no, no room for emotion.
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