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  1. Mike Trout will be taking the others....
  2. So we’re saying the supposed best player in the game should have a few outings at AA or AAA in case what, he strike outs a few times in his first few games back? Or is it the running down a fly ball in the minors is easier?
  3. With all his money you'd think he could afford a shirt?
  4. And how smart do we think he is - so I can answer if I think he is smarter.
  5. 5 hours ago, floplag said: And finally HRs: 2020: 1.28 2010: 0.95 2000: 1.17 1990: 0.79 1980: 0.73 Basically over my lifetime of watching this game its something like this: AVG: down ~30 pts OBP: roughly similar SLG: up about 30 pts Ks: almost doubled. HR: up by about 50% This I mean.....
  6. Maybe I'm drunk but how on this forum do I often see posts quoted when the original post is nowhere to be seen in the thread?
  7. I know what it means but that isn't what it says. It says "final at bat". Wrong.
  8. How can it be in the final at bat? The final at bat is a guy being the third out!
  9. I didn't say I cared, I'm just interested to know. Angels61 said "just wait until he misses that first pay check" so I wondered when that would be.
  10. Genuine question as I have no idea - how does his salary hold up between: On the 25 man active roster, at the alternate camp, on the restricted list. I am assuming his agreed contract salary is protected in all three scenarios? If so, how long does it stay so, if on the restricted list?
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