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  1. Postponements - especially postponements of weekend games.
  2. Best of luck to Fowler, that's a tough injury at any age and especially so in your mid-thirties. Hope he makes a complete recovery and gets another shot at playing in the show.
  3. So did Albert (4 RBI) - doesn't mean they're both not shite though.
  4. Knowing the Angels and early medical advisories, that 'minor left groin injury' is probably something like a ruptured testicle.
  5. Good luck to him on his recovery, hope the guy's career isn't over. Having said that, the Angels just got a little bit better.
  6. Yes I'd be happy with that. With his streaky nature he will likely carry the team to a few wins during the year and if his D holds up that's a nice enough place-holder until Marsh/Adell are ready.
  7. Nice appraisal. Not worried about Upton (yet), he has always been streaky and is likely to string a few multi-hit games together once his timing comes back. When it does, this line-up will be nasty (yes I'm sitting here with everything crossed).
  8. Well, we can't win them all, but that was a shit-show. Maybe the rain delay messed up Quintana, maybe Barria was a little rusty after being at the alt site, maybe it was the unfamiliar surroundings of a spring training venue they don't usually visit, maybe after seeing seemingly every borderline umpire's call (and a few obvious ones) go the BJ's way the team got angry and lost focus... maybe maybe maybe. Still a shit-show though. Oh well, on to the next. Hopefully the Angels come back at them hard today and take the series 3-1.
  9. i'm so sick of pujols hitting missing in the middle of the lineup.
  10. Eppler played a weak hand fairly well, and maybe his narrative changes if he had 6 years rather than 5. By year's end we could see Marsh, maybe Adell, C.Rod and maybe Detmers added to Ohtani, Fletch, Walsh, Ward, Rengifo and he could claim the team had a very Eppler look. Maybe that's enough for Arte to give him another contract, maybe not. His biggest failing in my view was creating or allowing (or even just being oblivious to), a corporate culture that led to employees supplying sticky substances to help opposing pitchers beat the Angels, and allowed the terrible chain of events to occu
  11. Chone Figgins playing for the Mariners. Luckily he was rubbish for them.
  12. Whilst on the subject of teeth - the number one profession for suicides in the UK? Dentists. Not sure whether it's the depressed dentists causing the teeth or the teeth causing the depression in dentists. One would think they would be happy with all the potential extra work.
  13. It's the British vernacular chap. Much like: put a little effort in, will you?
  14. I am deeply offended by this: it's bad toothed fuckers you ruddy half-wit. Your understanding of the most basic tenets of communication really does leave a lot to be desired. If you did indeed go to college / law school as you claim, then you are an appalling indictment of the US education system. And isn't 'pretentious bad toothed' Brit rather cliché? Is that the best you can do: low-brow jingoistic stereotyping? Yawn. If you're going to troll an entire nation at least put a little effort in.
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