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  1. So, you agree, nothing at all to do my posts. Thanks. I can see why you may want to post that info, all very relevant to the thread, but not to my posts.
  2. How is this relevant to my post? I responded to one poster saying "David Fletcher is nothing special" highlighting the areas where he quite clearly is; and then to another whom was just making stuff up to suit their narrative - what has that got to do with his OBP?
  3. Link? Mine were all from Baseball Reference, yours? I imagine straight out of your arse.
  4. David Fletcher stats 2021: 1st in the American League for AB's per Strikeout 1st for Fielding % at 2B 2nd for Range Factor at 2B 2nd for Assists 2nd for Put-Outs at 2B 3rd for Double Plays turned 4th for Sacrifice Hits Yes, nothing special there at all.
  5. Shohei is so close to breaking through another WAR barrier, I hope he gets another start on the mound... or a final six games smashing homers. 8.9 bWAR (Vlad Jr has 6.7) 7.9 fWAR (Vlad Jr has 6.6) If he doesn't win the MVP it will make an absolute travesty of the award.
  6. Well, that was fun. Always nice to smash the Mariners and poke old Jerry in the eye. Same again tonight please Halos.
  7. Europe need to win all four of the Four-balls to make tomorrow interesting, aside from a few flashes they just haven't been competitive so far, which makes for a dull Ryder Cup. Nice for you guys to be so far ahead after losing the last few editions, especially with so many rookies playing so well, but not so great for the sporting spectacle.
  8. Hmm, not one of our best comedies. Have you tried The Inbetweeners (it's pretty good) or a bit older, The I.T. Crowd which is bloody hilarious? I would rec' both of those waaaaay ahead of Sex Education.
  9. Noodles is getting it done on the greens, two nice birdies.
  10. Excellent post @Dochalo, the quoted section above particularly so. Joe hasn't done a very good job this season and unless Perry Minasian is genuinely a halfwit he will have noticed. I hope Perry goes all Jerry Springer and roasts the hell out of him. I was really happy when the Angels landed Maddon, now I can't wait to see him gone.
  11. Following Shohei's performances this year has been really fun and a privilege. Sure the season hasn't been competitive but this guy is redefining the boundaries of baseball and the possibility of future two way players. Seeing comparisons to the great Willie Mays and A-Rod the first thing that pops into my head is yes, that's awesome, but those didn't pitch like an ace too! It's just incredible, and for me this season will stand strong in the memory for a long time. I can't wait to see what he does next year. Just incredible.
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