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  1. I didn't say that at all. I said sell off all the one year guys that would be gone next year anyway. Raisel, Heaney, Cobb etc. Trout isn't an idiot, he can see this team won't go deep in the play-offs with the pitching it has just like the rest of us can.
  2. I don't know @True Grich, I'm with @Chuckster70 on this. Don't you agree the jinx stuff is getting really old, really quickly? Think we've pretty much done all the jokes at least twice now. It's becoming as predictable as seeing "Can he pitch" in the comments section of any Angels move on MLB Traderumors. We are much wittier as a group than that, don't you agree?
  3. https://sabr.org/journal/article/home-run-derby-curse-fact-or-fiction/ According to the guys at SABR, it shouldn't be a problem as the curse is fictional. It makes the case that those that did experience a drop-off post HR derby would have dropped off regardless. Interesting article.
  4. It appears the David Fletcher we all grew to know and love may well be alive and well after all. Some great, heads-up base-running last night and a 3 hit game backed up by these stats: Last 15 days - .372 BA (5th in AL) June - .357 BA (5th in AL) .063 strikeout pct in June leads the AL. .105 strikeout percentage YTD is 2nd in the AL And according to the Tigers commentators last night, Fletch has now gone 32 plate appearances since his last swing and miss. He's back, now let's hope he stays.
  5. I think we should be sellers, regardless of what we do between now and the deadline. The franchise needs a change of strategy and just stumbling along around .500 hoping a hot streak puts us in contention for a wildcard hasn't worked. This team is good at beating poor pitching and fails against the best pitching staffs, and it is pitching that wins championships. The bullpen is full of holes. We just don't have the arms to lock down a tight post-season series game after game. Our starters are very unpredictable and very pitch inefficient, so they are likely to be handing over to the pen early as we've seen all season. This is not a recipe to win in the post-season no matter how many runs we score. We've got a lot of contracts ending, and a lot of minor leaguers we need to assess before next year (Thaiss, Adell, Marsh, Rengifo, Detmers), so I like this strategy: trade all of the one year deals at this deadline, acquire the best prospects available regardless of position, and then use those prospects to trade for the pitching we need to open a genuine window of contention in the off-season, while using the rest of this season to give the AAA guys an extended look. This year is fun, but miracles aside it's done as far as being competitive goes, so I'd like to see the Angels do something tangible for next year and 2023 rather than more of the same.
  6. Yes I'd give him a go at 1B with Walsh in RF. If Thaiss thrives at 1B and Walsh and Ward continue to shine, then with the outfielders in the minors behind them we've got some really nice trade pieces.
  7. Shohei has 4.5 bWAR after 70 games. That is on pace for: 10.41 bWAR across a full season. The only players to beat that full season mark over the past 20 years are Barry Bonds, Mike Trout and Mookie Betts.
  8. Nice outing from Cobb, he's had a few of those now and is turning out to be a nice pick-up. Upton continues to be a revelation at lead-off, and Ward is now hitting .314 over his last 15 games with a .966 OPS. But of course, even with all that, and home runs from Walsh and Rengifo, it was all about Shohei the Unicorn again with two home runs, the first of which he absolutely hammered to centre right field. He now leads the AL in XBH with 39 and AB's per HR at 11.0, to go with his second place for homers with 21. His OPS over the last 15 games is 1.246. His slugging over the last 7 games is .905 - yes that's just slugging pct, not ops, his OPS is 1.296. His bWAR is now 4.5 for the season, 2.5 as a position player and 2.0 as a pitcher. Bloody hell.
  9. But you are not Shohei. Shohei will do it, simultaneously hitting a home-run and striking himself out.
  10. She's a real beauty, looks great in white and wonderfully restored. Kudos Mr Blarg, you have excellent taste in cars and baseball teams. I bet she sounds incredible going through a desert canyon.
  11. 19 years. Jumped on the 2002 wild card bandwagon, got very, very drunk, several times, and never really got around to falling off it again... rather reminds me of my first wife actually but that's another story. Anyway, yes, it was that first series of the post-season against the MFYankees that got me, that pesky brand of busy baseball the Angels played under Scioscia was a real delight to see, and the rookies K-Rod and Lackey were doing brilliant things. Fun times. Two of my favourite cars as a child - MG Roadster and Triumph Spitfire. Spoke wheels, throaty engines, sleek lines, gorgeous cars and well worth the effort I think. Both built during the brief golden age of British car manufacturing. Nice choices chaps.
  12. Have you watched Money Heist? An excellent Spanish bank job caper. Well worth the time, especially the first two seasons. Lou will point in the right direction of a few good Scandinavian shows I'm sure.
  13. This looks like one of those gifts you buy for people you are obligated to buy for but don't actually like.
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