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  1. In addition to shoring up the bullpen and stabilizing the rotation with a #2 or better starter, improving the defense should be a high priority. With most positional starting roles filled, Minasian will have to work on the few open positions, SS, #2C and bench. I think it is more probable they sign a SS with defense in mind than trust it to Rengifo, and that likely means no Raul Iglesias. I can see them starting out doing closer by committee until someone establishes himself. Contending for the division will come down to how savvy his choices are with pitching and of course injuries.
  2. I just wonder if they are willing to take the risk of paying Iglesias in the neighborhood of 19mil for one season and if it's in Minasian's DNA to offer a QO to a reliever, no matter how good. It would have been nice to get a 3 year extension earlier with much lower AAV. He's been pretty consistent in his career. So, I don't think a QO is a lock and I can see them doing a Bavasi, "we can get 2 back end relievers for the same price as Iglesias" type of thing (and of course pick the wrong two guys). Being that there is probably no chance to extend him, I hope they QO him as it would be nice to be able to close out game from game 1, just not sure it will happen.
  3. Say "What" one more time m**f***r, I dare you!
  4. Think of it as year one of a new GM's regime. They suffered multiple catastrophic injuries this year, coupled with complete no-shows by two pitchers that NO ONE thought would completely mess the bed the way they did. However, they are addressing pitching through the draft and at this early juncture seem to have done well. The new GM has a MUCH better idea of the capabilities of the young players (Sandoval, Marsh, Adell, et al.) on the 40-man and minors, which will inform his transactions this off-season. Ohtani has blown up like Hiroshima. Going into next season, even before any off-season moves, they have one ace, a seemingly solid #2 guy (who hopefully will be displaced to #3 by a new acquisition), controlled young bottom of the rotation arms, a decent bench and the inside track on retaining an elite closer. Outfield depth galore with likely improved defense (as J-UP plays less). Catcher, 1st, 2nd and 3rd base locked up by solid players all with satisfactory or superior offense. Sure, Minasian has to shore up the bullpen, bring in a workhorse #2 or better starter, add a proficient SS and overall improve defense. There will be a little extra payroll room this year after arb and other increases. No reason he can't bring in the personnel they need. Next year will come down to injuries. If low to moderate, they will contend for the division. In some ways, being a fan is like being in a marriage, you can't hold on to all the things they did wrong several years ago and you have to celebrate the things they are doing right and are improving on. The Angels are on an upward trajectory and you're in on the ground floor.
  5. I like O'Neil, Ryan's son, from when he was on the LA Kings FSW team. Good personality and seemingly good dude. Not sure if baseball play by play is his forte but I'll give him a lot of slack. Pretty sure he's a Dodger fan though.
  6. Going back a ways, Rome (HBO) was fantastic. It was a 4-year storyline but they decided to end it at two seasons, essentially fitting 3 years into one. Still good but definitely felt rushed to the finish line.
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