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  1. The legit formula is a Labatts, Molson, Moosehead and poutine colonic while listening to April Wine and sipping on Tim Hortons coffee.
  2. Its so early in the season but if the numbers are reasonable it would be preferable to extend him than waiting until they need to offer a huge contract to one of the 2022 SS FAs.
  3. May the Grapes of Wrath descend upon my farm if I ever did.
  4. Right now right now? George Lopez "Right Now, Right Now" Latin Kings of Comedy - YouTube
  5. Gotta say I love watching Jose Iglesias. I thought he would be a poor mans Simmons, but he brings something that is more than the sum of his parts. Not only a top flight glove, but also gives you more reason for confidence in his bat than I ever had in Simmons. His joy for the game is so apparent, I think he is a microcosm and prime example of what Minasian is trying to accomplish with his clubhouse chemistry focus.
  6. I will take What Does a Loquatious Canadian Jose Mota Say for $800 Alex.
  7. I was thinking they could just put the exit velocity and spin rate up on right side of the the banner where they scroll the other game scores. That would make it so people who are interested in knowing those things would have the info but we wouldnt have to hear it from Sutton constantly.
  8. I had my wife read the post before bed to save me some foreplay effort.
  9. Congrats. Amazing game and they easily covered the spread the whole way through. That last microsecond shot by Suggs... Ugh.
  10. He apparently really was inhaling that stuff from C&C's Next Movie
  11. Guessing that they will be factoring in monitoring Cannings elbow in the beginning part of the season. I wouldnt be surprised to see him leapfrogged by other starters for a bit.
  12. 825 Slegnaac (221 + 604) 822 tdawg87 817 Taylor 815 Redondo 812 HeavenlyHalos 807 Angelsjunky 794 arch stanton 786 Junkballer 778 Blarg 767 Tank
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