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  1. They played the 2002 Game 6 comeback from 5-0 last night. I'm currently reading a book that touches upon illusions in memory, how they are fixed but modified over time by emotions and subsequent events. So, listening to the radio broadcast playbacks has been interesting to challenge what I recall of those games. Either they didn't mention it on the radio broadcast or it was edited out, but there wasn't mention of Dusty Baker purposefully putting the ball in Russ Ortiz's glove as he walked away when pulled with one out and two on in the 7th, still up 5-0. If memory serves, this was noted in the national broadcast. At the time I took it as a display of supreme overconfidence. Looking back I think it was more a former player (Baker), acknowledging the significance of the (future) memory of the game for Ortiz. Still it added a sweetness to the comeback because the Giants seemed to think it was all but over. Game 7 tonight.
  2. While this is not bad news, his usage will have to be managed/restricted more than any potential starter they have. Using an opener for him may be one of several ways to evaluate and utilize our relief corps at the same time keeping him in a tight pitch count until his elbow proves capable of the prolonged intermittent stress of regular starts. From what I recall though, Maddon doesn't like using an opener, or better said, he doesn't like imposing an opener on an established starter who doesn't want one.
  3. Resurrecting a pre-COVID thread.... PECOTA predicting the Angels getting the 2nd WC Trout/Rendon back to back The delayed start of the season allowing for Ohtani and (possibly) Canning to be healthy enough to get starts right from the get-go, Replacing Harvey/Cahill with workhorse performances out of Bundy/Teheran Simba in a short season contract year. The short season and expanded rosters somewhat plays to the Angels pitching staff despite not overflowing with top end starters, especially if Maddon and Calloway can optimize use of the depth of the staff to dampen the injury wildfires of the past. Also, Eppler may not be in the hot seat, but that chair isn't cool and comfy either. Looking forward to a deal to give the rotation a real 1/2 punch towards trade deadline. Go Angels, Eff COVID and the Dogs!
  4. One of the things this article is not accounting for is that hockey already had the longstanding tradition of allowing a tie or OT loss (OTL) to account for a playoff standing point, thereby acknowledging that there is value to ending the regulation period even up. Wins were 2 points, ties and OTLs are one point. Even going to the shootout the NHL still acknowledges the lesser value of the shootout win by utilizing Regulation/Overtime Wins (ROW) in the playoff standings. If two teams in the conference/division are tied in points, the one with the higher ROW is counted as ahead of the team that has equal points but more of them through shootout. The way MLB is doing this is winner-take-all without any playoff standing considerations. The question is, is there any comparison of the man on 2nd to a shootout? While it is a loose comparison, I do think that it would be better to devalue the EI win in cases of playoff standing ties.