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  1. Not sure if it can be taken into account but if so, perhaps his agent is arguing the advertising/merchandising revenue he brings from Asia.
  2. What started as a nice little thread about the Angels filling out a lower tier need has turned out giving me ghetto board flashbacks.
  3. Theres something to be said for not shooting your load too early nor in the wrong direction. Going over the CBT threshold is not something that should happen outside a solid framework and IMO not something that should be done for the goal of making the playoffs, which is where they are at. As you said the Angels are more than one player away and after signing Bauer and Realmuto they still wont be WS favorites. You harp on Artes mistakes, but make no room for the possibility of him adapting based on learning from the consequences of those mistakes, including buying in to a whole-org, lo
  4. More like not until 2-3 weeks after he signs elsewhere. He is the first domino to the rest.
  5. I get the sense that AAV is very important to Bauer and he has never to my knowledge said anything about term of contract (other than the one-year stuff). It would be interesting to see how he would respond to a 3year/40m-ish AAV offer backloaded like 30m/40m/50m. With anyone else in his position it would be a ridiculous thought, as he would be leaving a lot of money on the table if injury or performance dropoff precluded a subsequent large contract at age 32, however, he obviously is a different kind of guy. From his one-year contract musings, his choice of agent, a tunnel vision kind of s
  6. I would like to see Minasian make a SP move to set a floor with which he has a baseline to move up from or go a different direction. Getting a plausible #2 sets him up to stay in the Bauer talks, hoping his market declines significantly or he becomes willing to accept a high-AAV/short term contract. If either of those two things dont happen, he can still trade assets for another SP or spend elsewhere looking to pick up pitching at the trade deadline, but either way he has a floor to work with and can present any Bauer offer as a team that has playoff potential with an existing decent rotatio
  7. Sure, limited to the playoffs and possibly the last two weeks of a razor thin playoff race.
  8. No Trevor, those pants do not make your butt look fat.
  9. Perhaps because they've already signed a SS and Carrasco has leukemia. Or maybe Arte has been taking a lot of 20 minute Uber trips.
  10. His application for the GM job was in hindsight a harbinger for this move. At 52, if being a GM/AGM is his dream job then its now or never.
  11. Fred Lynn and Reggie Jackson. More easily excited back in the day.
  12. In the future, if anyone says Lasorda is rolling over in his grave I'll picture it like this: He managed the greatest Dodger era, RIP.
  13. Sugano and Gray would put the Angels in a great position to move on to other needs. Total cost about 20m AAV + prospects for Gray. Still spending room for additional moves. I get the sense that Cin doesnt really want to deal Castillo without an overpayment due to being cost controlled. They seem to be dumping salary so Gray should go for a package more closely tied to his actual value. Gray/1, Sugano/2, Bundy/3, Heany/4, Canning/5 and improved BP should get the job done.
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