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  1. Which one is most likely to say, "That's what I love about these High School chicks man, I get older, they stay the same age."?
  2. Cody Bellinger lol https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/10/dodgers-cody-bellinger-face-memes-mlb-playoffs
  3. He's been posting tweets directed towards potential suitors, even Baltimore. And he's left the door open for Cincy. He seems to want to be adored by fans in several of them.
  4. Jaden Hill? https://www.lookoutlanding.com/2020/8/3/21339659/2021-mlb-draft-preview-jaden-hill-mariners-tankity-tank-tank
  5. See the link GotBeer posted on Page 1 of this thread. Its a formula.
  6. The risk is Simmons taking the 19 mil QO thinking if he has a great season he could be on the market again the following year with the 2021 overpay offsetting the possible loss of value of the next contract for being a year older.
  7. Not knowing which team will sign him and the range of compensatory draft pick possibly going down to the 4th round makes offering a QO a gamblers anonymous level bet. The payout is unknown but possibly small. Lose and possibly lose your budget to go after the players you really need.
  8. The writer essentially, in the latter half of the article, admits that the piece is for the click-value
  9. Undoubtedly the Angels are considering this at some point, however, 1) they'd be fools to not evaluate his arm and command during a normal spring considering the possibility of him regaining his 2018 form. He carries the potential of being a near-dominant top of the rotation arm until he turns FA in '24. 2) 2020's start/restart spring training was a mess and he was coming off Tommy John. Hard to close off such inexpensive potential based on his shaky post-TJ starts in a chaotic season. 3) There were no doubt some assurances given in the wooing process to get him to sign here
  10. This may be the first year no "King of Baseball" is awarded to a veteran minor leaguer during the meetings unless they award it just for continuity's sake. The award isn't listed among the other awards to be presented. The agenda is here
  11. Bauer, if they can keep the contact to 5 years max. 3 years with a overpay AAV would be ideal. He seems the most likely to maintain a #1's innings workload in a way that is synergistic to the rotation. AJ's excellent thread regarding WS Champs Rotations notwithstanding, pursuing the best arm available in a post-season landscape of 3-game series' and overutilized bullpens is imperative (cue Jim Mora Playoffs meme here). Besides, Bleacher Report said he is going to the Angels, so it is a fait accompli .
  12. I'm more curious about whether there will be some serious discussion of roll-back of some of the rule and playoff changes, as well as getting the minor leagues back on track.
  13. Apparently he listens to a lot of extemporaneous advice so you might catch his ear.
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