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  1. And no divisions. Just one 10-team league.
  2. When this is all said and done, a finite amount of people will have covid-19. 250 million Americans will be infected before herd immunity is achieved, hopefully less than 1% will die, but that is still over a million people. We can flatten the curve, but we can't reduce the area under the curve (basic integral calculus). Old people like me just hope that we will be in the 30% that don't get it and can benefit from herd immunity (or that we will be asymptomatic). If Trout opts out this year, he might as well opt out next season too because the numbers will be worse. I just don't think MLB players are at the same risk as grocery-store and hospital workers, or even elementary school students who will return to classrooms in the fall (depending on what their district decides).
  3. What I see is people repeatedly pulling and adjusting their mask. Especially when they are talking and the mask starts slipping. If you don't want covid-19 then replace "Wear a mask, wash your hands, and distance" with "distance, distance, and more distance".
  4. Could do more harm than good, It offers very little protection while giving a false sense of security.
  5. Like I said, we are two years away from this thing ending. We are at 5-7% infected rate and we're going to 70. We need to learn to deal with it.
  6. I didn't say I didn't WANT to work on Monday, I just said I am going to. If I didn't want to, I wouldn't. The fact is...if Trout opts out, he just doesn't want it.
  7. Most everyday Americans who need a paycheck don't have the option of using that reason. Living paycheck to paycheck has a way of toughening you up. So does working in a hospital.
  8. Just saw Kiid 27 talking on the news up here in NorCal. I agree, he is on his way to opting out. He'll use protecting his family and soon-to-be newborn as his reason. Frankly, he's just not a "I eat nails" clubhouse leader. He's always conceded alpha-maleship to Pujols, and Albert is 9 years removed from being the alpha male. Don't blame Trump for this Covid-19 thing. Honest scientists admit we have another two years to deal with it. We can't just stop the world and lock down for that long. The just over one percent infected rate in MLB is frightening because we have to get to 70% before there is herd immunity. A vaccine before this happens would be a modern day miracle. Soooo, Kiid 27, I say this to you......"The only way around this thing is right through it!!!" I'm 65 years old and I'm going to work on Monday!!!
  9. I've always been afraid of watching Brokeback Mountain.
  10. Lee Stanton was a solid rightfielder for us for about 5 years. He even led the club in homeruns one year with 14!
  11. Yep, the schools lock down due to idiotic vandalism. When I was a kid in the 60's, 70's the high schools left their high jump pits and hurdles out for the entire season. We'd have a blast just jumping into and over them. When I coached track in the 90's, I left the hurdles out after one practice (the old wooden ones), someone leaned them up against the bleachers and put their foot through quite a few of them (the wood shop fixed them for me, nowadays, no more wood shop).
  12. Nope, its youth sports that's killing it (not to mention video games). Every kid now needs two triple-walled bats (they look like deadpool when they carry it around in their backpack), their own helmet, two batting gloves, shoes, backpack to carry it all, AND AN ADULT TO TELL THEM WHAT TO DO!!! When's the last time you saw a pickup game in your area? Kids nowadays don't even know that "over-the-line" is. Inner city kids are priced out. Back in the '60s and '70s we had 4 helmets for the team, about a dozen baseballs for the season (we kept one "game ball" for the whole season), nobody had their own bat, and only the rich-spoiled brat kid had a batting glove (we were all jealous of it). I rode to the park with my shoes and glove slung over the handlebars. We usually had only about one or two parents in the stands (usually a couple of dads who'd been drinking and loved to harass the ump). The coach was the guy who drew the short straw. It was like Adam Carolla says, "Who do you want taking your kids camping? The guy who immediately raises his hand? No!!! The guy who is trying to sneak out the back door....that's who you want taking your kids camping!!! (in our case, that was the guy who had to coach little league)" However, after our little league game, we would play pickup games, (over the line if not enough players) until dark, and, I would argue, we developed our skills just through shear repetition and had WAAAY more fun. The same is happening in basketball. Summer camps used to be for skill development. Now they are for playing games. When your kid is on a team of twelve, just what percent of the time does he/she have the ball in their hands?
  13. I hated when we traded Ed Figueroa and Mickey Rivers to the Yankees for Bobby Bonds back in '75. I hated when we sold Rudy May (Autry must have needed the cash, I remember the year the Angels drew only 750,000) I hated trading Fregosi for Ryan and Stanton, loved it afterwards. I hated trading Dave Collins, Jason Thompson, Aurelio Rodriguez Never understood why we didn't want Leon Wagner. The Vernon Wells trade was the worst. Scioscia just hated Napoli, Rivera was better than Wells.
  14. Same here, it was hard to watch him play for Texas knowing what coulda been...