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  1. I've often thought the same thing. However, he moves like he's playing in a senior slo-pitch softball league. Those guys seem to always be in "no hamstring pull" mode.
  2. Never seen a classier act than Scioscia. Both as a manager AND a player.
  3. I know I'm beating a dead horse, but why wait for 2022? FatAlbertross needs to go!
  4. The all-star game was ruined many years ago. During the Pete Rose-Ray Fosse days, I couldn't wait for the game to start because true professional pride was displayed. Nowadays, I can't wait for the all-star break to end and we can get back to regular baseball. The extra day off is just another perturbance. Honestly, who watches the NBA all-star, Pro-Bowl, or MLB all-star games anymore? Let's just select honorary all-stars and continue with the season!
  5. Exactly. I didn't like having to do grunt work at the OC Wastewater Treatment Plant in the '70's, but it paid twice the minimum wage (which was $2.50 per hour) and went a long way towards paying my CSUF tuition ($90 per semester). I bet over 95 percent of us are working for the paycheck and there's true honor in that!
  6. The ultimate respect would be to see if we can arrange for Albert to retire as a Cardinal this year.
  7. I'd like to not regret purchasing my MLB.TV year-long subscription in mid-May.
  8. Talented is correct. He still has to harness it and stay injury-free. This opens up another discussion...who was the most talented ever to play the game? For athletic ability, I'll say Bo Jackson. For athletic ability combined with baseball sense I'll say Barry Bonds. Never saw Babe Ruth, heard he was pretty good.
  9. Yes he did. He and Gurley were both subpar in that game, Gurley diagnosed with arthritis, and then the Rams gave them huge contracts. Never quite understood that.
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