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  1. I disagree. He has the right to do what he wants with the team (he just isn't good at it). The Angels say its a business, but it is also a labor-of-love for the owners. That being said, someday I would love to read a tell-all on the dynamics of the owner/front office/manager since Arte bought the club.
  2. Frank Tanana....."Next year we got everyone coming back.......and THAT'S THE PROBLEM!"
  3. It was such a big deal at the time, "Guns in the Clubhouse!!!"
  4. and...have you ever seen a MLB hitter step in the bucket like Ohtani. Something mental is going on.
  5. '71 through '77 was a horrible run. It's what made '79 so exciting.
  6. Yeah, but the lack of defensive skills is alarming. When we were playing the Giants, Adell caught a medium-depth flyball with Baby Panda on third. I thought to myself, "This will be close." Instead, Adell catches the ball flat-footed, goes into this crow-hop trying to gain momentum, takes a day and a half to wind up his arm, and the throw (which was weak), was cutoff. He has a looooong way to go.
  7. Umm.......no. You're grasping at straws here, Jeff.
  8. Oh, and Moose Stubing was not a "clutch" third-base coach.
  9. Ha! If I was the most clutch, "feel no pressure" individual in the history of sports, I still wouldn't be a pro athlete (neither would you). But I WOULD win more of my $3 golf bets.
  10. Then use your eyes. Here's an example (anecdotal). DeCinces was not clutch. Who was it that popped out in extra innings with less than two outs and a runner (the winning run) on third in Game 5, 1986 vs. Boston? How did you feel when Benjie came up in the clutch (even when he was with the Giants)? I always felt he was going to put solid wood on the ball (and he did). How did you feel last night when Trout came up in the bottom of the 8th? We are all experienced fans. We know clutch when we see it.
  11. Bull. Clutch is those nerves you feel. I'm not clutch, had no feel for the ball at the free throw line when it mattered, my golf partners won't give me a 1 foot putt under pressure because they've seen what happens.
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