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  1. Well, it has become evident that when the game gets down to a battle of the bullpens we are sorely overmatched. Hunter Strickland is a good example. We aren't going to find good arms this way. With Jo Adell's resurgence, we just might have to trade him (or Walsh). Ohtani needs to be able to pitch every fifth day, its just too much strain on our staff to have him pitch every two weeks. We might be better off moving him to the outfield which, long-term, would leave us with Trout, Ohtani, Marsh, and Adell. One of those guys just might have to go.
  2. More Mt. Crushmore - Gaetti, Hillenbrand, Steve Finley, Jack McDowell, Bill Travers,
  3. Truthfully, the "firing arrows" incident with Rodney is the ONLY highlight I remember about Pujols' tenure here. Hardly worth a quarter of a billion dollars. I also think his 10-year negative WAR run with the Angels should keep him from being a unanimous inductee. Can you name one other Hall of Famer who had a similar 10-year run? Check out Hank Aaron's age 31-42 seasons. Even HE didn't even get elected unanimously! For that matter, neither did Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Frank Robinson, Ty Cobb, Joe Dimaggio, Lou Gherig, Yogi Berra, or Johnny Bench. Someone like Albert, who played in the golden age of steroids, shouldn't be elevated above those guys!
  4. Well, I'm hating on the six-man rotation. Especially when a starter goes down and we don't simply move everyone else up. Instead, we use an "opener", which continues to drain a bullpen that is already a man short because we have a six-man rotation.
  5. I'd say something bad about Pedro, but since I'm a senior citizen I kinda fear him!
  6. Goddamnit...never forget the spring training of 2012!
  7. After watching the last few games I don't think Maddon is to blame. Once we get to the bullpen we're sunk.
  8. What legacy??? For us, he had a good spring training in 2012 - does that count? 10 years great + 10 years below fwar does not equal HOF. Put Grich in instead.
  9. I never thought of him as much of a clubhouse guy. The only story I heard is where he and Torii almost came to blows over an in-game incident and Torii being upset with Albert pouting when he went hitless. Whatever, we need someone to fire up the team. Trout doesn't seem to be very vocal, neither is Fletch. Rendon is too laid back, Ohtani can't speak the language and Ippei can't lead by example. We need the Erstad/Weaver types to step up but I don't see any on our roster.
  10. I'm not sure he ever HAD the intangibles. That being said, Trout needs to step up and become the clubhouse leader.
  11. Roster spots are at a premium with the six-man rotation. Pujols traditional spots are filled by Walsh and Ohtani. I said it a couple of months ago...if the Angels are serious about winning this year then they need to release Albert.
  12. With the six-man rotation, we just can't afford the wasted roster spot. Arte needs to have a serious talk with Albert about bowing out gracefully.
  13. Double-plays and their pitcher able to hit the edges of the strike zone.
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