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  1. Anything is Possible with the Devil Boras ad you're agent.. Rocker going back into the draft with a Bad Elbow
  2. Would this have been a Dumb trade ?
  3. Common sense kid you obviously don't follow baseball you don't mention that shit it's a Jinx
  4. That POS kept talking about the NO NO he should be fired yesterday fuxk him
  5. Ya Hoes bashed me when I called him pujols 2.0 as of right now I am winning this argument..
  6. Sorry A-Holes I created this post while I was under the influence of Alcohol..I take back what I said about Rendon and Put Upton in his spot See all better now
  7. Shit seems pretty obvious granted Rendon is not 3 years older than what he says but still sucking major Ass
  8. I remember that interview like it was yesterday instead he stayed and decided he wanted to steal money
  9. Fuxk Pujols and the horse that 43 old piece of shit rolled in.. The Angels Don't that dude Shit
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