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  1. These major league baseball players are millionaires, the fans, sponsors, sport and owners enable this. The players should be more tough skinned about matters like this.
  2. Let Sam Bachman pitch in the bull pen ala Chris Rodriguez, then next season stretch him out to be a starter in the minors.
  3. Edgar Quero could be the next toy cannon, but at catcher, if he keeps this up and makes it to the majors.
  4. That is what the billionaire is doing, so why shouldn't the millionaires do the same.
  5. Maybe some of these millionaire high draft picks should pitch in somehow like MIchael Jordan did when he made a go of it to play minor league baseball and bought a team bus. Spend some of that money to make life easier. .
  6. Mark Gubiczai said in today;s broadcast that Jaime Barria will be successful if given the opportunity.
  7. yes i agree, but Barria has not been given the chance to be that 4-5 starter for any extend period of time in the majors recently.
  8. the minor league baseball players make their money with the signing bonus. been told the the guys in a ball make about $1000 a month. so these guys are excited when a major leaguer plays on their team for a rehab game. the major leaguer knows what it is like in a ball, so the major leaguer pays for a feast for the guys. sure the booster club help, but they can only do so much in finding room and board. there are host families, but not enough.
  9. Brent Maguire Retweeted Advocates for Minor Leaguers @MiLBAdvocates · 59m This season, Los Angeles Angels Minor Leaguers have given us the following disturbing statements regarding housing.
  10. I can see a 2 year deal for José Iglesias with an option for a 3rd year.
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