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  1. Bundy wins cy young Rendon wins mvp Angels win AL west Angels loose world series to Padres in 7 Trout has a poor playoff Walsh is mvp in american league championship series Barria wins 21 games Yan world series mvp
  2. It is great to read about these guys. But do you hoard them like Bill Stoneman did and not win. Or do we trade these assets to become better and win now with Trout and Rendon in their prime?
  3. Mind you, only 10% of baseball players signed make it to the majors even for just a September call up.
  4. I would trade Musgrove for Adell straight up. Musgrove is a middle of rotation starter now with potential to improve on that. At the moment, Adell is a question mark. The Angels need good pitching. Musgrove will give you that now. Adell maybe a star or maybe just a quality regular. The Trout, Rendon.... window is closing. Sign or trade for another middle of the rotation starter and the Angels have the potential to be in the playoffs and maybe even win the world series.
  5. Bauer to Angels Realmuto to Angels Marquez to Angels Blackmon to Angels Hand to Angels I know this is not realistic, but if it did happen, everyone played to career norms,stayed healthy and the team gelled it should get them to the world series.
  6. Trevor Bauer may be an ace, but he seems to be a douche bag and character matters to Perry Minasian.
  7. Jose Soriano has not pitched above Low A, the odds of him making it to the majors is still remote. Sure the Pirates may end up keeping him, but you do not know how well he will recover from TJ surgery.
  8. How is Ha-seong Kim's defense? Chuck's comment even stated "The big question is whether Kim can play shortstop in the majors, as there's been some chatter that he might have to move to third or second base." Everyone here is clamoring about his offense. Fletcher is not Simmons defensively where the Angles could use Simmons great defense to cover for a second or third base mans defensive flaws.
  9. The question should be does Bauer want to be an Angel? Some say it is all about the money. It depends on where Bauer's priorities are. Bauer is a free agent, it is his choice. Cole was offered similar money by the Angels as the Yankees, but he wanted to be an Yankee.
  10. With the above quote from Albert Pujols: "It is far away." I hope he considers retiring early. He has earned over $100 million in his career. Sure another $20 or so million is nice, but he has to do what is right for the team. He is a prideful man. I hope he understands this. He should do the right thing.
  11. If Jared Walsh is the starting first baseman next year, he could put up similar number to Brandon Belt with better defense.
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