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  1. Dashwwod looked pretty good last night, even though he gave up a hit to let a base runner score charge to Jack.
  2. These millionaire pitchers should contribute to the cause of Bubba Harkins since they benefited from it and paid next to nothing for it.
  3. Need to be realist, only ten percent of the guys on a minor league team are going to make it to the MLB, that includes being only September call ups too. So on a twenty five man minor league roster only 2.5 of them are going to progress to the MLB. This does not discriminate against draft position, just high bonus players receive a longer leash.
  4. Are the Angels receiving enough cash from the Brewers, Strickland trade, to offset the amount the Angels are giving the Rays or the Rays receiving the PTNL still and/or more cash?
  5. No chance Rocker be available when the Angels draft.
  6. Taylor Blake Ward ·I spoke to a pro scouting director about a month back who said Max Stassi was a top 10 catcher in baseball, I kind of brushed it off but gotta say, when he hits the way he has been, he's up there
  7. Who knows he may be the next Mike Piazza.
  8. It may of happened in the past, but things change.
  9. Let's hope for the best.
  10. If Matt Thaiss can become a viable big-league catcher, that would be great for the team.
  11. Why has José Iglesias defense gone from elite to poor?
  12. If Madison Kyle Bumgarner's seven inning no hitter is not considered a no hitter for the record books, then the Dodgers sixty game season World Series win should not be considered a World Series win for the record books. Lets be consistent.
  13. Brent Killam does not throw hard. Saw his off speed pitches at 68. They did not flash his fastball speed. Has good command though.
  14. Jackson is playing SS and Paris is playing 2nd. Reports had it that Jackson is better suited for 3rd or 2nd and that Paris should stick at SS. As of May 8, Bonilla is listed on the injured list.
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