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  1. Gonna miss the look of determination and fire that ol’ Crapthebedrosian delivered with such intensity that it struck fear into the hearts of even the most fearsome hitters. That look. Soul piercing. oh wait, it was just a sneaky wet fart face
  2. Salt in the wound...Texass did their job. We failed.
  3. Good night Irene someday we will get all 3 sides of the triangle to work for an entire season: offense; starting pitching; bullpen last several years we’ve only had 1 or 2. And I’m not talking lead leading in each category, just average to above average would work if you have all three.
  4. at least we will get one more day with a chance hahahaha
  5. I’ve always wanted Bauer on the Angels. They haven’t had fire since Weaver and Lackey. That and he’s a Bruin
  6. I hate the Yankees. Never win when I want them to, and always win when I don't Buttnuggets. All of them.
  7. No excuse for pulling up before the bag. Running through first is little league level fundamentals.
  8. I just hate how they got no punishment, then Covid spared them the wrath of the fans, and now they’re being rewarded with MLB one sided protection. It’s an absolute farce.
  9. The offense and starters need to give the bullpen a Full Metal Jacket blanket party. Soon.
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