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  1. As long as it’s MOAR pitching I’d say keep em coming hahah its only one time a year….
  2. Surprised they haven’t announced Gubi’s retirement yet, the new team will be Mota and Baldoquin.
  3. The one thing we have as Angel fans is watching Ohtani. Now he’s getting the Bonds treatment is games that don’t matter to either team. I’d be all for Manfred making another one of his bizarre rule changes and limiting intentional walks to one a game or something. This sucks (don’t flame me, I’m halfway facetious….just frustrated)
  4. So after postgame tonight, my son became aware of Motaisms for the first time. His eyes are open and I shared many of the quotes in this thread. he texted me this and said this kid should take Mota’s job:
  5. Ugh. Facebook popped this up in my memories today. 6 years ago. My mom, Tyler and my boys at season seat holder photo day. Timing is everything… this whole thing sucks but nothing is as bad as him losing his life
  6. Joe has some one warming up during Ohtani’s last inning but Mayers comes out, plays slip n slide and no one gets up...
  7. I couldnt believe they had Watson even warming up that last inning. Ridonkulous
  8. Sutton: refresh our memory about Bedrosian as a pitcher Gubi: he’s a nice guy Mota: I liked talking to his dad
  9. Wow, 2,000 fans? Talk about sample size! but at least we finally win something
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