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  1. I’d take a rotating broadcast team of Mota, Trevor Bauer, A-rod, Josh Hamilton and Harry Caray’s corpse if we can at least make it deep into the playoffs next year. There’s always a mute button.
  2. Detmers (possibly because he represented a glimmer of hope that the FO finally saw our true need). Before that Adenhart. Before him, Weaver. Before him Lackey and KRod CRod, Richards and Newcomb too, but at a different level. More “I hope so” than “I can’t wait” if that makes any sense.
  3. Best case: angels go all in and exceed the threshold and go for the win over the next 3 years Best worst case: arte exceeds the threshold this year to make his two stars happy, gets the Ohtani extension, we hit the playoffs, but once he gets the extension of his international marketing piece he goes back below the threshold I don’t see them not going in this year. Money off the books, Ohtani’s historic season and marketing stock through the roof, Trout Ohtani and Maddon all saying we need pitching and they want to win (with some not so veiled threats) gotta spend money to make money, business wise it makes sense to spend. With all of the Free Free Agents we have returning for the IL, plus some spending we could very easily be in contention with many combinations of moves. finally feel hopeful and positive after these past few tough years retrying to be optimistic
  4. Salvador quietly sneaking in the back door. Won’t win MVP but how crazy a catcher and pitcher sit atop the HR standings?
  5. Cool, but still waiting for the Detmers call up. Guess no reason to do it until the day he starts though.
  6. What if he hits a batter after giving up a bomb? Joe West tosses junk.
  7. I don’t think not trading Raisel is about making the playoffs this year, but instead next year or longer if we can extend him. Closers haven’t been out strong suit for a long time. We finally have a decent one. Cobb on the other hand makes zero sense.
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