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  1. Rao's Diavolo sauce is awesome. Do a 50/50 mix with the Rao's Marinara is you can't handle the heat. That's what I do when my wife is home. If it's just me and my kids we use the Diavolo sauce and add the Four Pepper Blend from Flat Iron Pepper Co (habanero, ghost, jalapeno and arbol flakes) to kick it up. But we add that to nearly everything we eat.
  2. another Trevor post in here, but mainly some good reactions from players, past and present to this. Some really good points I hadn't thought about as well:
  3. Yeah this is tough Move to understand now
  4. how about we get these two guys: pretty damn funny video honestly
  5. I sincerely hope this becomes a bump post a year from now, when Kluber sucks for the Rangers, but I was really ho[ing we’d get him, and think he’s going to turn it around this year. Pretty bummed at this, especially that he’s in our division. And the cost seems pretty damn low.
  6. Yes, MLB has an article saying we checked in on him and Kluber
  7. Really? Fletch lives man. Spark to the team, versatile, clutch... i gotta say adios to rainfro before fletch. But it’s a tough call
  8. MLB at bat app has an article saying we checked in recently on Carrasco too. Not sure I dig that.
  9. When you don’t use baby wipes, you can get itchy at the most inopportune times
  10. Trade rainfro, keep fletch and la Stella. Thaiss, ward, Walsh, Jones, rainfro should all be fair game to get pitching right now. I’d even consider Adams for the right arm. (not all these names at once of course but a combo of 2-3) I wouldn’t trade canning, Sandoval, adell or marsh though. Not now.
  11. Keuchel, Gray, Maldy would be sick IMO. But really two of Kluber, Keuchel, Darvish, Gray, Miley, Ryu, Madbum plus Maldonado, Castro or Romine would be awesome. salary gurus, can we afford any of that? It ain’t my money so I never dig into it lol but wow, this offseason didn’t simmer or boil, it erupted....going to make opening day feel so far away!!!!