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  1. This is so spectacular. With my dad and brother being dodger fans, I finally have something to rip on them about this year. They are steaming. It’s wonderful!
  2. Nope. Skipped that one. My family was there though
  3. Where’d the fight go that we saw in the first two weeks? The energy, passion, fire. Everyone was having inspired fun it seemed. Normally stoic players showing emotion... ...was fun for a couple weeks after what has felt like a decade of dull. Was nice to taste the top even for a little bit.
  4. Honestly though we might overperform this year based on the start of the season. After How long we’d been in the slump start rut.... and then they decided to slam us back into reality. And it’s beginning to look worse...underperforming our worst scenarios so sad with the potential, so sad with two of the best players in the game doing best player things....and still get slaughtered. can someone burn some sage, get an Indian to lift the curse and maybe get Vernon smalls down here to finally align home plate. don’t want to go into the “I just watch to see trout and ohtani d
  5. What are the financial implications? Right now he’s just DFAd and no one will pick him up unless we eat the salary. Correct? so if we eat it and someone picks him it, that still count against the cap? what about with an outright release? We pay off Pujols, but is he still on the books against the cap?
  6. Not sure how I feel about this. After all this time, in his last year, to just cut him after the FO benches him feels like dirty pool. It’s not like he’s singlehandedly cost us these games and certainly isn’t a damn pitcher. this feels wrong in so many ways to treat a first ballot HOFer this way this late in his contract. I am not saying we are not better off without him by any means, but it doesn’t feel like something the Angels would do. there’s got to be more to this story. A lot more. I really hope he requested it. and that the decision was his. Then at least we’d hav
  7. Seager and his whining in the sandbox attitude, Hosmer’s face, Odor looks like sloth from the Goonies and Gurriel looks like a pineapple with his helmet off. I’d say all of the Asstros, but there’s an obvious actual reason there.
  8. That one was great. Scarlet Witch was opening night.
  9. They were confiscating food and drink at the front gate when I went last night.
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