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  1. Loved Weaver's intensity, and really loved him nailing Seager who was acting like a spoiled child in the box.
  2. I have a camp chef as well. One of my family's favorites in a spicy teriyaki boneless pork chop with grilled pineapple, served with rice and asparagus. Super easy on the smoker. You have to smoke a pork butt too. Pulled pork is really easy. Reverse sear steaks, using that sear box at the end are awesome (get a set of grillgrates for the sear box...huge difference)
  3. Supposed to see Megadeth/Trivium/Lamb of God/In Flames in July (bday present from my sons who wouldve been going with me)...yeah, I'm sure that's toast. Annually we go to my in laws' lakehouse in New Hampshire every summer. Guess that's out too. A couple weekend camping trips have already been killed. Biggest concern, is my oldest son is one of the Drum Majors for Trabuco Hills High School, they were one of 67 high school bands across the US selected to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. We've been fundraising and working toward it now for over a year already. He and his friends would be crushed if that gets cancelled. Which I am almost positive will happen.
  4. I found this incredibly energizing hype video:
  5. It's a really crappy time to be newly unemployed, I'll tell you that. Man my luck sucks. Anyone know of any consumer goods product manager positions in south OC let me know! (also have some Supply Chain, QC and Customer Service manager experience as well)
  6. But you can’t watch Angels game on MLBTV because of blackouts, right?
  7. I'll be starting a week free trail of Hulu tomorrow I think. Was hoping Youtube would end up fixing this, but I guess not. This blows, we just got used to it too.
  8. Totally blows. I cut cable and YouTubeTV was my go to for the Angels. Dammit!!!!
  9. Anyone hear when the Red Sox investigation is coming to light? Every week I hear “next week” but of course tat hasn’t happened. You’d think Manfred would want it to come out before opening day so it doesn’t take away from the season. But then again, he sucks at everything else...
  10. Best Bday ever! Angels first spring training game, fun baseball, a preview of Adell and Marsh and while watching I opened a bunch of baseball cards my kids got me that included two Trouts, two Othani’s, Fletcher, a Rendon and a super Rick, pin embedded Frank Robinson rookie. (Actually the best present was my two boys bought me tickets to Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium and In Flames in that my boys are metal heads vs auto tuned mumble crap) oh and then chilling and watching the replay of the whole game again. Baseball is back!!!!