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  1. The offense and starters need to give the bullpen a Full Metal Jacket blanket party. Soon.
  2. Why can’t we seem to get the big 3 (offense, starting pitching and bullpen) to ever fire at once? Seems like we only get 1 or 2 at a time. last couple years we’ve bitched about starters and now we’ve got them rolling, and some good offense coming around, but our bullpen is a bowl of boiling diarrhea. Like the worst BP we’ve had in a LONG time. We’ve had some BPs where you puckered up on a few pitchers, but this is almost a guaranteed blow up when the first arm faces the first batter. id take Daisy Fuentes and Crooked Hat back at this point.
  3. I hate Seager ever since the Weaver confrontation. but I think I dislike the bullpen more
  4. This makes me sad because as awful as the pen has been this year, I haven't been able to blame him and use the Crapthebedrosian nickname.
  5. Still no Adell roster move yet. What time do those normally happen?
  6. The MLB commissioner’s handling of the Asstro’s cheating scandal
  7. Maybe our bullpen has been strategically bad just to lay the groundwork and alibi’s for our Asstro’s series?