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  1. Crazy thing is if Dodgers lose they don't even get a flag of any kind to raise for this season.
  2. Teheran was left off Braves playoff roster the year most here were stoked we signed him.
  3. hahaha. Anyone here guess Chavez would start a post season game this year?
  4. He is, but had a down year and Dbacks are terrible in a division with Giants, Dodgers, and Padres. IMO makes no sense for Diamondbacks to keep Gallen if they could get some prospects.
  5. Kevin Gausman--top 3 most reliable Robbie Ray---top 3 most reliable Marcus Stroman---top 3 most reliable Noah Syndergaard /Justin Verlander---high injury risk but high ceiling Max Scherzer----don't see as an option Carlos Rodón---pass Eduardo Rodriguez---pass Clayton Kershaw---hell no, either stays with Dodgers or is crazy overpaid, can't stay healthy In my dream world I'd sign 2 of Gausman/Ray/Stroman AND either Noah or Verlander.
  6. seager doesn't need to make that play, but he needed to knock it down and keep the runner at 3b. No excuse for it to get by his lazy bend over backhand
  7. If we ranked top 50 problems with the Angels, not possible Jose Molina would even get mentioned.
  8. Sucks how looooooong ago that was. We sound like Dodger fans in the early 2000s talking about Gibson.
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