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  1. I have some great friends who are huge Dodger fans and overall fantastic baseball fans. They went on one of those Dodger bus trips. They said worst baseball experience of their lives. Almost whole bus was staggering drunk before even getting to Giants stadium. They hated the whole experience.
  2. Hahaha I see the dodgers all over this. Screw the redsox. Price is way over paid and past his prime and Betts is gone on in a year. I guess if you did the trade now you'd get a draft pick for Betts.
  3. I don't believe that for one second. Who cheats all year and then develops morals in the playoffs?
  4. How about Billy Hamilton in that role? Fantastic defense and the best PR in baseball.
  5. I've thought the same thing. I don't care what his salary is If they are willing to trade the best 3B in MLB they aren't trying to win now. If Nolan gets traded yes we should be all over those two
  6. Ok Eppler I trust you but this looked like the best and easiest option. Just offer him guaranteed 10 million. Now we really have to make a trade.
  7. Last couple games of the season. We had a home series against Texas. We needed a sweep or 2/3 I don't exactly remember. I had tickets to all 3 games. I think we lost all three games 12-1 season over.
  8. Heck yes. Do it and then still have 25 million to sign ozuna.
  9. The good in here is Angels know they still need a Frontline SP
  10. He signed my hat when he was a player. Always had high hopes for him. I think Mike James too.
  11. Dipoto will be there GM for one month but he can trade anyone.
  12. I just don't see the SP we line up with via trade. Price? Depends on how much they pay down. Clevinger? Sure but I doubt they would without Adell. I'd rather have Alex Wood than Archer, Boyd, etc. Maybe Hendricks but not sure why they'd trade him. So I'll say wood unless price is dramatically paid down or clevinger can be snagged without Adell.