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  1. No idea! My friend got tickets for Wednesday and invited me. Probably not good ones.
  2. If they are I'll get you one and figure out how to meet up. No charge.
  3. I'm going on Wednesday, are they a give away that day?
  4. With Tatis locked in what is Padres' plan with CJ Abrams? I'd advocate a big trade to get Gallen from AZ. His value right now is the lowest it's ever been.
  5. I would attempt to trade for Gallen and Scherzer (while giving him a 2/45 extension)
  6. Lost consecutive series to M's. Pretty discouraging with Trout, Rendon, and even Upton in limbo injury world.
  7. The Goose is refuse Doesn't rhyme as well but more accurate. Bench player who is starting for Rendon
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