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  1. Nationals owner be like...
  2. If this is the tension I fail to see anything wrong bauer did. He held a spotlight on pictures she already made public? Maybe childish on his part but nothing even remotely wrong.
  3. He's really good and will be recognized as an ace this year.
  4. I've been on the ace or bust mindset but I'm starting to be OKN with this. Assemble a shut down pen and Odorizzi. Aces can be acquired by trade during the season. Castillo and Gray value will go down a bit if Reds are out of it.
  5. I'd trade the farm for Gallen and could actually see a proposal making sense for DBacks.
  6. This is why I wanted a 3 year deal for odorizzi instead of Quintana for 1 year
  7. Yes, but when a team wins a WS the revenue is crazy. Back to Back and that's change.
  8. I could Dodgers being his safety net at something like 2/80.
  9. I wonder how long we'll wait on Bauer before getting Odorizzi.
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