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  1. Geeze. Im desperate for baseball too but I have to draw the line somewhere. Im not looking at boxscores on simulated games.
  2. He's the perfect personification of jedis time here
  3. I just discovered Orlando Palmiero is 9th in MLB most pinch hits with 120. That's really cool.
  4. 4th of July opening day would be welcomed
  5. My pearl jam shows are postponed. I don't see any way mlb continues as normal.
  6. Gathering of the coolest narration by Vin
  7. My instinct was to say GA but the stats clearly say Salmon except GA played longer
  8. I agree. No two players are identical. I think they are fair comparisons.
  9. He's a fair comparison to Stripling.
  10. Well batters kinda want pitchers to have a good grip as they throw a ball 95mph in the cold. Therefore the rule isn't enforced because no one is complaining.
  11. Dang, I wish this offseason had multiple established top pitchers available or I wish our GM could have constructed a trade for a SP
  12. Yes, and often they are taught terrible curve ball mechanics. If a pitcher can throw strikes with a fastball and change-up they will succeed all up to lower level high school. Breaking pitches shouldn't start until then IMO.