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  1. Nice game for Pujols. Hard to expect to be as good when replacing Rendon with some baseball player I've never heard of.
  2. This sucks, the team was rolling and now we're playing scrubs
  3. I like how Jay didn't even get a spot on your poll lol
  4. While I can't stand West, super inappropriate and flat our lying by Lo Duca.
  5. Just learned from Matt V that Glaus only had one at bat in the 2002 World Series...
  6. Wasn't that the name of a pitch for Mariner closer Sasaki?
  7. Hope Rendon is OK. Obviously great hitter, but his defense alone adds so much to this team.
  8. Not advocating for him, but is Puig out of baseball? It seems for him this would be the ideal opening. I'd imagine Puig's agent has contacted Halos already.
  9. I'll own that I wrote poorly. Allow me to clarify. In my opinion 2020 doesn't offer us much in comparing Teheran and Quintana. Quintana was hurt and Teheran looked awful in a strange year. "If I have a failing it's that I don't suffer fools lightly and I call out bad takes when I see them. If you think that makes me seem arrogant -- I'll wear that" I suppose that's sorta my point IP. You aren't the anointed one who gets to decide what a bad take or stupidity is. If you are indeed that gifted as a baseball evaluator I'd suggest you pursue a job within MLB. Otherwise you're just
  10. IP I will respond because I don't want you to feel like I'm ignoring you, but I have no intentions of an ongoing back-forth feud. I didn't mention you in my post so I hope you don't feel like I was specifically "gunning" for you. Yes I still see value in era and whip. That doesn't make me anti-analytics. I feel there can be room for both. I realize that some might roll their eyes if I point to whip as something of value. That will lead to differing evaluation on players. I get that. Yes I think 2018-2019 Tehran was a better SP than Quintana, and era and whip were factors for
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