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  1. Such an Angel move. High velocity and spin rate with terrible on-field stats and injury concerns.
  2. With my limited knowledge it sure seems like Tony Clark sucks at his role. Reminds me of that Seinfeld when George turned down the Jerry show offer and then accepted less. "You held out for less money"
  3. You think all successful people are spoiled brats? The true answer to your question is if grocery workers quit they would be replaced. I'd wager the drop-off from a great grocery worker and a new hire isn't that much. Not saying we should't pay them a living wage. Just saying their labor is replaceable. MLB players are, for the most part, not replaceable. Drop off from Degrom or Trout and a scab is a big cliff.
  4. To me common sense is pay players 100% of a pro-rated salary. They're already taking a pay-cut and they're risking their health with the virus. Owners can potentially sell the suites or just eat it this year.
  5. On that specific play the fist call is what set the Angels off. Erstad is screaming showing the fist. Scioscia, longtime catcher, is doing the same. Watch any compilation video on MLB dropped 3rd strikes and you will not see any out call (unless this game is in there) The only mechanic I have ever seen is strike signal then safe sign, open hand, or finger pointing towards the dirt. Personally I signal strike then verbally yell "no catch, no catch" then signal safe. Furthermore Eddings admitted he screwed up by publicly stating he'd change his mechanic. (Which wasn't entirely honest because I believe video footage from previous games showed Eddings did not use that out call for dropped 3rd strikes) Basically Pierz stole a call in a pre-replay era.
  6. If you think the out (fist) is the correct mechanic for a dropped 3rd strike then get your money back
  7. That year he had 1 at bat. Anyone know how the heck that happened considering interleague hadn't even started yet? Something crazy must have happened. Side note: Percival had 4 at bats with Cardinals thus going 0-5 with 5ks for his career.
  8. I'm an umpire ( mostly high school minimal jr college fill in) and I'm sorry you're wrong. The correct mechanic would have been verbal strike three and swing mechanic and then safe sign to signal no out. Watch any dropped third strike and you'll see.
  9. Yeah I wanted Beltre over Crawford too. I envisioned Beltre as a nice 20-25hr and good defense type guy. Man he took off.
  10. Disliked Pujols deal from day 1, but to be fair I was advocating for Fielder. I was highly in favor of Simmons and felt like a minority. I was stoked for Hamilton. thought 5 years was a good deal lol
  11. Were you watching at the time? First half he was looking like an ace, on pace for 20 wins. We didn't have a lot to cheer for in those years so his hype definitely got built up within fan base.
  12. Geeze. Im desperate for baseball too but I have to draw the line somewhere. Im not looking at boxscores on simulated games.