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  1. Me sense is he wants to play on the angels but he's fine with using the Yankees to make the angels pay as much as possible
  2. Dodgers took on hundreds of million dollars of bad contacts from the red Sox in order to get Gonzales. That trade didn't really help the dodgers. One could be critical of them that they spent so much but refused to spend an extra 20 million or trade some prospects for a bullpen. To me that's the parallel. I think we are 40 million away from competing. Not spending that with the other pieces in place doesn't make sense.
  3. Based off of Moreno in the past..... I could Angels are getting frustrated with Cole if he drags it out or attempts to use Yankees as leverage to bid us up. Leaking meeting with Stras was to send a message to Cole
  4. Astros had 3 aces. Nationals had two. It could be easily argued dodgers had 3. Twins had 1. Rays had 1, borderline 2. Maybe I'm too old school but I'm not ok with Pena starting a playoff game.
  5. I'd be fine with Stras and Ryu instead of Cole.
  6. I agree. It definitely is putting a lot of confidence and pressure on ohtani.
  7. 1. Cole/Stras 2. Ryu/Madbum 3. Ohtani 4. Heaney 5. Bundy 6. Canning I'd love this
  9. Ryu or Teheran? That's a big difference! One was leader for NL CY Young for a chunk of the year and the other was left off the playoff roster.
  10. Price for Cozart. I read red Sox would give him away if someone would take him.
  11. Cole wanted a one year high salary from a playoff contender. That is not us...... At least not yet. Braves should be a lock for the playoffs.
  12. It's pretty funny. I was in the small minority of not happy about the Pujols deal and almost got ran out of here for bring a Debbie Downer from the not your money crowd. Now it's flipped.
  13. Honestly I think that's a good price for Wheeler. I would have been happy with it. Madbum will cost the same but Wheeler has more upward potential.