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  1. Can he do a cover where 1973 Nolan Ryan travels to the future to c*nt punch A. J. Pierzynski moments before the 2005 ALCS?
  2. Someone start a pop tart “pole” on eating them toasted or cold out of the wrapper.
  3. We also have to spell labor labour and color colour. Although I wouldn’t mind pronouncing privacy as pre-vacy and schedule as sedule.
  4. The answer is “strawberry” and it’s not even close. Don’t @ me.
  5. But what do they call the “Big Mac?”
  6. Aren’t we all part time players on this big blue marble???
  7. I’m getting visions of C.J Wilson and Josh Hamilton…pass.
  8. Pitchers not getting pulled after 6 innings and 85 pitches. Eaton playing 5+ games a week with an .850 OPS. Ohtani playing the field in NL parks when not pitching. Rendon leading the AL in BBs and 2Bs in the 2nd half. Upton getting double digit SBs in the 2nd half. Angels acquire Danny Duffy from the Royals and Paul Fry from the Orioles.
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