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  1. Most of the time when a manager has a bad season, there are repercussions to the staff. Molina might be a casualty. Does anyone know if the Angels let their catchers call their own game? I remember Scioscia used to call it from the dugout for most catchers.
  2. Canseco stole the ROTY. It’s a Joyner card.
  3. Back in the late ‘80s, I had a buddy that was stoked he got a Will Clark ‘84 Topps Traded. I think he paid $10. I had to tell him that I had that set and they didn’t make a card for him. We were at a show a week later and most tables had the fake card at $1.
  4. I remember buying this card in the late ‘80s pointing to it in the glass and saying “I want to buy that Wally Joyner card.” And the shop owner said, “Kid, I think you’re the only one that would call that a Wally Joyner card.”
  5. Two people with opposite personalities definitely.
  6. Then how about Topanga or Tiffani Amber Thiessen?
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