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  1. Calling it now, Cleveland is going to be the first team named after a sponsor. The Cleveland Progressive Insurance.
  2. Could you elaborate on this? Are you saying that the players didn't like the use of openers or are you against the use of openers? Teams like the Rays, Yankees, and Dodgers have used the opener with success so its not some fringe theory. Though I'd agree that you have to have a good bullpen to make it work.
  3. Wish more people were able to understand this rather than just blaming bad luck every year.
  4. Fletcher batted .307 when batting lead off last year. I can easily see him hitting over .300 again over a full year.
  5. I feel the stigma of voting for the guy on a non-playoff team isn't nearly as prevalent as it was just a few years ago. The biggest thing that'll hurt him is missing those last few weeks of the season while Bregman was on fire. Since voting takes place just before the postseason that would have been fresh in their minds.
  6. I honestly doubt that they'll go after the players since then it would involve the Player's Union. I could definitely seeing them disciplining coaching staff, front office personnel though along with forfeiting draft picks and international spending money.
  7. If Cole can get a team to pay him power to him. I still think he'll settle around 7 years $245M but if the price does raise to $300 the Angels have to tap out. There are still good options on the market if Cole starts getting too expensive.
  8. If the Angels ended up getting one of Odorizzi/Wheeler/Strasburg and one of Gibson/Hamels/Keuchel I would be okay on missing out on Cole. I don't like Bumgarner's home away splits to justify the money he'll command and Ryu's injury is worrisome considering how many injuries the pitching staff has experienced. Strasburg is more worth the risk since he's much more productive despite the injury concerns.
  9. I feel like then teams would just wait til near the deadline. Players would accept less money in fear of missing the season.
  10. Really pushing for the Nats. Would be awesome to have another all wildcard World Series between the Rays and Nationals.
  11. Completely agree. It's not very often you get a guy at Cole's level in free agency, the closest comparable is probably Scherzer back in 2015. The past 4 years Eppler has been building the farm and signing stop gaps, eventually risks have to be taken and the front office needs to go into win now mode while the best player in baseball is in his prime.
  12. Lose in NLDS. The sooner the Dodgers are knocked out the sooner their fans stop being a thorn in my side.
  13. Honestly if Arizona was willing to trade Ray and a SP or C prospect for Fletcher that is a deal worth considering. In dreamworld, having a rotation of Cole, Odorizzi, Ray, Heaney, Canning, and Ohtani on Sundays at the cost of Fletcher and a bunch of money is a pretty good tradeoff.
  14. If Kendrick is still floating around late in the offseason after our other needs have been met I wouldn't be opposed to it. Right now Fletcher can play LF and every infield spot minus first and we have a surplus of players there. In my mind we can't throw money at a "nice to have" when there are deeper holes to fill.
  15. Lineup doesn't include Trout, LaStella, Upton, or Ohtani. Assuming a healthy lineup, offense isn't the issue moving forward.
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