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  1. Vince Scully's stories. Willy Mays's bucket catches Dick Enberg's home run call. Buckey F'n Dent (Im a native New Yorker)). San Diego Chicken Billy Martin v Steinbrenner rounds 1,2 and 3 Hank Aaron talent + CLASS Darin Erstad more balls then a Hollywood stuntman. Bob Gibson's 1968 Miracle Mets The Cowboy Seeing Original Yankee Stadium for the first time. Rich, green and manicured perfectly. 1960. Heaven on earth. Brooks at third. Bill Lee- The Moon Man. Fenway security caught him trying to measure the left field line. Funny guy
  2. Hidden ball trick. Bo Jackson's rocket to gun down Howard Renyolds at home. Nolan Ryans freezing batter with a 3-2 hammer. Mantle almost launching a bomb out of Yankee Stadium hitting the facade. Gaylord Perry getting nailed and even writes a book about it. Boutons book BALL FOUR. Hilarious. Milton Bradley's reaction on a close call strike 3. Billy Martin v Reggie Jackson Cheap beer night. Lou Gehrig speech. Burning disco records. White Sox softball uniforms. Leslie Nielsons dancing umpire. Bob Uecker advice on catching a knuckle
  3. How about luring John Sterling from the Yanks. I'm sure our Asian community of fans would appreciate it. " An H-bomb from o-H-tani." Johndw52
  4. Just thought I would start a thread on some postive feelings we've had about some of our players and associates throughout Angel history. 1. Of course THE COWBOY wanted to win badly. 2. Tim Salmon (A given) 3. Lymon Bostock not because of his tragic death but of his gesture to give up his salary because of his horrid start.
  5. Who is the biggest letdown of a pitcher whom you thought ( personally) was a sure bet to be great, then failed badly? Now what about the opposite. Very mediocre at best but turned out to be really good. Johndw52
  6. I know its an improbable outcome due to owner/broadcasting/vendor loss of revenue but it would benefit MLB players, increasing the quality of the overall game. Anyone know of some data research that correlates between time on field to injuries (we all know our DL history). I think its a slam dunk re. pitching. Does production, offense and defense, suffer more in say August and September. How about the suggestion of going back to 154 game season. More days off especially for coast to coast travel and cut a few games at the end. Increase wild card to maybe 2 out of 3 .Or is an acceptable part o
  7. How about this? Give him about 40 M via NDA at end of 2017 and offer options for 3 yrs to become Latin czar of scouting. Face of Latin baseball so to speak. Also throw in a couple of Mil to his charity. Think that could work? Be gentle with me please. Johndw
  8. Keeping your sexual urges private. By Paul Reubens
  9. "The Yankees and me." How I became a beloved member of the Yankee family. By Arod Training your bladder. Manny Ramirez
  10. "Crunch Time" How to not throw family members and friends under the bus when times get tough. Roger Clemens
  11. Anger Management Milton Bradely By the Book. Doug Eddings Using your head in baseball Jose Conseco Say No to drugs. Bill Lee Touch em All. Reggie Willits Opposing team Friendships I've Made. Bob Gibson Consistent Hitting for the Pacific North West. Chone Figgins
  12. "The art of Hitting" co-authors Bob Uker and Jeff Mathis forward by Minnie Mendoza
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