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  1. Yes, listened to the Audiobook after hearing him on Joe Rogan's podcast. Nothing like hearing the LA County Sheriff letting a felon on probation go with underage girls, drugs, stolen cars on his property and stolen credit cards in his pocket. "We didn't have enough evidence to hold him."
  2. I just got the S10, and so far am very pleased, the camera is great. I didn't think the s20 was worth the jump in price, but that is just my personal decision, the specs on it are phenomenal. I was replacing a very old Motorola Droid Turbo with 64MB and 3GB of RAM, so the s10 is a big jump for me.
  3. If you are interested in doing a deeper dive into understanding Fentanyl and its role in our opoid epidemic, I highly recommend Fentanyl Inc., by Ben Westhoff. He actually went undercover and visited a lab in China where they make it. He explains why it is so fatal, how easy it is to get it, how no one actually asks for Fentanyl, but it ended up in every illegal drug now. You may not agree with all his conclusion, but you will be much better informed on the subject.
  4. Serious question, do you think it is fair to call a guy with 2 5+ WAR seasons since 2011 a 5 WAR player? (6.3, 2.2, 3.0, 3.0, 3.5, 1.3, 5.0) Of course, you may have just been responding to the people that said they weren't impressed by him this year. Also, given that if he opts out you are certainly looking at another year, do you favor resigning him, given that 3+ WARs are a pretty rare sight for players over 33?
  5. I am quite sure they weren't throwing as hard way back in Cy Young's era. Also, they weren't throwing as hard for as long, for the most part, if you aren't getting into the 90's coming out of high school, you aren't getting a division 1 scholarship.
  6. Never heard it spun that way, Hadrian's Wall was built as a marker that the Roman Empire would not try to expand beyond (the first emperor to end the philosophy of expanding the empire for expansions sake)., then he built a wall as a rampart to defend against raids. So you are saying that Trump needs to keep invading neighbors, looting and subjugating them in order to not being seen as a "Clownstick?" I see our analogy to the long slow fall of Rome much more related to the political system being used as a way to enrich the politicians and politically protected classes, and not worry about the well-being of the country.
  7. That may be a bit of a stretch. If EVERY Stein voter voted for Clinton, then you get MI and WI, but still not PA. You have to assume that some of those 30K far left-wing voters would have left their check box empty rather than voting for the Democrat who gave speeches at $200K a pop to Goldman Sachs! Besides, if we didn't have 3rd party candidates, then you have to ask how many Gary Johnson votes would have gone for Trump.
  8. Apparently it was model homes built inside an abandoned stadium. The whole thing was demolished in the late 90's. http://www.snopes.com/osaka-baseball-stadium-neighborhood/
  9. I like reading these articles about the mindset and strategies of pitchers. Sometimes it is a chess game trying to out think you opponent, other times you are just thinking too much. I think especially for an emotional pitcher like Hector it must be hard to get into a high-pressure situation and realize the key is to throw softer!
  10. Well, Stradling, we will just have to examine other aspects of your life to get your total Angelswin Idiot Composite Rating.
  11. I think I would lean towards this being a good idea for a player. (Granted, this is the first I am hearing about.) I guess to really analyze it you would have to see the number of young prospects that make over 33 million in endorsements. Then that number would have to be higher than that to account for the present value of future dollars (a dollar today is worth more than a dollar 10 years from now.) Then there is the consideration that this is an insurance policy against either injury, or just not being able to excel at the Major League level. The final piece would be what others have mentioned, if he is making enough money to make this a bad deal, it won't have a huge financial impact on his life.
  12. This article is very interesting and worthy of its own discussion. if it is true, Cobb is the victim of a lying hack and his lies became the narrative for his life.
  13. Serious question Adam, even if that R was next to Rand Paul's name?
  14. I have zero excitement about Jeb Bush running for President. I think he will be a great choice if Republicans care about status quo, big donors, and still being seen as the party of the rich. He will also join the long list of "moderate electable" candidates that finish in second place. If he does get elected he will be just another Republican who thinks deficits don't matter and fiscal responsibility means spending at a slightly slower rate than Democrats. I would still hold my nose and vote for him against Hillary, Warren, or (gulp) Biden.
  15. I read what everyone is writing and I hope this works out, but all I can think about is when Josh Hamilton gets injured or just plain chokes away into non-existence, Grant Green isn't going to fill in that clean spot they way Howie did, not a chance. I hope Dipo has another trick up his sleeve.
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