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  1. I agree. Seems very petty to call it an asterisk year. All 30 teams signed up to play this year and had the same chance. If anything, this was a tougher gauntlet for the Dodgers to traverse than they otherwise would have. They were the consensus best team, and in a normal year, would have only had to win 3 series (instead of 4) to go all the way. Give credit where credit is due. They won, no asterisk.
  2. IMO, if 2017 is not an asterisk year, then really nothing is. When a team actively cheats and the results are still "valid," then there will never be an asterisk year. If the Dodgers win, it'll count, no asterisk. They were the best team in the regular season and would have likewise run the gamet in the longest playoff schedule ever. The players didn't get together and say "okay, we'll play this short season, but it won't really count, we'll just do it for fun." The winner of this series, whether the Dodgers or Rays (and the Rays still do stand a very, very real chance - remember,
  3. Absolutely. I think the best thing any organization can do is expand its FO infrastructure and build. And yeah, AF is king of this. He started it in TB, then went to the Dodgers, who gave him as much money as he needed to build that ridiculous juggernaut. People criticize them for spending money, but their payroll has actually gone done pretty consistently since Friedman has been in charge. He's made that team very efficient, rarely signs awful long-term deals (just awful short-term ones), and seemingly has a good eye when it comes to trading the "right prospects" - those who go on to
  4. Sure, and all of this is a valid and fair criticism of him. But that said, he did make that team competitive despite not having great drafts and he did build the infrastructure of that team such that he made them a rather good, respectable franchise, a la the A's. The Rays, at this point, have arguably the best minor league system in baseball, so the hope is we'd poach someone from them who played a role in building that.
  5. The Dodgers and Rays are in the WS. The Dodgers are an incredible juggernaut that will be great for a long time, and the Rays are always very good despite having no payroll and having to compete against the Yankees and Red Sox yearly. Please, Arte, hire someone from these teams. They clearly know the right way to build a team. Andrew Friedman's "tree" is incredible and the clear solution, IMO.
  6. I think if Arte were willing to pour quite a bit more money into analytics and player development, Eppler could have done a lot more. Look at Friedman. He built a good team on a limited budget in TB, but now that he’s a Dodger and has way more financial resources, he has built an incredible juggernaut that will be competing for titles for a very, very long time. So while Eppler didn’t get the job done, and certainly part of that is on him, I do suspect he could have done quite a bit better had he been given a much more generous scouting and analytics budget than he was provided
  7. Considering that both the Dodgers and Rays are still playing, I can only hope it's someone from one (or both) of those teams.
  8. I would probably not sign Stroman. I would go with Bauer, but if that falls through, then Gausman would be my next preferred pitcher.
  9. I've mentioned this elsewhere, but my idea of trading Adell isn't because I think he'll bomb or not be good. Quite the contrary, I think he'll be a really good player. But that said, my idea is to trade from the area of greatest organizational strength (OFers) to ameliorate its greatest weakness (SP). Adell is a top 10 prospect (or was before he graduated) and carries a lot of trade value. So, in that regard, I'd trade him for a very good young SP who has many years of control. In the short term, we have Trout, Upton, Ward to start in the 2021 OF. In the near future, the OF could very we
  10. My desire to sign someone like Bauer, and in turn flip Adell for a young, good cost-controlled SP like Plesac (or one of the DET young arms), is that it'll also help the pen, as we can use Sandoval as a multi-inning, LH relief weapon. He looked fantastic in that role, and if we had Bauer, Bundy, Pleasac, Heaney, Canning, Barria, Ohtani, etc .. we wouldn't need Sandoval to start. So the moves to help our rotation help our pen, too. Fleshing out the thought a bit: 1. Sign Bauer (7/210?) 2. Trade Adell to CLE for Pleasac + a relief prospect? 3. Sign Brad Miller as a 2B in
  11. I think it'll ultimately depend on who we hire as President/GM. If it's Dombrowski, the odds of swinging a Lindor-type deal go up significantly. If it is someone from the TB/LAD/OAK regime, then likely not. My preference would still to be to trade Adell to either DET for one of Manning/Mize (unlikely, since DET isn't near contention) or to CLE for one of their pitchers (much more likely, since CLE is contending and has a desperate need for a young OF). My motivation isn't to trade Adell because of how he played, but rather, because OF is by far the deepest part of our team
  12. Yep, this is correct. If we trade for him before the season starts, we can QO him. That said, we 100% need pitching. Lindor would be a luxury, but on a team with Trout, Rendon, etc - we don't need another star offensive player, we need some star pitching. Go get Bauer. Find a cheap 2B (should be plenty, Brad Miller would be my pick due to projected low cost and multi-positional versatility) who could either be a starter or a bench player in case Rengifo flops. Fletcher can be the starting SS.
  13. I'd go all in on Bauer. For the middle infield, I'd take a look at Brad Miller, who should be available at a very modest cost and has positional versatility. If Rengifo isn't good, Miller can play 2B.
  14. After Robles' season, he holds no trade value, IMO. Teams know the Angels will not tender him and will just wait for him to hit the open market and offer a very modest contract.
  15. Andriese was actually one of our more reliable relievers by season's end. I felt he was #3 in Maddon's pecking order, after Mayers and Pena. Considering Andriese will probably earn somewhere between 2-3 mil in arbitration, I'm guessing they'll keep him. Agreed with the 7 relievers you mentioned. Reyes, who we got from SD, could be an option, too. Naughton, who we got from CIN, could be a lefty reliever if he isn't seen as a SP.
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