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  1. SSS my friends. Give it time, things will normalize. Fletcher may not be as good as he was last year, but he should still be a solid player as he as been in all years. Upton I think is fine. He won't be spectacular, but if he can be roughly a 1 fWAR player over the season or so, I'll take it. What this team needs is Rendon to come back healthy soon along with Stassi. Both of those guys are key to our success and we don't really have any decent replacements for them.
  2. Every fan is different, but would I rather cheer for a team that wins 1 title every 30 or so years, but is incredibly competitive on a yearly basis, or cheer for a team like the Marlins, who have won 2 titles in the last 25 years, but have been rather awful for most of those other years? Personally, I'd opt for the former, but I know others may differ in that opinion.
  3. This is likely a reason as to why Bundy wasn't extended before the season, too. He had a great run last year, but I'm guessing the FO likely wanted to see if he can continue to pitch that well and build upon his strong season. So far, he's been fine, but not as good as he was last year.
  4. I think Stassi is a huge loss actually. Stassi was always considered a really good defensive catcher. The offense was a nice bonus, but as with most good defensive catchers, I'm sure he made a huge difference in our game planning, etc. Losing Rendon and Stassi is a huge blow. It doesn't sound like Rendon will be back after 10 days, but helpfully maybe by the end of this upcoming weekend. Not sure how long Stassi is out for.
  5. In retrospect, given that we are missing Rendon + Stassi, those games being postponed/rained out probably weren't the worst thing. We really need both of those guys healthy as soon as possible. I think Stassi makes a significant impact on our team both defensively and offensively. Hope that thumb heals quickly.
  6. I don't think it's purely a year-to-year thing, but rather the amount of long-term commitments. The Dodgers seem to shy away from super long-term commitments for the most part, but clearly do make exceptions for someone like Betts. They seem to prefer short-term, high AAV type deals - Bauer, Kershaw (the one he recently re-signed), and the offer they allegedly made Harper was like 4/170 or something like that. I think they try to avoid Pujols-type situations where they have a deadweight on their payroll for 5+ years (i.e. long-term). Betts will probably be an anchor towards the end of that deal, but they likely accept it given how much value he provides them now. I think the issue with Seager moreso is he doesn't project as a SS for much longer. He's actually subpar defensively now, but he can sorta get away with it by defensive positioning, etc. My guess is they move on from him because he doesn't figure to stick at SS, and they do have a former top 5 prospect (Lux) who plays SS. As for our team, yes, we have those 4, but Pujols is off the books this year, then Upton the next. It's probably why we couldn't pursue any significant FAs, and is probably why we won't pursue any next year, too, or at least the type of FAs people want to see us sign (i.e. top level SP).
  7. They might. Although at some point, they really can't keep everyone - Betts, Bellinger, Seager, Buehler, Kershaw. I suppose Kershaw will probably only be around for maybe 2 or so more years, but even without his salary, the other 4 should combine for what, 120-130mil+ per year? I think at some point, they are going to have to let someone significant go, and of those guys, my guess would actually be Seager. Seager's not very good defensively and will likely have to come off SS soon, which means his value will go down. He should still be a very good player, even as a 3B, but he probably won't be as valuable as he is now. My guess is Seager leaves as a free agent and they probably shift Lux over to play SS instead. They'll probably instead use that money to sign Bellinger and, eventually, Buehler to mega deals, along with the one Betts already has.
  8. It's actually rather uncanny. I get why this thread exists now, lol. Unfortunately though, maybe he should have started it after the Dodgers faced the Mariners .. as them losing to the Mariners last night actually hurt us, lol.
  9. The thing that they seem to do fairly well is replace good but not elite players with good young players very seamlessly - that's the key to their success that I'd like to emulate. They lost Hernandez and Pederson to free agency last year. Granted that's not Seager/Bellinger/etc, but those were pretty core guys that played a ton of games for them and came up with a lot of key moments. Pederson hit a ton of playoff HRs, Hernandez hit the game-tying HR for them against Atlanta in game 7, etc. Now they have some dude named McKinstry, drafted in like the 30th+ round, who has come in and is doing the exact same thing Hernandez did.- hit well and play all sorts of positions on the field. Their player development process is currently elite. They draft and develop players incredibly well, and in turn let good players go as free agents while retaining their elite players (Betts, Kershaw, etc). Bueherl is home grown and an ace, May looks great now, and they apparently have a good amount of young pitchers in the pipeline too. Again, the key is player development. People point to their payroll, and while this season it is much higher than other teams, the last few years they were basically on par with the top several teams and weren't #1. They spend a lot of money on things we don't see - scouting, analytics, front office infrastructure, etc. They'll have some choices to make very soon, with Seager and Kershaw both free agents (Jansen 100% won't be re-signed), so it'll be interesting to see how that team fares if they let Seager walk (Kershaw will probably be re-signed, as I see him as a player who will likely spend his whole career with one team). My hope is Minasian is allowed to do the same. It looks like he has been, as our FO has expanded already, and we are already seeing some promising results on the field.
  10. This is what happens when you give a guy who built a perennial contender in Tampa with one of the lowest payrolls in baseball access to lots of money - he has built an incredible team, from top to bottom, in LA. I see a lot of fans who are envious of this, but personally, I would instead look at them and see what we can learn about team-building and how to emulate the strategy they have. This is why I think it's a positive development that we have poached some members of their staff, as well as Tamin, who helped play a significant role in building that team, too.
  11. It is interesting to note the preferred configuration today is Rojas at 1B and Walsh in RF, as opposed to Walsh at 1B and Schebler in RF. They are giving Rojas as many reps as possible, it appears. Likewise, also glad to see Rengifo start at 3B. He should be starting close to daily right now.
  12. Agreed on Rengifo getting ABs. That's why I think actually we saw Rojas make the roster over him. The spot Rojas was occupying was likely to be a bench spot with sparing amounts of ABs. Rengifo has much more potential than Rojas, but to reach it, he needs regular ABs. With Rendon now on the IL and in need of a 3B, now the opportunity is available for regular ABs with the team, so Rengifo fits nicely for now. Once Rendon is healthy, I'd option him back and keep Rojas in his role - part-time player with occasional (but not many) starts. As for the future - we'll see. I would actually rather have Rengifo be more of a super sub type that plays all over the diamond and helps give regular guys rest - someone who we would expect to start 4-5 days a week, as he rotates around 2B, 3B, SS, LF. Ward, likewise, can be on the bench in the future too as a 3B/1B/RF/C type that serves as the same versatile purpose as Rengifo. So many things can change, but in 2022, could see something like this: 2B Fletcher, DH Ohtani, CF Trout, 3B Rendon, 1B Walsh, LF Upton, RF Marsh, C Stassi, SS Iglesias (if re-signed) Bench: C ??, IF/OF Rengifo, IF/OF/C Ward, IF Rojas. Rengifo and Ward will play a good amount and rotate around. Rojas will get occasional starts and pinch-hitting opportunities. Marsh will serve as the backup CF for the few days Trout is off.
  13. Slegers has been "BABIP'd." BABIP is, quite often, a stat used to show how lucky (or unlucky) a pitcher may be. Probably anything 0.300 or over is unlucky, and his is currently 0.522. His FIP is really good, so I imagine once he gets enough innings for things to be normalized, he should look rather good.
  14. Walsh has been absolutely incredible. His bat is legit, and the fact that we can roll him out in 1B/RF is a huge plus. He really needs to be playing daily, no matter the circumstances. Rengifo is someone I hope we can mold into a Chris Taylor type player that the Dodgers have - someone we can play at 2B, SS, 3B, and maybe occasionally LF too. Versatility is a huge aspect of these really good teams, and I am hopeful that Taylor and Ward can become like that - super subs that we can rotate around and utilize.
  15. It's not a big deal in the end. Hopefully Rendon's stay on the IL is fairly short. He can come back as soon as next Wednesday, I believe. Not sure if he'll come back on that date, but it seems to be minor enough such that whomever was replacing him at 3B probably won't be here that long. So for a week or so, Rengifo will get starts at 3B, along with Rojas too. Schebler in RF is the right call, IMO. Helps provide LHH balance, and as Jeff Fletcher referenced, Schebler had some shoulder issues the previous years that may have impacted his performance. Happy to see what he can do.
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