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  1. It took me a long time to de-code, I didn't want others to have to spend that kind of time!
  2. This is also why Fletcher likely signed the deal he did. People felt he got cheated, but if for some reason he regresses in his hitting abilities, then his earning ceiling becomes much lower. Regression can come at anytime for anyone, and he (smartly) cashed in after a fantastic season. It may end up as a bargain for us, but this also helps protect him in case 2020 ends up being his best offensive season.
  3. For those who wonder why Ward, etc may not have been called up, or may not have been on the taxi squad, it is explained above. Only guys on the taxi squad can be called up while on the road, and Maddon preferred to have guys on the squad who don't need daily training/"seasoning," so to speak.
  4. I think we'll see this FO draft/develop a catcher for sure, but I think we'll also fortify the position through trades/free agency. Stassi looks good to me, I think he's fine. It's hard for us as fans to truly gauge catcher performance - pitch-calling/sequencing, rapport with the staff, framing, etc. The offense is just a plus, but really, by far and away their greatest impact is on the defensive end, as they literally impact every single pitch defensively. I'm interested to see who this FO values in that regard. We heard they strongly pursued McCann in the offseason, who is consi
  5. Certainly the most encouraging aspects, offensively, have been the production of Ohtani and Walsh. Ohtani looks like he is back to his 2018 form, only actually better. Walsh is continuing to hit like he did last year, which is huge. He may not necessarily keep it up, but the fact that he is building upon what he did last season shows it is likely not a fluke. Right now, we have multiple positions locked down for years (hopefully): 1B, 2B, 3B, CF, DH. We likely have both RF and LF taken care of internally between all of the OF prospects we have. This means that SS and C are the a
  6. Not sure if you or anyone knows, but - on road trips, are we allowed to call up players who aren't on the taxi squad? I have to assume that perhaps we can't, given that's really the purpose of the taxi squad (unless the entire taxi squad is called up on the same trip, I guess)?
  7. After watching Cobb absolutely dice through the lineup yesterday, I'm going to give this thread a bump. It seems to me that our new FO group helps devise fairly good plans, at least so far. This is the best Cobb has looked in a really long time.
  8. We might as well just trade for the entire Orioles staff and watch this team go 130-32 or something, lol.
  9. Well, only 2 games so far, but Cobb has been our best pitcher. He generated 19 swing and misses last night - not bad!
  10. I think it'll change and evolve with time. I think Schebler will get a shot at it first. Nothing against Ward, but I think they'll want some more LH balance in the lineup. Schebler/Lagares will platoon and just effectively be place holders until one of our young players shows they are ready to play daily. RF will be our weak link on the team, but given the strengths of the rest of the team, that's okay.
  11. Maybe we just took Atlanta’s difference makers. They haven’t looked that great to start the season...
  12. Astros lost. With a win, we will have sole possession of first place!
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