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  1. In terms of prospects, etc - I think the key thing is Minasian likely recognizes that we have an "okay" farm system with potential. It is by no means a bad farm system, but it isn't a top one either. To do what the Padres did this offseason, or some other teams, we likely need to continue to build our prospect pipeline, not subtract from it. My guess is Minasian intends to utilize the FA market to find another SP. He found Quintana, who isn't exciting but is likely very dependable and should be a solid SP3 type pitcher, at a great value of 1/8. Maybe he gets an Odorizzi or a Paxton to
  2. Right - that was more of my point / focus - that he was looking for someone who would prioritize that. I didn't mean to suggest that his prime point was to hire someone who wouldn't give out a big contract. Just about any GM, if the owner said "here's a pot of gold, go use it," would likely sign someone to a large deal. Again - the emphasis is someone who will draft and develop, and build a support system around Trout, Rendon, and (perhaps) a healthy Ohtani.
  3. The offseason certainly isn't over, and there are still rather good options out there (Paxton, Odorizzi, etc), but I think the "big splashy move" concept is probably over, and that's actually probably for the best. Long-term contracts to FA SPs rarely work out well. We already have a lot of big deals. Yes, Pujols and Upton are almost done, but we do have Trout and Rendon signed to gigantic deals. We likely don't want to add a 5-6 year mega deal to a FA SP. I'm content signing Paxton and getting a solid stop-gap RF, like Joc Pederson.
  4. While it can be deemed the "Eppler route," my hope is Minasian is significantly better in terms of finding value and diamonds in the rough. Eppler's failing was he signed FA SPs that not only weren't average, but they were downright awful. If Minasian can "go the Eppler route" but actually find average/above average SPs, that'll help significantly. Only time will tell, but I feel Quintana, on a 1 year deal, is a significantly better find than any of the 1 year deal SPs Eppler signed.
  5. The hiring of Minasian likely signified the direction Arte wanted to head in. Minasian has worked for teams that draft well, develop talent well, and typically don't make large free agent signing, but rather, calculated, short-term risks. Given Arte chose Minasian, it showed he wanted someone who could help build t his team from the ground up, not someone who will hand out mega contracts in free agency. We will probably see another short-term deal, a la Quintana.
  6. And I think Fabiano is with the Athletic..
  7. The article mentions that the relationship between Bauer and Calloway is beyond repair. If that is true, then I have to imagine for Bauer, that is a very significant issue, no? If he feels he can't work with Calloway, Bauer likely wouldn't want to come here unless he had absolutely no choice, or unless the Angels absolutely destroyed all of the other offers he got. And it appears the latter was never going to happen.
  8. A 2-year deal is fine, but historically, pitchers are typically rather poor investments on long-term deals. A few have held up well (Scherzer comes to mind), but most do not. FWIW, this year we should find out quite a bit more about our young SP - Ohtani, Barria, Sandoval, Suarez, CRod, Detmers, etc. A lot can happen in a year. That said, I would fully expect Minasian to re-sign one of our 3 FA SPs (Bundy, Heaney, Quintana) to a long-term deal, assuming we don't sign Bauer. If we do sign Bauer, I am somewhat doubtful we will sign any of those 3 to long-term deals.
  9. Right. I think Minasian is constrained by budget and likely utilizing the same one-year approach to SPs as Eppler did. That's where the comparison ends, though. Different GMs can be vastly different talent evaluators, and we can only hope Minasian is a better judge of FA talent / bounce-back potential than Eppler was. It seems incredibly likely we will acquire one more SP, whether via trade or signing. If it's a signing, considering who is left on the market, my preferred non-Bauer choice is still Paxton, but perhaps Minasian has a lead on a trade that he is pursuing instead. I
  10. FWIW, Schebler did play CF for the Reds. Likely not an ideal candidate to play CF, but he has done so before.
  11. I've mentioned this in other threads, but even if we sign another SP, the odds that all of our SPs emerge from spring training healthy is very slim. After all, we are the Angels - we will be lucky if 2+ aren't out, lol. But seriously, I don't worry too much about trying to accommodate all of our possible SPs. Someone is bound to be on the IL at all times, or close to it, I imagine.
  12. Right, he's just a guy, nothing special. But maybe if he can be replacement-level or slightly above, then that would work decently in a platoon. Combine him with Ward and that should buy time for Adell and Marsh to properly develop. Likely it depends on our overall budget and what we spend on SP. Not sure how much will be leftover for a LHH RF.
  13. Ideally, I'd like a bit of a higher-upside SP, then just wait to sign a reclamation-type SP option later to a minor league deal. I think we can probably just sign a couple of relief flyer-type options and hopefully someone emerges. Look at previous years - Robles came out of nowhere, dominated, then fell off the map. Mayers was more of an afterthought, and instead he turns in one of the best seasons of a reliever last year. Relievers are highly volatile, but as we've seen so many times, they tend to emerge out of nowhere - Minasian just has to cast a wide-net and hopefully one emerge
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