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  1. No surprise at all. He was always going to be on a strict innings limit this year. I'd rather have him pitching later in the season vs earlier.
  2. I think they will likely platoon Joc and Pollock in LF. Joc is fantastic against RHP and platooning Pollock will likely help him stay healthier, since he isn't playing day-in, day-out. They are a loaded team. Their SP might be a tad worse, but adding Betts is, obviously, a very big deal.
  3. Arte is his boss, there is zero chance Eppler is going to throw his boss under the bus here, lol. He'd be fired before the day ended.
  4. Don't see anything claiming that. 3-4 wins is what I saw projected. Pederson displaces Goodwin and adds ~2 more wins. Stripling displaces some of our SP depth and probably adds 1-2 more wins. I don't see that as an unreasonable projection, considering Pederson is one of the best hitters against RHP and Stripling projects as a solid #3-type SP.
  5. Yeah, and that's just so incredibly disappointing. Pederson and Striplnig added ~3-4 wins to our total. Losing that is huge, and if it's really because Arte was trying to strong-arm the negotiations, that's truly awful.
  6. I hate to say it, but I have to agree with this. There's been lots of anecdotes, over the years, that have suggested Arte is rather impatient and tries to force things. If it is true that he blew up this trade, then that is truly a shame, because it probably cost us 3-4 wins, which will need in a very competitive wild card race. That said, maybe something else is being re-worked. We'll see..
  7. I think I would trade Marsh in a package for an ace if we are in the thick of things, but NOT Adell. Packaging Marsh in a deal for, say, Clevinger (or maybe Syndergaard) would be acceptable to me if we are strongly in the playoff hunt. I like Pederson a lot, but he will always be a platoon OF at best. Very useful but also easily neutralized with a LHP. The reason I'd consider Marsh is because at this point, we will likely have Trout, Adell, and Upton in the OF starting in 2021. Upton's contract expires after 2022, which also likely coincides well with Adams' development. Thus, the long-term OF dynamic could be Trout, Adell, and Adams (*IF* we ended up trading Marsh).
  8. Of note, Heyman has been the one who has casted the most doubt on the deal, so this is a positive development
  9. If this trade goes through, we’ll have 4 of the top 40 hitters against RHP last year of 363 qualifying hitters: Trout, Rendon, Pederson, and LaStella. That’s fantastic.
  10. Definitely better, but as it is, we have a pretty monstrous lineup against RHP. Castro actually posted a 123 wRC+ against RHP last year. The key thing we'll need to do though is stagger our R/L a bit, in that both Pederson and Castro struggle mightily against LHP, so we'll have to flank those two in particular with RHH (especially with the new 3 hitter minimum rule). vs RHP: LaStella 1B (hopefully), Trout CF, Ohtani DH, Rendon 3B, Pederson RF, Upton LF, Simmons SS, Castro C, Fletcher 2B That should be a top 3 lineup in the game, or awfully close to it. It's even more fun if we sub Adell in for Upton Our rotation, on the other hand, should be solid but definitely not spectacular. The one thing we are missing is a top-of-the-rotation pitcher to pair with Ohtani. Come the trading deadline, if we are legit in the thick of the race (which I expect us to be), I'd consider trading for either Syndergaard or Clevinger (if either are available). Syndergaard would be the cheaper of the two to get (prospect wise). It might force us to part with Marsh as part of the package, but honestly, if we can land either of those two, I'd do it.
  11. Good perspective. Pederson and Stripling make us considerably better this year and will vault us from a possible WC contender to a WC favorite. Likewise, if Rengifo and Ward go on and become more productive than we anticipated, I'd be happy for them too. I do think this trade will happen. Boston has way too much on the line, financially speaking, to back out of the deal. Backing out now would cost them many, many millions of dollars on the whole (Betts + 1/2 Price, plus luxury tax savings).
  12. Yeah. With Rendon aboard, there really wasn't going to be much of an opportunity for Ward moving forward. He's basically been occupying 3B/LF, neither too well at all.
  13. I sure hope it's just Rengifo and Ward. We'll see .. at some point. Maybe.
  14. "To the Angels for three prospects" .. makes it sound like 3 are coming from us.
  15. It's possible. Nightengale tends to do things like that.