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  1. I hadn't turned on the tv that morning - I was giving my wife a ride when I turned on the news radio and almost instantly heard the announcer in a choked up voice saying a 2nd plane had just hit the World Trade Center. It was a lot to process all at once - but it was obvious we were under attack. A little later, I was at home, and heard and spotted F-16's flying north at high throttle - these were probably those searching for flight 93. Later, I saw F-15's patrolling overhead, carving turns in the sky. I didn't really know anyone directly - I'd known someone at DCSPER in the Pentagon - but very distantly - and the father of a girl who played soccer with my daughter was on flight 77. I was concerned about a co-worker who I knew was scheduled for a meeting at WTC that afternoon, but quickly heard he was fine. (the next day, we had a meeting at Citigroup down the street to help them get their trader desks back on-line, and the guys who went told how they were escorted past/through the still burning ground zero - I was bummed Amtrak was down, otherwise I'd have been there - 'cause of course, you wanted to help in any way you could.) Another co-worker had flown to CA the previous day, and with the grounding, wound up renting a car and driving back to VA. Regarding the flag - my wife is buried at Arlington, and I put a flag up on Memorial Day in her honor, and never really feel right taking it down, so leave it up until after Veteran's Day, then pack it away for the winter. If you're offended by my flag, well, I'm ok with you staying out of my neighborhood.
  2. That was pretty great - that crowd was lit up, Snell had been dealing (but seemed to lose his feel for the slider earlier that inning - maybe against Mayfield?) At any rate, certainly a situation to be intimidated and to fold, but Adell delivered in a high-pressure situation - not bad! (pretty funny how Mayfield stole 2nd and then scored without anyone noticing) And what's the deal with Herget? A career-minor leaguer, looking pretty good (so far, knock wood, etc)
  3. That's probably an expression you can put away and not use again until, say, "never"
  4. He doesn't look like he's having nearly as much fun as before - I think the intense scrutiny and high expectations, however well-intentioned, puts an unreasonable amount of pressure on him, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's all stressing him out. Some physical and mental rest might do him some good
  5. You're right - and I don't even want to set myself up for the notion that if there were ever a time for Arte to go "all in", to be willing to breach the "cap", this off-season would be it - that is, assuming we have a healthy Trout and that guy who plays 3rd base? Whatever his name is - they're not getting any younger or healthier and if this team doesn't step forward, when the time comes, Ohtani might decide he needs a World Series ring, and walk when he has a chance. So, the time is right for Arte to go "all in" - to make a run before the clock runs out on this guys. But so what? Arte won't be suddenly breaching the salary "cap", and so when it comes to acquisitions, next year will be Groundhog day, yet again. We do have some young talent that will make the team worth watching - but it sure would be nice to play a meaningful baseball game in September ...
  6. Just gonna leave these here ... https://www.census.gov/library/stories/2019/07/millions-of-americans-live-coastline-regions.html https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/population.html
  7. Well, Angelos' primary sins were in ridding himself of anyone who disagreed with him - witness Jon Miller being run off - much of the front office left or were run off, replacing his baseball guys with often-incompetent ass-kissing yes-men - then, later, letting his sons run the team like it was a personal play toy. I can't figure out where Arte falls here - is he like Steinbrenner v1, with incessant meddling that crippled the team? I dunno - not sure it's helpful to try and find his equivalent - to me, it feels like he's under-invested in building a quality baseball organization, and seems more interested in the team as a marketing operation than a baseball team. It also feels like the Angels are a bit under-capitalized - yes, we had money for Pujols and Trout - but that also meant under-funding operations. Eh, dead horse. But I'm at the point where I wish he'd sell to a buyer as well-funded and as motivated as say, the Guggenheim group.
  8. And here I didn't think I could hold him in any more contempt ...
  9. I think it's important to separate what the feds say in their affidavits vs what the family attorney is claiming. The attorney, Kay, his family - every one of them has an interest in the placing the blame on the Angels and we've certainly seen how these claims can get exaggerated until the actual court date. And I find it a little difficult to believe that multiple family members took it upon themselves to call Tim Mead and tell them Kay was supplying drugs to players - presumably, to get him fired? How would it be in Mead's interest to ignore that info? He'd have to know how much big a risk he'd be taking by deliberately ignoring it - and for what? To risk his career and the lives of players to protect some scumbag?? However, If it can be more-or-less proven that they *did* tell Mead this, and he swept it under the rug, then all hell will break loose - Skaggs' family wins their case, multiple players get outed for using illegal prescription pain-killers - I think there'd be a fair chance MLB would sanction the club.
  10. Probably from eating Taco Bell in the minors ... Is it time to sacrifice a rooster or something? Just one thing after another, one year after another - I'm surprised the earth hasn't opened up and swallowed the stadium ... Being an Angels fan is like ...
  11. Both of these - and while some of his routes are still kinda awful, his fielding has improved a *lot* over last year. To improve as much as he has since last year, I'm really impressed
  12. That's the way of the world now, I'm afraid. I do get subsequent comments about how Ohtani seems to have more questionable incidents than other players - I "get" that, and maybe examples need to be made? I dunno - I'd be a little more concerned about how the umpires - objectively, some say - make more bad calls against him than almost any other player.
  13. If it was supposed to be Elmer Fudd, it was *still* a terrible impersonation. Saying "veddy" instead of "vewwy" makes it a questionable thing to say - or more accurately, a questionable way to say it. But to be honest, people calling for his job seem like a bigger problem to me than what he said.
  14. Some things never change ... It was built in a residential area of Baltimore, so I imagine it was gridlocked. It was torn down, but they built a baseball/football field in the footprint, so it's sort of still there.
  15. I think including the hippo icon is a little more than "insinuating." (Jeezus, ambush photos of people living their private lives to use to try to embarrass them? This is where we are? ) There are just so many things wrong with that post - it's creepy and gross - I think we need a reaction icon like "... and the horse you rode in on"
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