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  1. It's probably hoping for too much - but I'd really like to see Marsh - if he's ready - in RF this year. That has the makings of a really formidable lineup.
  2. Yup - that was the failure - knowing he'd put us in the penalty and unable to sign Vlad the next year. I gathered at the time, every other clubs' scouts said "wtf?" We bid against ourselves. I wonder if Angels fans randomly walk up to DiPoto, like when he's in a grocery store, and just slap him in the face over this. I hope so
  3. Showing my age - and it's way too small a sample size - but the 1979 team (at least in my memory) had this near-supernatural ability to come-from-behind - you'd just kind of wait for the 8th inning for the come-back. This team - so far has shown that same attitude and aptitude. Of course, a lot of that was due to the "meh" pitching but let's not get technical ...
  4. I often think the reason JD found it easy to punch out (mid-season, no less), was he could read the tea leaves as well as/better than we could. I don't think most fans could look ahead and see what lie ahead for the team and not feel like a bit like a lookout on the Titanic - you could see what was coming - but there wasn't much of anything that could be done about it. A team in decline with no farm, hamstrung by bloated, unmovable contracts, but with Trout playing, never bad enough to get good draft position - it was a terrible situation for a new GM. Eppler made some mistakes, sur
  5. Which seems kind of weird to me, in that Georgia already had voter-id laws on the books. The one talking point everyone seems to parrot is the "political operatives can't give water or food to people within 150 feet of the polling place" There was *also* already a law on the books that prevented giving gifts to people in a polling place - to include water, food, or drinks. I've voted in elections too numerous to count, and have never thought to ask someone for water or food, and have never seen anyone else ask for or offer it. This all seems a bit ginned up to me ...
  6. His stats are really good the last couple of years - (though not many innings at all) - intriguing, to say the least.
  7. I mean, does it actually need to be said? A front-end SP has far more value than a reliever, who have notoriously short shelf-lives. Using him as a RP runs the very real risk of derailing a potential top-half starter and, if overused, ending his career years early. Manager's job is to win now - GM's job is to win now and next year and next. Perry will need to step in - I can see the temptation to use him now - there might even be some benefit, but only inasmuch it will help him develop as a starter.
  8. Yes - he'd be worth that, *if* his '21 looks like '20 with no signs of injury/regression (with a deader ball, who knows, he might be even better.) I was more thinking "what could we sign him for today" with the team taking on the risk of regression?
  9. I remember AG - smart as hell, but you had to be able to accept the occasional dismissive "you're an idiot" responses from him - Asperger's iirc. Once I realized that was just who he was, didn't much faze me - although there were times I'd kind of put him in the penalty box and not talk to him - sure he never noticed. Exiledc was similar in a way - smart as hell, could be brutal at times - he did not suffer fools. Make some lazy assumption about something being discussed, and he'd smack you down. Once he got to know you, that you weren't just a troll or an idiot, he was fine. Learn
  10. Hard to put a value on him right now - if he sustains 2020, he'd be in demand as a FA next season. What do we think it'd take? 3/30?
  11. Too funny - when I read read @tdawg's "cartoon villain" comment, that's precisely the image that came to mind.
  12. Well, I think the chat transcript said we had 8 amateur scouts - I mean, it's possible we employ 712 pro scouts - in which case, eff the Dodgers But I'm willing to bet we're not in the top 4, or top 7 - my pool pick is #24th, overall.
  13. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/theyre-the-model-how-the-dodgers-player-development-machine-rolls-on/ Anyone have a copy of the Baseball America Directory?
  14. In addition to the little fragments of stories like this that occasionally leak out is the overall poor performance of drafting/development of the team. At best, we've been average - "average" or "mediocre" doesn't get your crowned World Series champs. I've long suspected that Arte has underfunded this aspect of the team - putting minimal resources into the nuts and bolts of the team. We've already discussed the org charts of the Angels vs. the Dodgers - their ops side is full of baseball people - the Angels have a few "MBA" types. I hate to say it, but Arte seems to ha
  15. Usually very much a "best player available" fan - whatever the position. But this year, unless there's huge drop-off, it's going to go with "best college pitcher available" with that first pick. Found some other clips of Cerantola - at least in those, while he needs to clean up his delivery - I'm impressed with what he was putting up. In addition to that CB, he showed a pretty flithy changeup and has good run on his fb. Looks very athletic, with a free and easy motion. Worth keeping an eye on ...
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