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  1. I suspect someone in MLB headquarters is gonna make sure this happens ...
  2. I'm gonna go with Arte - but I'm not actually sure it's on him, as much of it is speculation and rumor. But some issues: 1. Lack of organizational spend/support - we've all heard and looked at things that suggest that, say, the Dodgers have a dozen scouts to each one of ours, and have a cabinet full of baseball operations people, while we have a few "billboard" people - we're operating in a information vacuum - we don't *know* these things to be absolutely true - but there's a lot to suggest the Angels' ops/draft/development operation spend lags other clubs badly 2. Lack of international presence - do we really think our GM's told Arte "We don't need no steenkin' Latin players or scouts?" Our budget most years was dismal and we didn't even bother for several years (of course, when we did, we found Baldoquin, so careful what you wish for ...) 3. Apparent interventions - there were suggestions he elbowed the GM's intro trading for Wells and signing GMJ and Hamilton. None of which lets our GM's off the hook - but I can't believe any GM would be so afraid of Arte that they didn't tell him "look, we need scouts, we need operations people, we need development people, we need analytics staff, and we need money to scout/sign/develop internationals" - and the evidence he didn't provide those things is our weak international presence - other than Ohtani - for the last decade. Eppler gets a *lot* of leeway - I have little doubt Ohtani is here because of him.
  3. Holy crap - I thought, "here we go" - A's are gonna come right back ... Then Iglesias does that trick catch ...
  4. Yup. What that means in practical terms, I'm not sure - except we can't be stampeded into selling out for a 1 year run at the ring that'll take 10 years to recover from, just to try and win in the Trout window. Have seen that movie ...
  5. Well, nah, not that bad - but the ending made me feel dumb for having watched it - just kind of disappointed they took what looked like a promising concept and steered it into the ditch. Of course, any minute now, we're gonna start hearing about how we're wasting his best years and should trade him to the Yankees or the Phillies or ...
  6. Well, not sure *I* am (glad) But yes, Ohtani is the real life "Steve Nebraska" - who, to be honest, as much as I love having Trout on this team, Ohtani's the guy I stop to watch because I want to see what he's gonna do next
  7. Not sure if you were asking - but if you were, the setup for the movie "The Scout" had Albert Finney scouting local baseball teams in the remote backwaters of Mexico as a punishment for bad signings, when he discovers a player who's basically a cross between Sidd Finch and Roy Hobbs - and Finney's line was something like "I've found him! I've found Kong!" (as in King Kong) The setup was kind of funny, but after the first 20 minutes, the movie crashes and burns with a maudlin middle and a terrible ending (apparently Brooks re-wrote the ending but the studio forced a "happy" ending)
  8. Meh, his Baldoquin move stands alone in its excretory glory even without factoring in Vlad Jr. Baldoquin's slash line at Las Tunas (Cuban league) the year before we signed him .279/.372/.324 - the mystery is what Dipoto saw in him to make him think "whoo! I've found Kong!"
  9. We definitely talked to him after Regains uh, "stepped down", and there seemed to be a lot of mutual interest - and then it fizzled out, and we hired Dipoto instead. I guess I'd be morbidly curious to know what actually happened - like Friedman asked for something - like partial ownership, or a particular operating budget increase, or to bring certain staff with him - something that caused us to say "no." Or maybe, just maybe, it was Arte choosing Dipoto over Friedman b/c he was the new hotness with all his "analytics." Which, I mean - tbh, it took awhile to realize Dipoto was salting the earth of our farm system. It's "morbidly curious" because there's no answer that would make things right - I just want to know if this club is making poor decisions (and who's making them), are underfunding the operations side (I definitely smell smoke here - it's not hard to believe Dipoto's inability to draft talent was due at least in part to someone else short-changing his scouting budget), or if it's just all bad luck?
  10. You're right, the actual hit rate on drafting players in MLB is shockingly low, same with internationals. And it might just all be pointless wishful thinking to think about such things - but I think it can be instructive to remind yourself of your mistakes, so you don't allow that mindset to make the same error - anyone that signed GMJ should have never traded for Wells, nor signed Hamilton. Those were all idiot moves on their face - that's not revisionism or hindsight. Yet somehow this org had learned nothing. And taking a look back to see what you might have been able to do is to remind yourself what's possible if you can improve your success rate by even a little - when a small improvement can have large downstream impacts. (If I were in the front office - I'd have someone examining every past draft pick, the mistakes and the successes, to see where we went wrong, or right - and how to get better.) There's are reasons this team hasn't won a playoff game in over a decade, despite its huge payroll. And it starts with our ability to draft and develop talent.
  11. I know what you're saying - I mean, it's unlikely that instead of that crop of nothings we drafted that year, we'd have drafted all of Yelich, Snydergaard, Simmons, Castellanos But if we drafted, say, Yelich. Do we still sign Hamilton? If we don't sign Hamilton, we don't lose a pick to Texas - and maybe we draft Aaron Judge with our natural pick. So, in some universe, there's an Angels team that had an outfield of Yelich, Trout, and Judge. Say we drafted Simmons - do we still sign Baldoquin? Why would we? So, do we keep our powder dry and wait for Vladito the next year? So, yeah, it's all butterfly effect stuff. But fun - or annoying - to think about...
  12. Fixed it. (except, it's not fixable. I've heard sacrificing Dipoto's nuts over a hot fire (whilst still attached to the owner) could fix it. I'm skeptical, but willing to give it a chance.)
  13. This is where I kinda wish MLB allowed trading of draft picks - I mean, if you could trade a #9 pick for two last-first-round picks, or what have you, that would certainly make things more interesting. Of course, the baseball draft is worlds different from the NBA or NFL draft and it's very difficult to understand how that would be valued in reality. Here's an older chart from Hardball Times that's kind of useful - so, to my eye, that #6-10 pick is "worth" roughly 2x picks in the 21-30's. My stats are pretty weak, but I think the chances of turning two 21-30 draft picks into 2x 10+WAR players is about 2%, but getting one of them is, I think 21% - as compared to 25% for the 6-10 slot you traded out of. Of course, teams don't *have* two 1st round picks to trade, except. We've had two diametric experiences with a cluster of early picks - 1st two rounds: 2009 - Grichuk, Trout, Skaggs, Richard, Kehrer, Corbin in the 1st two rounds, netting >100 WAR and counting 2010- Cowart, Bedrosian, Clark, Lindsey, Bolden, TIllman - netting 0.1 WAR and counting 2010 should have been a generational draft - and I won't even delve into what might have been by naming the players we *could* have drafted that year - it's too depressing.
  14. And, also, that they can always gets worse "Balance"
  15. Gotta take Madden if he's there. Hoglund might last 'til the end of the 1st round or into the comp round, same with Jaden Hill - this would be a year to have a comp pick - seems like no chance they'll be around for our 2nd pick (#45) I see one mock draft has us taking Jackson Jobe - a high schooler - he could be one of those guys that 5 years from now you look back and say "dammit - we could've drafted that guy ..."
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