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  1. I have no idea what would lead us to some of those decisions - was it scouting? Or was it a GM who needed pitching so desperately that he just ignored or changed the scouting reports? I've always been an advocate of taking a retrospective analysis of draft decisions - to help answer why we made certain decisions, like drafting some head-case who washed out of Rookie ball over an MVP candidate - what went wrong? What did we miss or misinterpret (if anything.) Should similarly take a hard look-back at what led to our crap free-agent signings, and find out where we went wrong.
  2. I think in general, true top-tier pitchers rarely reach free agency in their prime - if you have an "Ace", you try to lock him down. So, the few "can't miss" free agent pitchers are usually mad-expensive. And seems we chose to spend our money on such all-stars as Hamilton, GMJ, Wells, and Pujols. That left us with the more affordable 2nd and "3rd tier" reclamation projects - which haven't worked so well. For the most part, you need to draft/develop your own pitching (or trade for it before their value is apparent - and not be the sucker on such trades) - position player
  3. That sounds about right - he might get more - but I feel like he'd have to get it somewhere else. And not knowing the club finances in the out years, it *still* might be too much for us to bear.
  4. Club option, right? 4/120 kinda makes me want to puke - so, guess that's probably the right number It's an overpay, except our alternatives are too costly - for all the progress in the farm, it's not exactly overflowing with talent ...
  5. A response to the article that tried to justify an equal or greater contract AAV for Bauer than for Cole. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/01/trevor-bauer-gerrit-cole.html
  6. Oh, yeah, I know - he seems like a really smart and focused guy -mature, too - which is promising. Just after hearing so much about him, he often looked overmatched. I'm not down on him - any expectation that he'd be ready for the bigs at that age was a bit unrealistic. That said, he needs to improve, and his risk went up since last year.
  7. That comparison ... you know, I didn't blurt out "oh, come *on*" - no way I've seen Marsh enough to go *there* - but it's a nice thought, and doesn't seem crazy, at least. Adams seems like an amazing athlete - and the fact he can actually put the bat on the ball - so far - makes me really want to see what he can do (we've drafted a lot of those super-athletic guys who just couldn't hit) - I'd like to give him another year to be more sure of what he's going to do - but that's always the case - don't want to hang on to some flash in the pan one season too long ... I kind of wish I
  8. Vladdy, no doubt - I was appalled we weren't in on him, (and appalled we got him on a fluke) - which might've made it better - I'd given up on the idea we'd get him, then out of the clear blue! After that, Ohtani then Vaughn or perhaps Hunter? Maybe Carew lands in there somewhere, but honestly, I don't recall anything more than "cool." I couldn't get excited over Pujols - as "big" as it seemed, and as happy as I thought I was supposed to be, it felt like a big mistake - kinda like this:
  9. Off the see the Great Dodger in the Sky - and going out in a year the Dodgers won the World Series seems altogether fitting. RIP, Tommy.
  10. The old "Everyone else was doing it, why you picking on me?" defense. You're right - he should patent the formulation and sell it online. I'm sure this is more about wringing a settlement out of the Angels to avoid the cost of litigation than actually going to trial.
  11. Absolutely - while I didn't mention "motivation", I only discussed "money" as his sole motivator - that was deliberate. I was thinking that, unlike many NPB players like Ohtani who came here for the challenge of playing at the highest level, the only reason he wanted to come here was to make more money. There were suggestions his work ethic might be a little suspect - not a good trait as he ages. As a GM, that attitude isn't going to tempt me to take much of a chance on him. He's got talent, but this isn't the year, and he's not the guy I'd risk a lot of money on.
  12. Not to mention, any MLB team would've had a posting fee surcharge on top of it - a $40m deal would add $7.7m on top, (payable "up-front", I believe.) And look at it front his perspective - he's going to have to move to an entirely different country, where he doesn't speak the language, leave his home, his friends, his life. I think he'd need a substantial improvement in compensation to make that move. It would need to be - as he was demanding - a better-than-Kikuchi-like deal - 4/$56 - to make that move. Maybe in a different year, he gets that offer. But maybe using Kikuchi as a c
  13. Yeah, some of this - I'd have to think that after so many seasons, I'd probably find that the whole grind of a season would get old, and I'd rather retire and enjoy the rest of my life. Have seen too many people die before they could enjoy the fruits of what they'd saved. But it wouldn't be "Option B" either - no effin way I leave $450m on the table. But that's just me - seems most guys who get to that level never want to give it up - and there may be a lesson in that. Imagine if Pujols had the following option - retire before this season and get $40m or stay and collect $3
  14. Isn't that pretty much the precise definition of being a "fan?" We have no control over any of it, and it doesn't actually affect our lives. Sooo ... "Shut 'er down, Chuck - it's all meaningless..."
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