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  1. Yeah, either a high-end college starting pitcher - a no-doubt pitcher who projects to a #1 or #2 and who can contribute in a couple of years - or a high-ceiling position player, college or high school, even take a flyer on a hs player like Jordan. High school pitchers taken high in the draft rarely live up to their hype, but hs position players can sometimes be a steal.
  2. You know, last night, I went thru some draft histories to try and characterize just how freakin' difficult and random it can be, sometimes, to draft, develop, and most importantly, "keep" that unicorn, the "ace" pitcher - I had charts and graphs and everything - but forgot to post it. Now that I see the conversation has moved on to "assbirths" , I erased it all ... (truth be told, there were no graphs, and the site seemed to lose what I wrote overnight - but I like this version of the story better)
  3. Awesome ballsy response. I like it. Except, he sure says "shit" a lot ...
  4. When he arrived, our farm was described as a laughingstock - the worst anyone had seen. In fact, this is what Keith Law had to saw in Feb '16 about it (Eppler was hired after the '15 season) His first draft, in 2016, we picked 16th - not exactly where you find team-changing talent - he took Thaiss - which may seem unexciting, but he does have the highest WAR of any 1st rounder that year (a couple of comp round guys did better) In 2017, he got Adell with the 10th pick, and in 2018, Jordyn Adams with the 17th pick. Those are two of the most intriguing players I've seen come along in a *long* time. Compare that to the 2010 draft. Yeah, I want better. But he walked into a wasteland - after the 2015 season, I took a look around, and thought I should just stop following the Angels entirely, that it was all downhill from there, and there was nothing, not a single reason to believe it could get better for a long, long time. No talent, no money to spend, no international scouting, no avalanche of high draft picks. He hasn't been a magician - but considering he had little but ashes to work with when he got here, he's done well. It could be worse. Dipoto could still be ruining, er, "running" things...
  5. Another side thought - we might be looking at a new GM next season. If the Angels tank this season, he, by all accounts, won't be renewed. (which would be a mistake - he's done well given the constraints - the real question is, who's gonna do better?) But even if we do well, decent chance he bolts for a long-term deal elsewhere, anyway - Arte's hot breath on his neck and making a fool of him won't sit well. He'll take an extension if there's no better offers - MLB GM is a sweet gig. But if Cashman or Rizzo or someone decides it's time to retire, and offer him a multi-year deal, well ... I give it a 60% chance he won't be back next season.
  6. I've never seen a speliing or grammar correction on the internet that didn't include a grammer/spelling mistake of its own. Achilles' heel.
  7. That might be the only salvation - we don't truly know what the Dodgers were asking, so can tell ourselves they wanted Adell and Marsh as the "two prospects" to comfort ourselves. The alternative is that Arte's meddling in player decisions puts him in the same league as Loria, Angelos, and Dan Snyder. Blowing up a great deal for no reason other than "he mad" is pre-suspension-Steinbrenner behavior - and casts a new light on this club's previous disastrous decisions like Hamilton, Wells, and GMJ.
  8. Wait 'til he finds out he's been traded to Detroit ... ... which is like going from Chili's to the Golden Bucket All-you-can-eat buffet ... ("Ask about our to-go bucket!")
  9. Yeah, the deal as reported makes us better, at least for this season - a Pederson / Goodwin platoon and a hopefully healthy Upton will make us an entertaining offense, at least. And Stripling has a *lot* of upside - if he stays healthy, and can start, he could be a bit of a steal. Depending on the prospect we send back ...
  10. He's just about to turn 23 - I think he's gonna be pretty good. Segura? Hmm - I can actually see that .... I know what you mean - when a Dodgers fan says "we suck", I'm conflicted on whether or not I should agree with them.
  11. Ugh, don't say that. I'm really wanting to see what Marsh and Adams develop into, and a one-year-rental of Pederson and an upside SP with an injury history isn't worth giving up either of them. Yan, I dunno - hard to trade any of our young pitchers.
  12. For Philly, definitely agree, hit the terminal market - but early if there on a weekend - gets insanely crowded. And Jim's for cheesesteak is about the best - but there's so much good food in the market. There's really a lot of good food to be had in Philly - I had some spectacular duck fat fries at a pub there i still dream about Also, the Italian Market, and there's some polish neighborhoods around Port Richmond if you like Polish food. The Passyunk neighborhood is nearer to the ballpark and has lots of good choices for eating / drinking. Plenty of good museums - the Barnes is my favorite, the Mutter is surprisingly good, same for the Magic Gardens (though it'll be blistering hot in July.) Personally, I like Eastern State Pen a lot - reminds me of home Museum of the American Revolution is relatively new, and actually really good - might want to see if they have any events around the date of the visit, but it's a pretty nuanced, and occasionally emotional look at the Revolution. Liberty Bell should take a pass on, but the area around Independence Hall is cool to wander around. Find a beer garden - they're all over in summertime in Center City and environs.