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  1. Which of the reaction gifs say "I agree with this take, but hate it so much?" Arte's comments (that anecdote about how analytics ruined player development is kinda weird), and tellingly, the list of candidates who *didn't* advance to the final round tells me we're not gonna like what happens - he's obviously looking for someone who'll accept the GM job with lots of limits on budget and control, things that top-tier candidates probably wouldn't accept. Sounded like he thinks GM's need someone looking over their shoulder by someone who's smarter than they are - "him." We definite
  2. Besides, I don't think anyone (well, most of us) think Carpino is the problem, per se - more the problem is, we have a head of business operations, but no one of equal stature in charge of *baseball* operations, in addition to a "General Manager". We probably need to add a bunch of titles beyond that but I'd be happy for starters with a "baseball" guy running the baseball side of things, and a GM who doesn't report to the "business" guy.
  3. Yup, we could've signed those two for what we signed Kaleb Cowart for alone.
  4. I'd have to amend this - he was let go shortly after one of the *worst* draft performances ever (2010)
  5. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/10/latest-on-angels-gm-search-3.html Sounds like the very definition of a "fairly appealing situation" ...
  6. All those people running towards the car with a fire near the gas tank made me think "this is gonna be like 'Apocalypse Now' meets 'Dumb and dumber'"
  7. He was released in June, and was playing in independent ball - https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/team.cgi?id=5e3ef32d Based on those stats - .094 BA, and a near 50% SO rate, I think he's about done all he's gonna do in baseball.
  8. Interesting - we drafted six SS's that year - obviously, none have made any kind of impact (other than the impact of their careers splatting on the floor - Nonnie is in independent ball, and failing there) - for as many "defensive-minded" MIF's we've drafted, you'd think we'd hit at least "once." Then again, looking at our draft history, other than 2009, it's a fairly depressing record of mediocrity - pretty much Fletcher is the only one who's been drafted and contributed in the last 6 drafts (Canning and Walsh are works in progress, and obviously, too soon to tell for recent drafts - the
  9. The fact they drafted many of these in late rounds says they didn't see them as "can't miss" draft prospects. Yet their overall success in the draft suggests they're better at it than pretty much every other club. Would love to compare/contrast their process and notes on their successes - did their scouts see something others didn't? Or is their development system superior, that if *we* drafted these same guys, they'd still be in "A" ball? Like you said - it's a rhetorical question, because we can't know the answer - only guess at it. But credit where credit is due - th
  10. Agreed. Of course, the part I'm unclear on - are any of them actually interested in the job? I mean, I'd like the job of being a kept man by Charlize Theron, but I'm becoming suspicious the feeling isn't mutual (I'm told a restraining order is a bad sign )
  11. We finished first in 2014 - and we lacked the talent to go any further. After that, we traded Howie for Heaney, Cron for a bag of balls (in a perfect world, Pujols should've been traded - not possible, I know - but it was all downhill from there), and we were basically out of guys out of any significant trade value except Trout. Our 2015 starting pitching was basically league-average - the 2nd half of 2015 was probably the time to blow up the team - trade anyone with excess value at the time for near-MLB-ready talent except Trout. Extremely risky, though, as there wasn't much to t
  12. Right - based on his previous, unsuccessful hirings, I'm sure he's thinking "you know, those worked out *so* well, I'm gonna do it again ..." Point being, he's more likely to pick someone "safe" - is my guess. And that's all it is, a guess.
  13. This article is a little dated, but - https://www.si.com/mlb/2018/11/19/mlb-draft-high-school-pitchers-velocity-tommy-john-surgery-problem There's little chance this guy has a significant MLB career - nothing to do with him personally, other than his age and velocity - just statistically, a bad idea. (But of course, the thing that muddies the waters a bit is pitchers drafted out of college and seen as successful were *also* drafted as high schoolers - they just didn't sign.)
  14. Good point - it's possible it's a "clean slate" situation, but I think he probably had some discussions at least through intermediaries. How stupid would Arte look if, having fired Eppler, found the only person willing to work for him as a GM is the Dodgers bat boy? Anyway, a Byrnes / White combo hire would get definitely alleviate my concerns - the hiring is a two-way street, they have good positions and reputations - they don't "need" jobs - so they probably wouldn't come here unless they were convinced they could succeed and could fix/improve all of the nuts-and-bolts non-sexy thi
  15. The current roster caveat limits things, to be sure. The Vernon Wells trade was likely authored by him, the Hamilton signing, likely the GMJ signing, and Pujols, of course. These things still echo today, whether they're on the team or not. Aaron Judge, for example, was still on the board when we'd have picked in 2013 but instead lost that pick for the Hamilton signing. And of course, firing Ausmus and signing Maddon was probably Arte's idea. Not all meddling is "wrong" - but the issue, IMO, is no potential "Beane-caliber" GM will want to work for an owner that under-resour
  16. I voted "no" - not that Eppler is the best man for the job, but the best men are already gainfully employed, and Arte's history of meddling has consequences. So, "right decision" depends on who he hires to replace Eppler - could be great, could be a disaster.
  17. I'd say Mike was speaking to Arte with those comments ... I mean, there's nothing menacing - Trout has a contract, he won't tank or foment dissension. But if I were Arte, I'd talk to a lot of people - including Trout - about how to take this team forward, and who are the people that can do it best.
  18. I think "health" probably plays a big part in him - not to be pedantic, but the effect of his injuries are probably as much mental as physical. He velocity makes me feel optimistic for him improving his consistency next year - this short season might've been just what he needed.
  19. Honestly - and I have no way of knowing - but I've long had the feeling that Arte has run a shoestring (cheap) operation outside of the major league club. I mean, like you say, he's had all these years to build such an organization, and outside of one spectacular draft pick, the results from that part of the club has been mediocre, at best.
  20. Hmm, maybe because this is how we *got* to be dogshit - bad drafts, bad trades, bad free agent signings - all thinking - "this is the deal that'll put us over the top! This is what'll get us back to the World Series!!" ... So, the fear (or being an Angels fan, the expectation) is that we'll blow up the farm, and trade for guys who'll fail spectacularly, perhaps some pitcher who needs TJ on *both* arms after one start or some guy who literally spontaneously combusts in the clubhouse and burns down the stadium - and then we'll continue to be dogshit until we're all dead.
  21. This article was published yesterday - 2020 Rookies ranked by future value - in the top 25, there are 4 Dodgers in the top 30, 3 Mariners, 2 A's -- and 1 Angels (Walsh, at #28.) https://www.mlb.com/news/ranking-2020-mlb-rookies-by-future-value The Dodgers continue to shame us in terms of finding talent ...
  22. This is the more nuanced view, I think - you're right, there's simply not enough depth in our system to put us over the top - especially if the "top" is a one-game postseason in a losing Wild Card play-in game. Our biggest need is quality, major-league, proven starting pitching - and that's (obviously) a commodity that's very expensive in prospects if you have to trade for them. If we were actually able to do the above - Bauer, Gausman, and Simba - Arte would be an absolute fool not to do it. Heck, if things don't work out, trade any with excess value for prospects. The team -
  23. Sounds like it has, a bit- https://blogs.fangraphs.com/keeping-up-with-the-al-wests-prospects/ Not that a FV in the"60's" is anything to sneeze at - but there's a big difference between "top 10" and a "top 20" prospect - there's an uncertainty about him that wasn't there before - and FG's "bust rate" looms increasingly large as a position player drops below 60. His trade value has taken a hit. Which is ok - he's really young, and I don't see him being traded now. But it's pretty unlikely anyone will trade an established impact player for him.
  24. Should add an "all of the above" choice ...
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