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  1. What kind of return do you think we could realistically get from trading Simmons?
  2. Tomorrow. Maddon says Ohtani will DH every day and Adell only supposed to miss this one game.
  3. This greatly increases the Angels playoff chances. For reference, if there was a 16-team playoff for 2019, only 7 of the 8 teams in the AL would have had a winning percent over .500. The 8th playoff team would have been the Rangers at 78-84 (.481). Most projections have Angels in the ballpark of 30-30 this year, so our first playoff appearance since 2014 is now very likely
  4. Injury prone player gets injured
  5. I think you're seriously underestimating the talent of Alvarez, Bregman, Correa, and Altuve. That's an absolutely solid core group of guys. Even Brantley and Guirrel are fantastic support pieces. The only questionable part of their team is if their pitching will hold up. They lost Cole. Its only a matter of time until Grienke and Verlander pitch their age. McCullers is a wild card coming of injury. and Whitley, James, and Urquidy are all prospects that still have a lot to prove. Their pen has Pressly and Osuna but not much else. They will still finish over .500 unless
  6. Good article about Canning's start last night and some of his advanced stats. Canning looked like a top of the rotation guy. https://medium.com/@angelytical/efficiency-is-key-griffin-canning-is-back-97bad89b4ae
  7. Another high risk/high reward guy. Perfectly fits the bill of an Eppler pick
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