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  1. I have a feeling that despite his TJS and time missed, he will still easily get a sizable one year rebound-type deal. If a guy like like 2019 Matt Harvey, who hadn't been good for two years, can get a 1yr/11mil rebound-type contract by the Angels, then Verlander could easily get a 1 year deal in the 18-25mil range. Maybe there's even a team that will give him two years. There's a chance he could be worth the deal, but there's still a lot of risk involved with signing him considering he will be 39 next season and also hasn't pitched in two years. With the high price tag and sizable risk, I would rather they use that 18-25mil on a more surefire pitcher like Scherzer, Gausman, or Stroman. I will admit it would be cool to see him in Angels red though.
  2. I was curious as to how Simmons and Iglesias paired up now that the season is coming to a close. Simmons: .220/.284/.275/.559, 1.7 dWAR, 1.1 bWAR, 10.5mil Iglesias: .259/.295/.375/.670, -1.4 dWAR, -1.2 bWAR, 3.5mil If Iglesias's defense hadn't fallen off a cliff, he would have actually been a great pick up. But instead, he fell victim to the Angels curse and had an awful year
  3. Right, but if these two are with the team they were likely called up or at least added to the taxi squad to be officially called up soon.
  4. Preposterous. I would say that the Angels farm should AT LEAST be ranked 23rd.
  5. Taylor Ward reports Taylor Ward was removed from the Bees game
  6. I love his energy! Interested to see how he does with us and how fast he can learn the ins and outs of the Angels
  7. I think he could end up being a steal. He was injured his freshman year and missed most of his sophomore year due to COVID, which hurt his stock. However his Junior year he instantly became the LSU ace, I think we could see him shoot up the depth charts and prospect lists once we see more of him
  8. "Part of a Team USA pitching staff that featured six 2018 first-round picks and won the 18-and-under World Cup in 2017, Marceaux was one of the more advanced high school arms in his class. He had fringy fastball and lacked projection, however, so teams weren't willing to pay him enough to divert him from a Louisiana State commitment. Three years later, he still exudes pitchability and lacks wow velocity, though now he should go around the third round. The scouting report on Marceaux is pretty much the same as it was in high school, with his best pitch still a solid upper-70s curveball with downer break. He has added a tick or two of velocity to his fastball, which sits around 90-92 mph, touches 94 and plays up because of some running action and his ability to command it. He also has a low-80s slider that sometimes is more effective than his curve and a fading changeup with similar velocity. A student of the game, Marceaux understands how to tunnel and sequence his pitches to keep hitters off balance. He pounds the strike zone by repeating his low-effort delivery and employs a high three-quarters arm slot to overcome his lack of size and create downhill plane on his pitches. He's a high-floor prospect with a good chance to become a No. 4 or 5 starter, and perhaps more than that if he can find some more velocity as a pro." Fastball: 50 Curveball: 55 Slider: 55 Changeup: 55 Control: 55 Overall: 45 Per MLB.com
  9. Cubs are reportedly going to be sellers. I could see a trade for Kyle Hendricks as a possibility. I can't envision him costing all that much prospect wise
  10. Playoff caliber hitting if you ask me, especially when Trout and Upton are added in. Imagine if we buy and get the pitching we need... I feel like we're so close to greatness it's ridiculous
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