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  1. I like this cuz then Walsh can eventually get OF eligibility for my fantasy team. He's been carrying my team
  2. Are you worried about Ohtani's pitching performance on the mound this spring? In Ohtani's first two spring starts this year, he has thrown a combined 4.0 innings and allowed 6 runs and 3 BBs. For those who have watched the games, you'll notice that Ohtani has greatly struggled with his command and his ability to locate pitches. He has been throwing a significant number of pitches to get through each batter and his pitch count shoots up because of this. There have been lots of 3-0 and 3-1 counts which have allowed hitters to lay off his offspeed and capitalize on his fastball, which he
  3. I think a package of Yan, JamJones, and 1-2 lower tier prospect in our top 15-30 range would get it done. I think adding Contreras would be a great addition to what we already have in Stassi. Even better if Contreras can help with some innings at 1B and LF/RF, all of which are positions we aren't 100% on. Upton could easily remain washed up and Ward and Walsh's 2020 could have been flukes. Marsh and Adell could be gone in a trade for a high end starting pitcher and even if not, still need time in AAA until they can be counted upon. Although I think the chances that Upton, Ward, and Walsh
  4. Will Crowe projects to be a #4-5 Starting Pitcher at best. Eddie Yean is an interesting name because he isn't considered a top prospect, but he has the athleticism, velocity, and stuff to be a solid mid rotation starting pitcher in 3-4 years or so (he's still only 19). He could be even better if he figures out his control issues. Nationals have the worst farm in the league right now and didn't even have to give up any notable prospects for Bell, who was an all star before 2020. Great buy low trade for the Nats.
  5. I think the remaining payroll space we have has to be used for starting pitching. Like @angelsnationtalk said, if the Angels don't get that #1 (and ideally a strong #2 as well), the 2021 season will just be another disappointing one. By strengthening the rotation, you also improve the bullpen by pushing guys like Barria (2.89 era in relief last year) to the bullpen. On top of that, a stronger rotation will last longer into games and not overwork the bullpen, which is the Angels problem. Maybe some version of a Gray/Castillo/Moose/Castellanos trade in the answer. However, such a tra
  6. Bauer - 6/150 Angels Springer - 5/120 Mets Realmuto - 7/175 Astros Ozuna - 4/80 Blue jays LeMahieu - 4/75 Yankees Sugano - 4/40 Yankees Tanaka - 3/45 Blue Jays Odorozzi - 4/60 Mets Arenado to Dodgers Snell to Angels Sonny gray to Padres Darvish to Twins Bryant to Braves Cant think of any other interesting names. Decent chance my predictions for Bauer and Snell are slightly biased
  7. I think he's trying to say that if Ohtani is healthy and in the rotation, he should/could play the field on days he isn't pitching. And if that's the case I agree, Maddon himself said Ohtani is too talented and athletic to only DH. "He can play anywhere, he's that good" -Maddon
  8. While you're correct on a very basic level, you seem to have forgtten some important information that separates Adell from Ohtani, at least in my mind. Maddon has had Ohtani taking fly balls in the outfield and grounders at first base ever since his injury, and Maddon remains very vocal in his praise of Ohtani's athleticism and wide skill set. He even said he thinks Ohtani is already "too good" to not be somewhere on the field. On the other hand, he was quite blunt about Adell's need to further develop his defense. If Ohtani is already impressing Maddon with his defense despite never play
  9. Ultimately, I think it's likely that Ohtani will be a good pitcher next year, albeit with a strict innings limit as well. His at bats will likely come almost exclusively come from the DH spot. But Maddon is a big fan of guys playing multiple positions, so I think at the very least we see Ohtani becoming available as a solid backup OF if we're in a pinch. I know there are many who are skeptical about Ohtani as a pitcher now, but I think they have prematurely lost their faith in him. Last year was his first time back since his TJ and thanks to COVID, the circumstances for his return were f
  10. I agree and think the idea of Ohtani getting some RF time is absolutely worth entertaining. He has the arm strength and athleticism of what could be solid to maybe even gold glove defense. If he continues to heavily struggle as a pitcher, transitioning to our new all star right fielder is a damn good second option. I believe someone mentioned earlier that Maddon confirmed Ohtani will be getting some RF work. I wouldn't be surprised if he's been working on his fly ball routes right now during this offseason to prepare, Ohtani is a resilient and hard worker after all and also seems
  11. I would love to bring on Dahl on a cheap contract. Lots of upside and would be a great platoon with Ward and Upton in the corner OF spots. Gives us a solid means of production until Adell/Marsh are ready.
  12. The analysts on MLB network did a piece on the legitimacy of Walsh's breakthrough as well. Glad to see more and more reputable sites buying in
  13. I think we need to have 5 solid SP's and keep Ohtani as a wild card for the 6th spot. We've relied on Ohtani to be the #1 guy last two years and have been burned due to injury. 1. Free Agent SP 2. Bundy 3. Heaney 4. Canning 5. Barria or Free Agent SP2 6. Ohtani I still think Ohtani can be and will be the ace he is capable of, but it's best to err on the side of caution when building our rotation to avoid a repeat of the last decade of relying on injury prone pitchers.
  14. Would love to see a trade involving Lindor and one of their pitchers like Plesac or McKenzie. Maybe something along the lines of: Angels get: Lindor (+21mil), Plesac Indians get: Adell, Suarez, JerJackson, (possibly additional prospects? I'm eye balling it here) Rotation: 1. Plesac 2. Bundy 3. Heaney 4. Canning 5. Taj Walker (2yr/16mil) 6. Ohtani Lineup: 1. Fletcher 2B 2. Lindor SS 3. Trout CF 4. Rendon 3B 5. Walsh 1B 6. Ohtani DH 7. Upton LF (Marsh when ready) 8. Ward RF 9. Stassi C Pen: Hand (2yr/14mil), Mayers, Barria,
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