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  1. Most of his errors came early in the season when the team wasn’t anywhere close to out of it. What a stupid thing to say.
  2. The ball was hit exactly where the 3B would be in an exaggerated pull shift. If you're going to play the 3B at the bag because of the runner, which obviously you have to do, you can't simply leave the other 3 fielders in the same place. You have to move them to give yourself more coverage.
  3. They did send cash to the Yankees. Think that had to be required since they were trying to stay under the CBT upper limit.
  4. I was listening to the game on the way somewhere the other day, and during an Ohtani AB (!!!) he called the first pitch a little outside (which means it was really down and in), and then proceeded to talk about something else that should have taken 5 seconds but took Terry 2 minutes, and the next thing he called about the game was the 3-2 pitch to Ohtani. And you're completely right about the trajectory thing. According to Terry, every single base hit to the outfield "drops in there" whether it's a blooper or a 110 mph rope into the gap.
  5. I saw him screaming as he was running down the line. I don’t know if it was directed towards Ohtani or the crowd, but that’s sure what it looks like he said.
  6. Class reaction by Ottavino. ”Bye bye, f***ing happy birthday bitch.” Gave up a run, had 2 runners on base when a a rocket was hit into the shift. Yep, you really shut it down!
  7. Even if Upton is ready tomorrow, they still designated Schebler. So are they playing a man short tonight?
  8. Should the Angels countersue the family, since out of anyone, the wife surely “should have known” that her husband was a drug addict?
  9. Maybe Bundy should consider not using his crappy fastball 5 or 6 times in a row. Wasn’t he successful last year because he was using his FB way less than in previous seasons?
  10. He was announced as a PH, then the game got delayed and eventually called.
  11. Already have no bench, so when a middle infielder goes down, they replace him with a third catcher. Sounds about right for this team.
  12. Cishek has actually had 5 scoreless appearances in a row. Pray that he found something, because he couldn’t have been any worse the first month.
  13. Seeing that Eppler drafted a ton of college pitching in rounds 3 and up while he was here, hard to believe not one of them (that I know of) has developed into a major league reliever, or is on the cusp of being a major league reliever. Seems like when you have that many possibilities, one or two would have worked out.
  14. Pretty dumb to put a shift on a guy and then pitch him outside. It’s something they tend to do a lot.
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