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  1. The broadcast showed him kicking back in a lawn chair. Sutton made some comment about how he looked like he was watching his kid's soccer game.
  2. Yep, was just editing that in to my post and you beat me to it ha.
  3. Terry Smith just said that frozen rope that I think one-hopped the wall "fell in." Glad we have him to describe the action! edit: And now just said a guy struck out after missing an 0-1 pitch, at which point the next pitch was the 3-2 pitch.
  4. For me it’s when he says every hit “drops in” even when it’s a 110 mph rocket into the outfield.
  5. It's not. He's not calling the game half the time. And when he does, he's usually behind. Every game there are at least 50 instances of there already having been several pitches in an at bat, or the ball has been put in play (because you can either hear it or hear the crowd's reaction), and he hasn't said a word about it.
  6. Not having listened to every other MLB radio announcer, I can't say this definitively, but I can't possibly imagine anyone worse than Terry Smith. Not only does he not pay attention to the game half the time, even when he does, he either talks too slowly to keep up with the play or describes it in such a way that no one has any clue what's going on. I wish there was a clip of the triple play that was turned on the Angels in 2019 available somewhere. It was like listening to a person with dementia. I find it hilarious that anyone would consider him not only a competent announcer, bu
  7. The Torres article basically said the Angels were never in on Bauer, and never seriously considered him. I specifically remember, however, Luba saying somewhere... Youtube, instagram video, twitter, who the hell knows these days... that the Angels were "in there" or "involved" or something to that degree, at some point maybe a month ago or so. Granted, she could be full of shit too. She could also mean that the Angels simply made initial inquiries. But I would believe something from her more than from "someone familiar with the Angels thinking." I've seen that phrase used before by pl
  8. I don’t think she knows what a prospect is. The only “prospects” who aren’t high risk are guys who have already performed reasonably well in the majors. Those aren’t prospects.
  9. Yeah, I mean... Callaway has been the pitching coach for over a year. If him being here was a non-starter for Bauer, why wasn’t this public information all along? Heck, Arte himself should have said or had someone say Bauer wasn’t likely an option, since we know how much he hates the Angels being used as leverage in negotiations.
  10. Also, if the Angels were “never” a good fit for Bauer, why wasn’t this published 2 months ago? The premise of the article in combination with the timing doesn’t make any sense. As to her saying all the Angels’ top prospects are high risk, not even sure what that means. I suppose they are high risk, but no more high risk than any other prospect except for maybe the top 2 or 3. And I doubt any team is demanding a top 2 or 3 prospect for a starter, unless she’s talking about guys like Castillo, who were likely never available anyway.
  11. Yeah, sounds to me like someone in the organization gave her the go ahead to publish this now that they know they’re out on Bauer. This way, they can say that they were never in on him so the fans don’t get as disappointed when he signs elsewhere.
  12. This new flood of information has all the signs of his agent leaking things because maybe he knows who he wants to play for, but he’s not getting the offer he wants. No news for weeks, if not more, and all of a sudden we’ve heard the Dodgers, Blue Jays, and Mets all within days. Rosenthal even weirdly brought up the Twins, until someone put him in his place immediately after he reported it. To me, it’s not much different than when Heyman or some other idiot brings up “mystery teams” being involved on a free agent when that player isn’t getting what he wants.
  13. Well to be fair, Hollander was in the organization for years before Dipoto was hired, and worked for the Angels for another season after Dipoto left.
  14. You can also blow saves more than once in one game.
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