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  1. Well to be fair, Hollander was in the organization for years before Dipoto was hired, and worked for the Angels for another season after Dipoto left.
  2. You can also blow saves more than once in one game.
  3. They didn't learn anything new by giving them immunity anyway. You think any of the Astros players gave them the whole truth as to what went down? All they did was confirm the stuff for which there was already a ton of evidence. Pretty good deal for the players. Can't get punished, and without anything viable to contradict their statements, they give the league about 25% of the truth and make the investigators happy. The league will officially have become a joke when pitchers and managers start getting suspended for drilling Astros hitters, and have therefore suffered a greater pu
  4. They can say whatever they want now that making the trade wasn’t going to happen. No one will ever know if the Dodgers would have tried to change the terms or not (I’m guessing yes) because Arte left the table before that situation arose.
  5. Funny how Altuve and Reddick barely got any trash can bangs. Gee I wonder why...
  6. Manfred gave the players full immunity in return for finding out what actually took place. For better or worse, that was the trade off. And I agree... no way was he going to suspend any players or do anything drastic like institute a playoff ban or anything like that. Anything that torpedoed the organization in any way is bad for business.
  7. Not sure if anyone posted it, or if I missed it. But for anyone who wants it, here is the entire report: https://img.mlbstatic.com/mlb-images/image/upload/mlb/cglrhmlrwwbkacty27l7.pdf
  8. Unfortunately it wasn't Stassi. Marwin Gonzalez would be the answer then.
  9. As for the players not getting punished, while that sort of sucks since they're actually the ones that took advantage of the system, it's understandable. Guessing the league was able to get an accurate account of what was going on by giving the players immunity in exchange for full cooperation with the investigation. When all this stuff first came out, my guess was Reddick was a central figure. Don't know if that's who you're referring to. Obviously Beltran has been mentioned in relation to everything for a while.
  10. It stands to reason that the Indians were looking for a certain type of MLB-ready player. Since we didn’t have that type of player, it’s not surprising they were asking for more in “value” from our prospects, since well...they’re prospects. They’re not a guarantee.
  11. It says right in that article that a *later* report said they were out. So that is the current state of things, at least as far as the national reporters know. I think the best case scenario is the Angels called the Indians bluff and told them they’re out, and maybe Cleveland will circle back to them with a more realistic proposal at some point. But not counting on that being the case.
  12. According to Bollinger, Eppler said he likely can’t sign 2 free agents. If he adds two pitchers, one would have to be via trade.
  13. Since when do the Angels offer deals with deferred money? They had to know there was no way that was going to get it done. Looks like they just wanted everyone to know “they tried.”
  14. What does this mean for the Yankees and the luxury tax? They’ve got to be so far over they’ve got no chance of getting under, right? Do they start losing draft picks at some point?
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