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  1. Don’t know you but you seem to be a pretty cool dude on AW. Happy birthday!!
  2. I’m all in on signing Bauer and trading for Blake Snell. Get it done Perry.
  3. I don’t mind him trolling. It at least gives us something to talk about, this off season has been stupid boring.
  4. Funny how the dodgers are helping the Astros get to the post season.
  5. So if Cole and the Astros would of won the World Series he would of been a Angel??
  6. “play good enough until last out until also something good happens for you.“. -Jose Mota
  7. .305 .410 45 DB 35 HR with gold glove defense.
  8. Trade for Jon Gray add Ryu and Maldy. Let’s go!!!
  9. Fuck Cole we got OHTANI! Along with whoever else we decide to sign.
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