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  1. Him and that other guy don’t seem to tweet BS after going through their tweets but everyone is trying to gain a few followers this time of year... I feel like if these guys aren’t bs’ing it gets announced today. After that we’re back to not knowing anything
  2. The fact we were in (apparently) on Wheeler and heavy favorites to land Cole sounds promising that Bundy might be the 3rd get and not 2nd. Given the fact Bundy is scheduled to make about 5.7 million this season it gives me hope that this move wasn’t made because they lost out on Wheeler
  3. I posted that in the hot stove thread last week. Change of scenery is going to do him some good. I really like this move. Plus if we were in on Wheeler and we’re said to be the favorites for Cole then getting 3 starting pitchers this offseason seems to be the goal which is good news
  4. Might as well package Keuchel in with Cole and see if you can save a few bucks
  5. If Cole ends up being our only signing we’re f*cked. I’d rather see that money go to multiple pitchers instead of just one if that’s the budget
  6. If we plan on competing in 2020 Eppler can’t afford to miss on a single one of his targets (if he has any) because guys are slowly coming off the board.
  7. Wheeler as he is right now is too inconsistent to be going north of 100 mill. Unless Callaway feels he can get him to be more consistent we can get better bang for our buck elsewhere.