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  1. I haven’t looked but I’m guessing these losers don’t play their remaining 94 games against Arizona?
  2. Maybe Maddon was on to something when he said that they didn’t get to work through their issues last season with only 60 games. They’ve won games 60-64 now. Let’s go!
  3. Just sat down on my deck and watched the top of the 9th. First time I’ve watched in quite some time. What a pleasant surprise. They gonna finish this one up?
  4. I honestly hope we finish 1st. Not just for the 1st overall pick but so maybe Arte realizes this BS approach year after year ain’t working
  5. I believe the word you’re looking for is “magical”
  6. Adell will have all of next season to go through the growing pains with the Angels. This team isn’t going to be competitive for a couple of years so there is no need to rush this.
  7. IMO Adell shouldn’t be called up until September. The Angels gave it a shot last year and he clearly wasn’t ready. Lucky for the Angels it seems Adell’s confidence hasn’t taken a hit. They cannot f*ck this up again. The Angels stink (shocking I know). Adell could be a superstar and that still wouldn’t change much for the Angels. You can’t call this kid up for the second time because your team f’n sucks and you’re looking for a miracle to try and salvage a unsalvageable season.
  8. So that’s back to back days of sliding grabs from him in LF. Has he been playing in LF more than RF this season? It’s not like we have anyone worth a damn at either corner outfield position so wherever he feels more comfortable you play him
  9. The writing is on the wall for this season especially with Trout out for 2 months. At this point we’re better off if we lose 100 games so then maybe Arte realizes the approach this organization has taken the last 5 years doesn’t work. Hovering around .500 isn’t doing this franchise any good. Hopefully hitting rock bottom will make Arte rethink the way he runs things. If it doesn’t, at least we’ll have a top 3 pick.
  10. Rendon looks like he’s just chilling at this point. If this team was competitive I think we’d see a better Anthony Rendon at the plate.
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