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  1. Once the Mets are out of it they’ll want to get something for Stroman after just giving up 2 young arms for him
  2. So you’re telling me this will be Eppler’s last year then? Sweet!
  3. Even Stradling was smart enough to not take the bait...
  4. Is this the same Skaggs that you said it would stupid to sell high on after his solid first half in 2018?
  5. Same song and dance every offseason with the blind homers. Then come September when we’re 15 games out they go back to the same drawer every time..
  6. I really liked this trade for the Angels. It would’ve made us better this season and given us a real shot at making the playoffs. Forgive me for being a bit annoyed that the team I follow so closely missed out on an opportunity to get better when there doesn’t seem to be a great explanation for it other than Arte was pissed.
  7. This entire clusterf*ck of a trade summed up this failed offseason perfectly. Arte’s emotions continue to handcuff this organization. Hopefully Eppler can pull a miracle out of his ass and get something else done but at this point I highly doubt it. Joc and Stripling would’ve been very nice additions to this roster. A real shame this didn’t go down as planned.
  8. So Graterol’s physical comes back as “troubling” and possibly Verdugo’s physical (back) as well... We’re going to get f’d aren’t we?
  9. Heaney + Marsh would be a nice start towards a competitive package for a TOR starter
  10. This article mentions some concerns including that
  11. Really like Pederson. I’d like for us to try and sign him to an extension before the season. It would allow us to dangle Marsh now in trade talks a lot more confidently