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  1. Happ, Quintana, LeMahieu and a reliver. Then Scary Perry can make a trade for another starter or corner outfielder if he wants. Get it done Perry!
  2. If he comes cheap I like it. He gave up 4 in each of his first two start last season but without a proper spring training at his age it probably played a pretty big role. Now obviously the same size gets pretty small when subtracting anything from last years already shortened season but I like this.
  3. Same. I feel like he knows this organization better than anyone. I would’ve been absolutely floored had he been hired as GM. He comes across as a very smart but extremely humble person.
  4. https://podcast9.com/share/episode/CRCh5$xPD9H/behind-the-braves-perry-minasian Posted in the other thread but I’ll post it again. It’s a good listen and gives you a better idea of who Perry is
  5. I know you’re joking but I actually think this organization could use a new look on the field (uniforms) to go with their new look off the field. Give off some sort of fresh feel to a new era I suppose you could call it. Even if it’s just for the fans which obviously it would be
  6. At the end of the day there’s one common denominator in all of this and that’s Arte. We’ve been over this a billion times on this board and at this point it’s beyond fair to question his ability to own a sports team. There are plenty of examples of meddling owners and they’re not good. As time has passed and the more removed this organization has been from previous ownership and pieces involved the worse off the Angels have been. We’re closer to Al Davis territory than we are the other side of the coin.
  7. He talked a lot about relationships, respect and alumni. All three things we’ve heard a lot about over the past year. Minasian seems like a really good dude who is very grateful to be where he is and values the opinions of those who played the game because he didn’t. Knowing what we know about the Angels organization as it stands right now, it’s hard for me not to get puppet vibes from listening to this podcast. What’re your thoughts?
  8. https://art19.com/shows/behind-the-braves/episodes/949f1040-65af-4792-8e21-5a8f9fda2de2 Minasian on a podcast. If you listen to the first 15 minutes you can see why he’s one of the finalists. Kind of fits the mold...
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