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  1. I know I always hated the corners. CF you can always come at the ball. I guess there’s no point in playing him in CF now with Trout but it may be stunting his growth offensively. If he doesn’t feel 100% comfortable out in the field that’s going to spill over. But THEY need to figure this out soon because it ain’t good
  2. Maybe Adell just doesn’t feel comfortable playing the corners? Still no excuse for that 1st inning hiccup
  3. Yeah... Might regret that when it comes time to hand out the spring training championship
  4. He is way too athletic to look this bad in the field. Starting to think it’s either a focus issue or it’s him trying to make the routine plays look cool/effortless which is ending horribly for him. Either way... come on Jo...
  5. Looks like he has tweaked it a bit over the years judging from this shot
  6. I’m actually going to go look for Iglesias clips right now and see if his swing has always been like that. I thought it was different back in the day. And I sure as shit didn’t watch any Orioles games last year
  7. Iglesias has a nice swing. Reminds me a bit of Orlando Cabrera’s but less movement.
  8. Jordyn Adams swing ain’t gonna play. Who the hell came up with that crap? Not sure why you are all bitching about Adell. Dude has two good AB’s. Hit the ball really hard the first time up. Was all over that first pitch 2nd AB. Laid off some pitches he would’ve swung at last year and worked a BB. Sandoval is who he is. But on another note, who the heck is this kid...
  9. The shortened season was tough on a lot of veteran guys that have a great track record of hitting. We saw Rendon get off to a slow start. Upton as well. It must have been extremely hard on the young guys who are still trying to find their way and are less confident in their approach. I quoted you because you mentioned bad habits. That is what I’m most worried about. Some of these younger guys that picked up bad habits in a shortened season when everyone’s timing was off. Ohtani had similar seasons his first two years and then everything started to go downhill fast. Hopefully Ohtani ju
  10. True, we have what seems to be a nice young group about to breakthrough right away. Detmers, Adell, Marsh and hopefully Rodriguez. Maybe once they’re up and have shown enough for everyone to get a better understanding of their potential things may change. We’ll see, by that time Trout will be older and his contract may be extremely tough to move. I really do think Trout is good with where he is. He isn’t the type to ever speak ill towards his teammates regardless of the situation.
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