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  1. When it became obvious there was going to be a shorten season at first I was thinking the same. I was in the ‘why bother’ boat. However, as this has progressed and talking to a few buddies I’ve changed my mind. I’ve always thought 162 was too long. Obviously 60 isn’t the ideal length but it could be interesting from a quality Of play stand point. Starters knowing they only have about 12 starts, relievers knowing they only have 2 months, everyday players knowing they’re in a sprint for the playoffs might make for the overall quality of play to improve. Pitchers throwing harder, players beating out grounders they typically wouldn’t, etc. Each game is somewhat meaningful with only having 60. If these games do end up having a playoff-like atmosphere throughout I don’t think it can be viewed much differently or at all. Unless of course the Angels don’t win, then f*ck it.
  2. Seriously or be good at anything for that matter. I see this crap on Twitter all the time in the comments. “Blah blah blah greedy assholes, while I work at Wal-Mart” It’s not the players fault the minimum wage worker chose to do nothing with his life and now has zero leverage when it comes to his work situation. Ha! That’s perfect
  3. They said the hope for him would be to fill out and become a Benintendi
  4. I saw Quintana and Buehrle comps dropped somewhere else as well. I like them. Same with these other two... Keuchel and Corbin Quintana, Corbin, Keuchel all sit around 90-92mph range with their fastball fwiw Louisville head coach, Dan McDonnell used former Cardinal Brendan McKay as a comp. McDonnell was quoted as saying the only reason Detmers isn’t going 1st overall is because he doesn’t throw 96. Obviously he’s a bit bias but the fact remains. The kid can pitch
  5. We need pitching. Took a safe pitcher. If he can be a 3. I don’t think we can complain about that
  6. These are perfect. I would ditch that hat and go with a blue hat on the road and a red one for the home uni’s. I’d add a blue alternate jersey something like this one... Wear the blue caps with them as well. Then the red caps can also be worn with our red alternates. Ideally I’d like one of the jerseys to have different lettering or something but I’d make peace if all 4 were the same if we added a blue alternate. From a merchandising standpoint an all blue cap would sell.
  7. Ideally I’d like to sign LeMahieu and put Fletcher at short. Makes our lineup that much deeper.