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  1. Our rotation over the last few years was taking a risk haha. So far so good though!
  2. Yup. There's a pro and con to every lineup. This one has bats spread out but at the same time let's hope we don't have guys on base in the first inning with 1 out and Pujols hitting a ground ball.
  3. Hopefully Matty V comes in soon. IMO Sutton is a little tough to listen to.
  4. Basically just boils down to did we make the playoffs or not
  5. Too early to grade new acquisitions, but I'll give a current grade based on ST performances. Rotation - Optimistic C+ - Year after year the Angels have struggled heavily here. Giving a "C+" is a passing grade but solid performance will raise it to a "B+" if Quintana maintains the durability he's always shown and Angels strike gold again with Cobb having another Bundy-like change. Also, Ohtani can COMPLETELY change how this rotation looks. Mr. Blister Boy. Bull-Pen - C- then B within 24hrs - Perry has done a great job with finding arms. It remains to be seen if they are quality arms
  6. They look different and I think we all wish it translates over. I just worry with the age/health of Upton and Pujols. They have both looked good, just pray for it to translate specially since Pujols have shined over Walsh and I'm hoping that Maddon won't just lean towards Pujols because he had a good Spring. Jose Rojas seems like a good backup plan.
  7. I agree with everything.... As well as being pessimistic... but I'll say what apparently matters.... Spring Training doesn't matter. All depends what happens starting April 1st.
  8. If his Spring batting can carry over then he'd be on pace for a monster season at the plate. That boost of confidence also could help him find his groove again while he's pitching. Ohtani really is a wild card for this team. If he can bat like he's been batting and live with a 4.00 ERA or a little less then the Angels have a really good team. We've all said that having Cobb or Quintana perform well will carry the team but I firmly believe the Angels win the division with Ohtani being the one who pushes the Angels over the hump. Keep an eye out on Ohtani
  9. If that's the case i'd imagine it says more about the Angels for a few possible reasons. 1: Change in scenery for the player 2: Better staff with Angels 3: Competitive team to play for
  10. Yup 100% My only concern is I would have expected him to not seem so far behind defensively. When he was drafted scouts said his speed and arm will play very well in the outfield. It still can, but I have yet to feel confident in it. I don't mind the offensive struggling at his age, but struggling that bad defensively worries me.
  11. I can only reference back to 2018 Spring Training where Ohtani looked lost as hell and then won AL ROY. Ohtani had a dominant first inning then command issues set in but Adell didn't help at all either. Plus, Ohtani has been mashing the hell out of the ball when DH-ing so i'm not worried. I'm more worried about Adell figuring out how the catch a baseball. Dude makes me cringe every time a ball gets to him. He's got the OF YIPS.
  12. Specially at his age.... I'm 27 and I still feel like a kid. He should should be pushing it as much as he can at his age
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