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  1. Interesting thought: If Upton tanks/has injuries, Marsh starts to really show his power and Adams rips it up, do the Angels hang on to Marsh and deal Adams instead?
  2. This is the definition of the “Debbie downer” Reaction option
  3. Trout is about to win 3-4 MVPs in a row now. he’ll retire with 8 total.
  4. Take it what it's worth on being credible or not. He's a member of the IBWAA so seems legit.
  5. The internet has exploded today about Altuve and Bregman using these devices. If they can prove it then they should AT LEAST be suspended a minimum of 80 games. I'm tired of this shit. Manfred needs to be harsh.
  6. Yeah but then some tech hack will come by and be able to implement the cameras to relay the same signals to the hitters when facing pitchers. There’s no way around technology. It can always be used to cheat. MLB needs to go back to basics
  7. Okay so 2 good seasons out of 10. Basically the Angels of the national league. Aside from their one season over 90+ wins, they clearly don't have the ownership to keep payroll high. One thing that makes me scratch my head is why push so hard to sign a guy to build around only to trade him the next year? I understand the idea of doing it to get high-end prospects, but you're giving out the wrong message to other potential future free agents.
  8. I would too. Angels would just slightly be over the tax (ooooo scary), but very doable. Maybe Davis performs better getting out of Colorado since his stats sky-rocketed while he was with them. Davis has a 2021 option that we could decline if worst came to worst as and that can help us clear salary and possibly reset payroll if need be. Gray, Ohtani, Heaney, Teheran, Canning, Bundy sounds good enough to let a strong offense and better bullpen take over. 2021 go out and sign Stroman who's an uber-Trout fan.
  9. Why rebuild when they have been terrible the last 10 years? Only year they were good was 2018 when they went 91-72. That team is a joke
  10. But without a trashcan it could mean something
  11. Since everyone else is being funny I'll be serious. 4. I know we didn't sign an ace, but the Angels are very solid everywhere else. The Angels now have the 3rd best offense in baseball and very solid pitching depth. The main key is just to stay healthy for them. A healthy Trout, Ohtani, Upton, Simmons, LaStella, Heaney and Canning can force this team to around 95wins. If the Angels swing a trade for Boyd without giving up Marsh OR get an Ace without giving up Adell then I'll grade it as a 2. We have the pieces to make a run. Just need health.
  12. Astros: 90-95 wins Athletics: 90-95 wins Angels: 90-95 wins Rangers: 80-87 wins Mariners: Who cares I really think the division will be closer than we think