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  1. Interesting read on Bobby Evans when he became GM of the Giants... https://aroundthefoghorn.com/2019/01/27/bobby-evans-bad-san-francisco-giants/ Maybe being the GM wasn't his strong point....
  2. Big not thanks. At some point, father time will catch up with him. Knowing the Angels' luck, it would be with them if they signed him. Grow talent from within.
  3. Low key upset Arte let the White Sox talk to him. Really hoped he'd help us with the GM process. Guess that's just typical Angles doing stupid things...
  4. Dan Kantrovitz only works for the Angels if they hire a president of baseball ops. Period. Kantrovtiz was a wizard with draft and he's even said that drafting and scouting is his passion. With the Cardinals he helped draft players like Michael Wacha, Marco Gonzales, Luke Weaver and Jack Flaherty. I would love to have someone like him lead scouting OR play as GM if we hire a president of baseball ops guy. If not then count me out.
  5. My mind's telling me no... But my body.... My body's telling me yes.
  6. They are "officially a free agent" 9am tomorrow but can't "sign until Sunday"???? So they aren't a free agent yet...
  7. WITH WHAT GM Arte really does like being the GM doesn't he? Didi is going to cost a chunk of change that can be used for pitching and for a position we don't need to fill. Unless...... they are going to trade Fletcher.......
  8. As much as I disagree with any MLB writer, Sherman is right with this one. Getting that one guy or those two guys won't help with anything. They need to have an Ace. This means dump the idea of having 17 solid #4-#5 guys. That's what got Eppler in trouble is aside from Bundy, he found himself happy with a bunch of solid #3-#5 guys. Sure, you're deep, but you'll get rocked in the playoffs. ( if you make it). Look at starters on all World Series teams from recent years.... Dodgers: Kershaw, Buehler Astros: Verlander, Greinke, Cole Nationals: Strasburg, Scherzer Rays: Sne
  9. "7 playoff team caliber pitchers" is only used cuz that's basically all we have. IMO real playoff caliber players are Bundy, Mayers and MAYBE Canning if he figures it out. Everyone else needs to be replaced and refreshed.
  10. Good piece. Yeah, I feel a bit different. I liked Eppler and opposed him at the same time. The reasons I liked him were because of his ability to bring in key names that were important... Trout, Ohtani, Rendon. Opposing reasons were really based off performance which at the end of the day speaks for everything. I am curious as to just how much of a cloud Arte is. I know Carpino said he deserves to be involved but in any business the owner needs to let his employees run the show. That's why they are hired. Another big reason I opposed him was from a philosophy standpoint. He got to h
  11. Process driven is what we had with Eppler. Unless we are planning on winning when Trout is 36, we need a President of Baseball Ops who can make the big trades/splashes to get it going. Having a GM like Hill will work with developing a farm, but again, that's 4+ years out of real competition. It will be hard, but they need a strong GM to build the farm/international scouting/player development AND a President who can land those big names/trades when the time comes. Angels..... No more of this GM thing with no baseball ops President. Get people with experience.
  12. Arte is going to go get Realmuto isn't he????
  13. I'd bang my head against a wall if Arte lets him go. He needs his help to find a GM. Would be a waste of a great baseball mind.
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