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  1. Stop. If we miss out on Cole then we need to go after Strasburg, Wheeler, etc. Our infield has a ton of depth so enough of this Moustakas crap. We can’t keep falling back on upgrading offense. Clearly that hasn’t gotten us anywhere over the last 10 years.
  2. It’s this reason alone that makes me think he will have no choice but to use his 1st round pick in the 2020 draft for a pitcher. Let’s say we sign Cole and Wheeler in the offseason. We will forfeit our second and third round picks which could force Eppler to go high upside pitcher in round one.
  3. If players were more open to club options then I'd do it in a heart beat. Obviously Cole will probably get a few player options but contracts like that should require a club option as well to limit liability if Cole takes a dump by age 34. That's the one things that pisses me off about these major contracts these days.
  4. They said it was around 420ft. That's quite an opposite field blast if that's true. Can't wait to see him in an Angels uni
  5. Buster Olney reported it. Just seem like typical Boras about to send his client to a shitty team that can afford him but won’t win anything. i still think Cole will come to the Angels.
  6. Bring in the spot starter for another losing year. I’m sorry but I’m tired of these spot guys coming in. I’d like a solid rotation.
  7. They will go have to a 6-man rotation in order for Ohtani’s schedule for him to workout better in terms of at bats and rest. If they sign Cole and Wheeler that pushes it to Cole/Ohtani/Wheeler/Heaney/Canning and Sandoval/Suarez filling in should someone (Heaney) get injured. To me, in order to make a deep playoff run they need another strong #2 arm. It would have to look something like Cole/Thor/Ohtani/Wheeler/Heaney/ Canning. Suarez or Sandoval will be used in the trade. I’m not saying get Thor (we don’t have the prospects for it without using Adell), but it has to be something like that. I never said Bumgarner was close to Cole. Wheeler, Bumgarner and Odorizzi fit as second tier options. But they are the top arms on the market which is why I added them in my piece.
  8. I understand what Eppler is saying, I'm just over playing it. Obviously Eppler is going to keep his cool and not run around with his underwear on his head.
  9. He can't downplay it this year. Every MLB writer and executive know the Angels are on the hot seat now that we have Trout locked up. It'd be stupid if Eppler is trying to downplay anything.
  10. I don't like Eppler saying he has a "wide net" of players to look at. To me, It's only four pitchers to look at. Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, Zack Wheeler and Madison Bumgarner (maybe Odorizzi). If you don't sign two of those names then to me Eppler needs to get the hell out. Cole is a must and Wheeler is must as well. Then, you acquire your third arm via trade come deadline time to make a push in the playoffs. Eppler and Arte have Trout, Ohtani, Maddon, Callaway and Adell to influence the free agents. That's more than enough plus adding Cole and Wheeler gets us into playoff talk, but it takes a guy like Thor to put us in the talks for sure. Get it done.
  11. True, but i'm 100% happy with having Maldonado catch Cole/Ohtani/Wheeler and our trade piece (Thor or someone) while Smith catches Heaney/Canning. If Maldy can call a good game with the aces then i'm satisfied to sacrifice the bat. A healthy Upton/LaStella can help the offense so i'll sacrifice the offensive production from the catcher. Just pretend we're an NL team and Maldy is like a pitcher hitting.