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  1. He's going to trade for Thor and then sign him to a deal.... I wouldn't be surprised if they sign a 1-year rental and immediately turn it into a new contract.
  2. Cody Allen had facial hair..... please shave, Bundy
  3. Ponder this @Chuckster70: With the media shitting themselves on being way too quick to report the Betts trade and fallout, do you think that maybe it's happening here too? They said there's no deal but neither front office has given a specific reason. Media is only speculating this because the deal hasn't been made and the fact that Moreno expressed being upset a few days ago. So.... Upset owner + no official deal YET= media thinking there's no deal cuz Arte got upset and walked away. Maybe they're just re-working it. And since the Angels NEVER leak any rumors, this could be an instance where we don't find out until it's completed. That's a typical Angels fashion.
  4. But if it was for who media reported then he pulled out of a trade where the Angels weren't giving up anyone.
  5. Something tells me the Dodgers suddenly asked for one of Jackson, Adams or even Marsh because they gave up more to the Red Sox and Arte/Eppler basically said F off.
  6. Guys, we know how the media works. It won't be finalized BY THE TEAM tonight, but the media will leak all the details.
  7. Someone is going to fill the page with those types of gifs huh?
  8. This is why we respect you as a writer. Thank you for what you do.
  9. You really trust what they are reporting right now? It's probably the original names, just with the reporters choking on their fingers.
  10. I think Deveaux or Knowles is added since we're getting Pages. Rengifo, Ward and Deveaux for Stripling, Pederson and Pages
  11. Who the F is Renigfro? The reporters have been so shitty on this trade that they can't even spell the names right since they want to be the first to report it all..... Get it right. Pathetic.
  12. The point is the Angels have an amount of prospects that are completely movable and it will never hurt the team.
  13. Why would you be sad if we trade Knowles? Pages fills his spot and it means we kept Adams, Jackson, Marsh, Adell, Soriano, Rodriguez and Sandoval. Hell, give the Dodgers Rengifo, Ward, Knowles, Jones and Suarez and i'll still call it a major win. Let's be honest.... Ward has no spot, Pages replaces Knowles, Suarez was trumped by Sandoval and Jones doesn't have a spot either.
  14. Just saw. If it’s only Ward and Rengifo then what a steal for the Angels good god.