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  1. I thought this too but wonder if there's a way to make it work. Trade for Taillon, sign Odorizzi then trade Heaney for RF or RP depth. Obviously my option A is get Bauer.
  2. Marquez would be great but would be a big price tag. I wonder what other options are out there trade-wise other than names we floated around this offseason (Darvish, Snell, Musgrove, Hendricks, Sonny Gray, Castillo, Jon Gray, Marquez). It might benefit the Angels if, instead of the Bauer route, they go with Hand, Odorizzi and then maybe swap a trade for another starter who's cheaper in price but has a higher ceiling than Odorizzi does. With Bundy and Heaney free agents after the season I doubt they keep both. Heaney could then be dealt in a separate trade for outfield depth.
  3. Scenario.... Let's say Tanaka signs back with the Yankees and Odorizzi goes back to the Twins or elsewhere like the Mets. Let's also say Richards goes to Boston. Bauer is still a free agent and the Angels are still looking. Does it become more of panic for the Angels to get it done.
  4. One thing I wonder is if they've asked Mike Trout to talk to any of the free agents. I can't recall the time, but I thought I remember somewhere where he said he wouldn't mind talking to someone if the organization asked. Just a thought.
  5. Quintana will live around 3-6 runs per game where he will pitching 4-7 innings in them. At the end of the day it'll be around there.
  6. I can only think that it's because Angels camp and Bauer camp are both extremely private about negotiations it seems like. We never saw any indications that the Angels were in discussions with Quintana, Suzuki, or the Reds for the trades they made. IF they are in on Bauer then I wouldn't expect there to be any word on that either. That or Arte doesn't want an ace
  7. Yup. 6 solid innings of 4 to 5 run ball hoping the offense carries the whole things. Seems like the exact thing the Angels love..... Which has worked so well.....
  8. You should know by now that literally every Angels beat writer tweeted almost the same exact thing....
  9. "Lower your expectations" hahahaha. Two things.... 1: The Angels have lowered our expectations over the last few years 2: I'm sure that's what they tell Trout every year he says "we getting an Ace, Arte?"
  10. If the Blue Jays are looking at Paxton and Mets looking at outfield/bullpen then the Angels would be stupid to not heavily pursue Bauer. In fact, I'll be extremely upset if they don't land him at this point.
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