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  1. I don't know if you're joking with me or not. But the contract Ohtani got was fair at the time. He was just coming off TJ surgery and only pitched 1.2 disastrous innings. The Angels giving him more money than what his Arb years would have given him was a gift. Basically they told him we will give you a raise but we want you to prove it. At this point, he's proved in every aspect that he should get a new contract. If the Angels don't do s*** for the next two years then sure, trade them. But not now.
  2. What's going right? The team is so bad that no one goes to the games so i don't have to sit next to anyone. That's a plus. oh.... and the team is so bad they offered $3 tickets for September.
  3. 100%. Look at the game yesterday with a good pitcher on the mound. Held the opponents to 1 run and if we had a healthy offense we likely would have had a much bigger lead. If what Maddon says actually pans out with getting 2 frontline arms, the this team immediately becomes a contender. The bats are there, just need health and pitching.
  4. The Angels need to go out and have one of the best off-seasons in team history and flip this club around. We've said this year after year but at some point the front office has to listen.
  5. I certainly hope they want to be near the strip..... Unless they have plans to continue their shitty attendance, which would be a classic Athletic move.
  6. Very true, though Upton's sever decline has me worried about trading one of Adell/Marsh. Maybe Arte says "F-it" and literally signs 2 frontline guys. Only time will tell but i'll remain pessimistic about their plans....
  7. 2 frontline starters? Scherzer and who else? Kershaw, Greinke? all old guys..... But damn I'd love to see Arte whip it out and pay bank for some frontline starters...... Get Scherzer, re-sign Iglesias and Cobb then get another ace and this club would be legit scary to watch...
  8. Agreed. Though I wouldn't mind him recruiting Bryant...
  9. Exactly, we're on the same page. Detmers 100% earned his call-up, but the problem that Maddon (I think) is pointing out is we're calling up young guys (who have earned it), but the FO didn't do anything at the deadline to try and improve the rotation for a playoff push. Let alone, the whiffs they have had in the offseason over the years. Which is why Maddon says they needed to "get guys that we think are ready to win right now".
  10. Exactly, but as he does that he will hit his bumps as he gets used to the hitters (like he is right now). While he develops in the bigs, the Angels need to be focused with proven pitchers to carry them into October. Something we can all agree on and I think that's what Maddon is trying to say.
  11. I get your point. And I didn't mean it to seem like we need him to pitch like an ace right out of the gates. My point being is that the rotation right now mainly consists of guys who weren't on the Opening Day Roster to start with. Sure, it's nice to see guys like Detmers playing, but because the rotation is so depleted, we see ourselves depending on him to get us wins. On the other hand, teams like the Dodgers are making deals in the offseason and trade deadline to acquire proven dominant arms. Maddon quoted it best...."get guys that we think are ready to win right now".... Detmers has a bright future, but he's not the player that gets added to the roster to make the playoff push.
  12. You've got a good point with this. My one concern is the calling out Minasian part. Take our last 3 GM's for example and at the end of the day, the result is the same thing. One thing I give credit to Minasian for him not being afraid to move on from players. Pujols, Iglesias and others struggled and he didn't play contracts. If anything, Maddon expressing his feeling towards the team should 100% be on Arte Moreno. Sure, he's not been afraid to go out and spend (Pujols, Hamilton, Upton, Rendon), but the issue is where he's putting his money and how much say he has doing those moves. A dude worth $3 billion dollars that's sitting in a huge market with a lucrative TV deal and plans to completely re-build the platinum triangle shouldn't be sitting with an internal budget between $180M-$190M. You've got one of the best players to ever play the game in his prime and a 2-way star that's likely to win the MVP. Build around them, spend the money and go win this F-ing thing.....
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