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  1. Yeah, sorry for that. Imagine if that happened. That'd be fun to witness. Scherzer, Ray, Correa/Seager and not trading Marsh/Adell.
  2. The only tweet I want to see come December..... Sorry @Jeff Fletcher, had to have a little fun with this.
  3. Mike Trout's career, aside from injuries, is really going to be altered by COVID and a lockout....... Jesus...
  4. Now let's just hope Arte allows him to get all the resources he needs....
  5. Bachman, Detmers, Wilson, Adam, Adell were the first round picks with Swanson. I never was high on Wilson. Adams and Adell were both very raw players as well so who knows what they pan out to be. Change is good considering the front office over many years hasn't produced playoff-like results.
  6. Random thought.... He's not a shutdown bullpen guy, but Michael Lorenzen could be a good fit for the Angels given their style of play with Ohtani. Decent bullpen arm with the versatility to bat if needed. If the Angels want to build for playoffs where versatility and creativity plays a huge role, he should be a good option that won't break the bank.
  7. Some might not like this, but..... Scherzer (will be 37 on Opening Day) Verlander (will be 39 on Opening Day) Kershaw ( will be 34 on Opening Day and wearing a back brace and worrisome elbow) Greinke (will be 38 on Opening Day) that's who I'd stay away from. Maybe you can grab Scherzer for a 1 or 2 year deal, but it gets risky as hell. Angels could have more financial flexibility if they look at Ray, Syndergaard, Rodon, Gausman. They could theoretically sign 2 of these players. Or they get Scherzer for less AAV but more years....
  8. I assume papi Boras is breastfeeding them both during that time? Heyman gets the info from his nuts
  9. Braves' defense has looked good expect that huge blunder out in CF last night. That could have been disastrous. Braves should have easily won the game. But I agree the defense and the pitching has been the deciding factor in this series so far.
  10. Minasian probably doesn't like Maddon's coaching, but Arte told Minasian that he can't fire him. He's probably only allowed to move others and that's what he's doing. Even though the others (except the pitching coach) are good coaches..... I'd expect us to find a new pitching coach too.
  11. Please don't deaden the ball more or consider dimension changes. I'd say a fair tactic for it is give the pitchers the grip they want on the ball. That way both sides of baseball can have an edge. Let the ball spin like crazy and let it fly like crazy.
  12. The hell is Heyman doing breaking west coat news at 5:30am? Angels FO have an early tee time or something?
  13. Challenging? Who knows... But they will become more heartbreaking if there is no playoff berth for the Angels. They would have officially wasted Trout and Ohtani's prime years if they don't. Therefore, it's not more challenging, but more crucial than ever.
  14. Except last year, when we were all Atlanta Braves fans?
  15. Just be careful.... Arte might remove funding for that position after the year...
  16. Top playoff snack? Whatever the golf course serves......
  17. Nope. No one is worse than us.
  18. What I mean by leaving shortstop and guys like Gosselin up in the air is their vacancy of defense. Gosselin is a terrible defender.
  19. Not only do the Angels need at least 1 frontline guy, but it leaves positions like Shortstop and guys like Gosselin up in the air. The Angels could use 1-2 new "aces", but they'll still need to find a defensively sound person at shortstop and back-up catcher. And don't forget about the bullpen. Lots of work needs to be done for the Angels to be a playoff team, but they need to be creative to accomplish most of their needs.
  20. Doesn't matter who the manager is at this point. It doesn't matter who the GM is at this point. What matters are the executives controlling this franchise...... Arte in the hot seat more than he's ever been.
  21. The PowerPuff Angels! The colors actually fit based on their shitty performance.
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