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  1. I think In order for the Angels to make a run this year then they need 2 solid arms still. I’d start with Dallas Keuchel since he will benefit heavily with Rendon/Simmons on the left side. Then, the Angels need the ace in Kluber. Someone to solidify the rotation at the top and bring the veteran presence. Kluber, Ohtani, Keuchel, Heaney, Canning, Bundy. That’s a pretty good rotation.
  2. Agreed. For the Price of Price ( no pun intended), the Angels have a better chance signing Keuchel and trading for Jon Gray. Financially it works. Keuchel fits beautifully with the infield. Gray is only set to make $5.6M. Add that to Keuchel being priced around $23M and they could afford both at $28.6M total. Price costs $32M this season. Obviously i'd prefer the Angels to sign Keuchel and trade for Kluber, but financially I doubt Arte wants that.
  3. Shit, this deal would put payroll roughly around $192M so it's DEFINITELY possible. Trade-wise starts with Adell so i'd then say no. Lineup of Lindor/Trout/Rendon/Ohtani/Upton/Adell/Pujols/LaStella/Stassi would be stupid good Rotation of Kluber/Ohtani/Bundy/Heaney/Canning/Pena is a good step in the right direction
  4. If we can substitute Soriano with someone else then maybe. Arte would need a plan to keep going after starting pitching. But it shouldn't matter with Kluber and Lindor being off payroll within 2 years.
  5. I would have before we got Rendon. Lindor, at this point, will get a contract over $35M/year when he hits the market. Angels shouldn't do that. Then again, Pujols/Upton would be gone.
  6. Angels could leverage age, contract length, and durability concern to likely lower cost. Maybe LaStella, Jones, Adams, Ward.
  7. It made sense before they gave Rendon $35M/yr. Simmons will likely command more than $15M and that's money they can give towards pitching/raises. Fletcher should develop well into SS. Financially it makes more sense.
  8. Watch the Indians take on Simmons contract so they can move Lindor to the Dodgers.
  9. Keuchel is priority #1 right now I think especially being a ground ball pitcher with Rendon and Simmons on left side. But they also need to swing a trade for a second starter. The Angels have an interesting situation coming up. They have a new infielder that will make around $35M/yr and Simmons is due for a new extension. He should command more than $15M/yr and that could handcuff the Angels. With Fletcher emerging as a very good defensive player I wonder if the Angels are thinking twice about Simmons. That's a lot of money that could be spread around the team for raises to Ohtani and others.
  10. Mike Digiovanna just tweeted about maybe a "Upton for Joc Pederson" trade makes sense since Angels have a TON of right handed batters. I love the idea. Thoughts???
  11. I wonder if there a deferrals now that it's 35M and not the original $30M Nationals offered.
  12. According to the MLB trade value site Kluber is only worth 2.5 in value. So he's worth a Taylor Ward hahahahhahahaha
  13. I think out of all things, so far, Eppler has been VERY good with trades. Seems like he doesn't dump anyone he can. He's good with that.
  14. Angels have been dead silent today. Arte must have called Eppler back home to slap the shit out of him
  15. I'd rather have 4 year of prime Rendon than 4 years of way out of prime Donaldson.
  16. That "headache" wouldn't happen for maybe 6 years. 3 years for sure. Use him while we have Trout for his prime.
  17. Someone get me a trade package for Hendricks
  18. @vladdy#27 THEN we could have swung a trade for another guy. Could have been Cole/ Ohtani/ (trade)/ Heaney/ Canning/ Bundy
  19. I see your point. I was hoping the Angels wouldn't have to make a significant trade for the pitcher in the beginning of the season. There would have to be an incentive for me to take Darvish until he's 36
  20. Okay so let's say $31M AAV for Rendon. The Angels are still stuck with a terrible rotation where they will have to outbid for other starters.