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  1. I know this is off topic, but looking at the contracts handed out this offseason, Patrick Corbin's 6-year/140 million deal really looks like a bargain!
  2. I just hope they don't panic and do something stupid. Still time to make this a good offseason imo
  3. He became a free agent last week. Had some very solid years under Callaway in Cleveland. He's dealt with injuries but is still only 29. What do you guys think of him as a buy-low candidate for the bullpen or rotation?
  4. Maybe still trying to find a trade partner?
  5. Bobby Abreu. Especially early on. The Angels got great value from him when they signed him to a 1-year, 5 mil contract in 2009 and he produced a 3.2 WAR season.
  6. Jomboy Media is on Youtube as well https://youtu.be/DAv5L8POUyk
  7. Kendrys Morales is pitching for the A's in a 9-0 game. Gotta love these blowout games!
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